Scammer Snezhana IBUSHEVA.

31 3 Sept 1987
Veselaya Ulitsa dom 28, Moty, Irkutsk Oblast, 666025, Russia

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Comment #155139
Snezhana <>
Fri 14/06/2019 8:55 PM
I'm sorry I didn't write to you for a long time,
because I have a lot of work.
I have a home computer, but it's not connected to the Internet.
Therefore, I am writing you letters from work's computer!
I'm sorry, but I can't write to you every day.
Now more about me - I'm 31 years old.
I live in a small village, 50 kilometers from the city,
together with my grandfather. I'm very tired of this life.
I heard from my friends, who went abroad, that you have a completely
different life. They say that kind, sympathetic and honest people live abroad.
I dream of this life. And I made a decision that I would definitely leave here.
I was very lucky that I met you.
I received a letter with your e-mail address and the phrase "invitation to dialogue".
May be this is fate?
I know that now it is very fashionable to communicate through social networks
and messengers. But the rules for using work's ineternet prohibit use of facebook,
vkontakte and other social networks.
I have a telephone, but this is the most common phone and I don't have access to
the Internet. Unfortunately, I can't exchange instant messages with you.
But I don't think this is a problem for us.
I will often write letters and send my photos to you from my work computer .
So we can also get to know each other better.
I feel that you are a good person. And I don't want to lose contact with you.
I'm very interested what do you do in your spare time.
Have you hobbies and interests?
I want to know more about you. And I really am very glad to meet you.
Your new friend,
Comment #155140
Has a big story of poor salary at supposed school as cook.Says Grandfather has died and wants 320euro to travel and meet.Must be either prostitute or porno star as per photos and videos sent.
Comment #155147
She uses different names: Zoya Pototskaya, Elena Pavlova, Anna Nodiya, Snezhana Ibuseyeva, Kseniya Lupalova, Olga. She says she lives with her grandfather. Then she writes that her grandfather died. She wants you to send her € 320 or $ 360 to come she live with you. She asked for money so she could reach me, when I wrote to her that I was coming for her, she simply stopped correspondence.
Comment #155150
Yes this a regular scammer at the moment. By the sounds of things lots of guys have had this scammer contact them. The pictures they send to you get racier than the ones above.
Comment #155363
Their are other comments about this girl and those of us who have been contacted by her have naked photos and video's. Oh1 and the last message I had from her, her grandfather passed away!!!