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I show you the last letter she wrote me. The rest is very much the same as the others. I wrote here several times about her chance to become a doctor in Holland and earn a very good salary. No reactions!! Can you believe it? Then I explain to her what is necessary to travel to Holland. I even send her a link for the Dutch ambassador where she have to go for a visa. You can read in her last letter that she is blind to my words. O yes I red her letters twice too.

Hello my lovely Iwan.
I am glad to receive the letter from you. When I have read your
letters, I have understood, that you are such man who I searched a
long time. My love Iwan you speak me such sweet things! So it is
pleasant to me to read your each letter! I read each your letter on 2
times or more time because to me it delivers a lot of pleasure! My
love Iwan I would like to arrive the first to you! I wish to see your
country, your house, to get acquainted with your relatives and
friends! Also it is all to me will give a full picture about you and
it is final our first meeting and the first night!!! My heart feel
something closest and native in you. I think about you very much and I
miss you. Iwan, you the one man in my heart and I hope, that I mean
something for you, my dear. I hope you understand me. I dream to be
with you now. My love to you is very strong and I want to spend my
life with you. I thank destiny that we could found each other. I think
that we should to be together. Now my thinking only about you. You are
all world for me and I want to be with you. I want to be with you, see
your eyes, feel your hugs and kisses. I really need you. Now each time
without you is sad for me and I will be happy if we will be together.
Please, lovely Iwan, tell me that you want that I will be with you. I
sure that we will be happy together. I think that destiny gave to us
chanse for happiness and love and we should use it. If you will tell
me "Yes". I will find out what I will need for arrive to you, my love.
I hope that we will be together soon. I will wait for your letter with
Kiss you.
Yours forever Elena.
Hello my lovely Iwan.
Thank you for the letter, I am glad to get it and I am always happy to
read your letters and to answer you. I was to the girlfriend today and
I have told her that I am in love with you and I told her that you are
the one I was looking for all my life, but sadly we are far from each
other and now our communication is only letters over the internet and
we need to meet personally to make our relationship real. I know we
can write each other a million letters and the distance between us
will be the same, I do not want it really and think we need to make
this distance disappear and come closer without it we will be the pen
pals only and it is terrible to think. You know I am here not for the
looking for the pen pal and I know you are do not want to find the pen
pal too. I like your wonderful letters, I have never felt anything
like this before. I know it is strange, but I feel that you are very
close to me now. I have never heared such a wonderful words from
anyone here before. I see that our souls are close. When I close my
eyes I see you next to me and sadly when I open my eyes you are far
from me. I would like to meet you personally, lovely Iwan, very soon,
it is my dream and I hope this dream will come true soon. I would like
to come to you and I am even trying to imaging you meeting me, I know
it will be wonderful and my imagination works like mad when I am
thinking about you and me, oh it is wonderful. Personal meeting will
help us to come closer, I know it is the one we need now and I know
you are thinking the same. I would come to you right now, I am tired
of being alone and would like to us to be closer. I miss you and I
hope we are together as soon as possible. I am kissing you, lovely
Iwan, tenderly and waiting for your sweet letter with impatience.
Forever yours Elena.