Scammer Mariya Korelina Olga Smira (Nelly Sander) (Marina Polezhaeva)

Olga Smira (Nelly Sander) (Marina Polezhaeva)
Nov 17, 1987, 31 yrs

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Another prolific scammer, very cute, promises her love very early in communications, uses Manu different names.

Hello Rob. How are you? I am pleased to read your message. Thank you for your care and support. I am in a good mood. I'm glad that today started the process of registration
documents. I'm sure that this vacation will be happy for us with you. And they will give us the opportunity to open a new chapter in our relationship. I want to read in your message
how you represent our meeting. I imagine that when I leave the airport terminal, I will look for you among all the people at the airport. The moment when our eyes meet will be the
happiest moment for me.
I arrived in Ivanovo in the morning. And immediately left my parents' bags. My father was not at home. I drank tea with my mother and went to the travel agency. She wished me
luck. She knows how important this meeting is for us. I visited the travel agency. The travel agency is called "IvaTour". You can watch the site of the travel agency
I filled out a lot of documents today. First of all, I signed a contract with a travel agency and filled out a questionnaire. There were many questions, and the most banal. For example,
a test of English. The purpose of my journey? I indicated that the purpose of my trip is tourism. My manager Kristina told me that it would be better to successfully obtain a visa.
I was told that I should visit a travel agency in the next few days. It is necessary to fill out other forms, also I must attend the interview. I like that qualified people work in a travel
agency. It is important to understand that vacation and travel are joyful events for their clients. I am pleased that there is an individual approach to each client. Registration of my
documents will be handled by Kristina manager.
Rob, today I paid for the collection of the consulate, the services of the travel agency and small expenses. I paid about 40,000 rubles. For you to understand me better, it
will be about 610 US dollars. This amount also includes the cost of visa processing, the services of an interpreter to translate all documents and certificates, medical insurance.
Do it yourself will be much more difficult and expensive. Yes, the cost of the visa itself is small, but in total all costs go exactly this way. But, now I do not need to worry about it
anymore. All that was needed to start the processing of documents, I provided. An important issue about the cost of air tickets. The travel agency cooperates with many airlines.
I reviewed the tickets together with the manager of the travel agency. There were several criteria for my choice. But the most important of the criteria for choosing air tickets is the
price and comfort. I have to buy a ticket to travel to your country and an air ticket for return to Russia. The cost of round trip tickets is 1080 US dollars. I do not have enough money
to buy tickets for travel. Now I have free 200 dollars. I need 780 US dollars to buy tickets. Dear, if you can pay the tickets in full. Then I will have 200 dollars, when I arrive to you
and I can return them personally. Either we use this money for our holidays. I watched flights from (SVO) Moscow to (ADL) Adelaide, on the 10th of August.
I was ready for the cost of air tickets to be higher than the amount of money that I had left. The manager of the travel agency said that the cost of air tickets will only increase.
I have to pay for air tickets in the very near future.
Rob, how can I get your help? Should we use the bank's services? Now I will visit the office of my bank. I will find out whether it will be possible to use my personal account
for international deposits. Perhaps you can pay for my tickets right at the travel agency? You can contact my manager yourself. I warned her about what you can write.
I'll wait for your message. I need to know what I should do next? Please write a message faster. I am writing you my message from the public library. I found an internet cafe near
the parents' house, but there men play online games and smoke cigarettes. It's just impossible to be there. I, as a woman is very unpleasant to be there. So I decided to go to the
library. I think that you will support my choice of a place where I can write you my news.
Today was a difficult day for me. Now I will go to my parents' house to have a rest. I have not been to them for a long time. I am glad that the registration of documents for the trip
takes place in the city of Ivanovo. My parents are also happy that I can live with them for a few days. Today my mom promised to cook for me my favorite apple pie.
I miss you. Now I can not send my photos, because I'm writing a message from the library, and I do not have photos now. I am attaching a copy of the receipt that I was given at the
travel agency. And I hope that I will be able to send it now. If you do not receive it, please write me about it. Please write a message faster.
Kisses. Olga.

First Contact .......

Hello. Thank you for the reply. How are you? Hope all is well. I am fine and glad to get a message from you. Today is a good summer
day. And I am glad that there is time to write to you.
My name is Olga. I attach to my message my personal photo. I think that you are a decent man, and only you will see her.
I had the courage to write a message for you. I know that a girl should be humble. I prefer to be open and natural at all times.
It is important. Why do not we try to start a friendship?
If you have interest, I will be waiting for your message. I do not think that communication by email is old-fashioned. I do not feel the
need for "like" to my photos from strangers. There are many services to communicate online. People hide true faces behind the profile
mask on the Internet. This is not for me. I am writing to you from my personal mailbox. We can talk here.
Please do not hesitate to ask me questions. I am open to exchanging emails with you and look forward to your next correspondence!
Take care. Olga.

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