Scammer Ekaterina Podolko Jaana, Ksenyia

Jaana, Ksenyia
+7 (343)-427-5414
Russia, Estonia
Russia, Estonia

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This one is a prolific scammer, teaser, the latest scam is that she poses as a fashion designer who has had to travel to Zurich to buy materials but is robbed on the train and needs money to get home etc etc.
When I told her I new that she was a scammer and would not send money she has not responded since.

my dear, I only now could come to write to you. I was hoping you could help me with these 80 euros and I could buy a ticket. I hope that you will have time to help me in the morning, and everything will be fine. I ask you to write me your phone number again. I don’t know how, but I will do my best to hear your voice on the phone. Are you not tired of all the worries and problems from me? I understand that loading you with my problems and situations because of which I cannot come to you in any way .. but I ask you, my prince not to give up, do not leave me, okay? there is not much left and we will be together forever .. and forever ..
Honestly, I never thought that you can know someone so well and at the same time feel that there is still so much unsolved in this person. I never knew that the words "I LOVE YOU" every time sound like the first time ... I never met a person like you, you are very good, sympathetic, loyal, sweet, gentle, very caring, painstaking person - you are my angel. honey You are the person with whom I would never want to leave ... I have never found such a close and dear person. Honey, I never loved the way I love you, with all my heart and soul ..
I dream of a day to meet with you. I want to fall asleep in your arms to wake up from your warm breath. Sitting in the kitchen, legs bent under you, and watching you cook us dinner or breakfast, Watch a good movie with you with your head on your chest. To inhale your smell, so fresh and warm, with your nose buried in your neck. Take your arm out into the street. Fall asleep with your head on your stomach and feel like you are leading me on the back with your fingertips. Walk along the street with you, hand in hand, sometimes clenching your fingers so that you can warm them for me, Like a cat, clenching your fists, digging your fingernails in your palms, so as not to scratch you. To look at your smile in a dream, the silhouette of your happy such childish face, your kind beautiful eyes. Press your cheek against your cheek. Feed you an orange from your hands. Lying under your arm, panting, but not daring to move, so as not to wake you. Waking up from your kiss, so gentle, warm and morning. I know that under your shirt there is a secret known only to you and me, this secret is your brave heart and soft, bright, kind soul .. which I need so close, without which it is so difficult for me ..
my prince, I want you to, when you come home from work tired and hungry, Come and hug you, feeling how you kiss my hair, invite you to the dinner table with dishes prepared with my hands .. Standing next to you, feel how you cuddle tightly to me, because I’m tired, and all other difficulties are easier for us to go through together. I promise you Dear we will go through everything, we will be together ..
I understand that I want a lot and you won’t fit the list in one letter, and I know that it will all be, we will succeed .. I believe in you and you believe in me .. and this is most important .. I love you my! !!
I will wait for your letter.

First Contact....
How are you?
My name is Jaana. My age is 32. I live in a small city Estonia. I single. I looking for a serious relationship. In a man for me important confidence in tomorrow and, of course, the ability to rely on in any difficult situation. The main thing in life for me is family. Also for me important in a relationship understanding each other and relax.
I'll tell you a few words about myself. I do not have bad habits, in my free time I fond of sports, read books, listen to music. I like to be alone. I do not attract noisy parties.
Probably you ask how I have found you? Your mailbox address gave me a dating agency. Most likely, you ask where did they get your email address? I do not know, how a dating site found your mailbox address. After registering on the site, I filled out a questionnaire, what man am I looking for to the agency found the right man for me. Agency gave me your mailbox address. But I am registered in the demo version, that is, free, so I know nothing about you. I do not have your photo, I do not know your country, in what city do you live and what the most important, how old are you. Nothing I do not know about you. Therefore, if you want to continue further communication, give me more information about yourself. Later, when we get to know each other better, we can see each other and chat via Skype.
I seek only friendship and love. Write me to my mailbox address, if you are interested in getting to know me.
I send you a photo after your reply ok? ) this address is mine .!
Good luck, Jaana!
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