Scammer Nataly Natalya

31. August, 30th.
Ussuriysk. Ussuriysk known city of Russia.
Ussuriysk. Ussuriysk known city of Russia.
Unknown email, and other scam sites

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Comment #155169
I had this scammer who I have had many times, contacted me again via an unsolicited email using the name Nataly. There are scammers, not necessarily the same one as ive had this time who use many names and email addresses with this girls pictures. Ive listed as many as I can find above.. Ive checked the email with this site unsurprisingly there was nothing recorded against it. I have also received a very similar email address The pictures are stolem from a Lady named Yulia Konovalova.
Comment #155181
This scammer has contacted me repeatedly. Yesterday named Olga, from the email address: .
Comment #155203
I agree Roger, and what a lot of guys that get caught by these scammers don't realise is that in most cases, the person who contacts them is not the same girl using different names and emails, they are more than likely different girls (or men) using other people's photos which is easy to do. In a lot of cases they are Nigerian or Ghanan gangs of men and girls or Russian, Bulgarian, Kazakh etc mafia. Regardless, NONE of the girls that contact you out of the blue are genuine, they are ALL scammers.
Comment #155362
Natalya, Well from time to time I receive an e mail from her so at the least someone posing as her. I first ones she was a doctor at a clinic in Russia. Admittedly I did fall for her but something just didn't fit. She had a large white dog and one hell of a body. After all kinds of mail she wanted money to travel to me. I didn't send. I have all kinds of photos from her. she seems to send new ones every time she writes to me. I have found it hard to believe she doesn't know she's written me before. I really believe her photos have been stolen and someone else is mailing them.
Comment #156738
Last seen as Natalya