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Comment #57
I was glad to read your letter. It was pleasant to me to find out
about your life. You can tell about the work? You have not got tired
of my questions? It was pleasant to me to find out a little about you.
I at all have not informed you on the family. I want, that you knew
about my family also. I have my favourite mum and the daddy. I love
them and I respect. My mum works as the teacher of Russian and the
literature. To her 53 years. She respects and loves the work. She
considers, that each citizen of the country should know the native
language. She says, that these riches of the nation. If there is a
language, means there is also a nation. You agree with me? At us very
rich and surprising language. Even Japanese admire with Russian. But
very much very difficult in studying. To me so the acquaintance from
Georgia has told. She has told to me, that it is easier to teach the
Chinese language, than Russian. I did not learn the Chinese language
and I do not know how much he is combined in studying. My father,
Kiril Polikarpovish worked as the teacher of physical culture. Now he
on the deserved rest. To it of 60 years. He goes in for sports till
now. He is in the good physical form. He very cheerful person. At him
good sense of humour. In the spring my parents leave on a summer
residence. Parents have the personal plot with the house. Also they
plant rabbits and hens. They have constructed the little farm. My
parents cannot sit without business. In an operating time they forget
on all problems. They enjoy a rural life. I also help them. I am not
afraid to work in a garden or on a kitchen garden. My mum since the
childhood has accustomed me to homework. You have a personal plot??? I
would like to hear also about your family. You after all can tell
about her in more details??? I live separately from the parents. I
consider, that children after the university termination should be
independent of parents. I try to be independent. Therefore I rent
one-room apartment and I live separately from the parents. If I lived
together with mum. That I could not carry out the children's dream -
to get the kitten. Because at my mum an allergy on a wool of animals.
When I began to live separately from parents I began to reflect on a
life. It has occurred not at once. When I come after work to myself
home. I start to think of the future life. That I will reach in a life
that I want from a life. The most important question for me - whether
I can to find that man who will give me happiness. Love, mutual
understanding and the most important thing, - children!!! After all
without children for me is all the same to live aimlessly. I consider.
That each girl should give birth at least to one child. It is its duty
to give one more little life. The child in a family is a happiness,
the child is more expensive than a life. What thoughts you have John?
You agree with me? I would like to hear your opinion. Maya
Comment #58
Hello. I have come recently from jog. In the street fine weather! You do not represent as perfectly to run in the mornings.
Especially now. I already feel spring. The smell of spring floats in air. And you feel spring? All right, I have gone on kitchen.
Soon I need to go for work. Maya
Comment #59
Good morning John! How you, how your mood? At us today fine morning!
I have woken up at 6:15. I have made toilet. Has dressed sportswear
and left on street. On horizon there was a sun and I with a smile on
the face have run towards park. Yesterday I did not run so long as
today. Instead of 30 minutes I ran on park the whole hour! I did not
wish to come back to myself to apartment. After jog I as always have
taken a shower. Now I sit on an armchair and I iron the cat. You do
not represent as he strongly purrs. Likely it of that I have fed
recently with its fish. Yesterday for a supper I have bought fish, but
have not wanted her is. In the morning I have treated with this fish a
cat. How your health, mood john? Why I have not received your letter today?
Write please! All right, if fairly I for the sake of it also write to
you that you did not forget the girlfriend from Russia. It is time to
me to go for work. All the best, yours Maya
Comment #60
Hello! How are you??? How your mood? At us today fine weather. If it is fair, for me there is no bad weather.
After all each weather has the character. It seems to me now is much better and I feel again strong and cheerful.
I have woken up in 6 o'clock in the morning. Has dressed the favourite sportswear and left on street.
I ran longer the usual. I ran on park. Then I have run towards the river. I was glad to this bottom, the sun.
It was pleasant to me to feel force of new day. I thought of us. I do not deceive. I really thought of us.
I want strong correspondence with you. I have understood it during the absence.
 Than you have been occupied? You likely worked again much
Comment #61
Hello John !!! as your mood? I do not get bored with letters? I have a
great mood again today! for this there are many reasons. The first
reason - it is the birthday mother, the second reason - it's your
letter. which I had waited so long. The third reason - this beautiful
morning. Today is really a beautiful morning. I was awakened by my cat
Percik. He was lying beside my head and tickled my nose, my mustache.
I can not criticize him. because it's charm. my darling. Have you ever
been called by such words? I'll be going to call his charm? you - my
dear. ok? So, my dear. I washed his face. brought herself up. Then I
went into the street. in the morning I jog in the park or on the
embankment near a river. I like jogging. so I wake up from sleep. I
try to keep myself in shape. because nowadays it is difficult to lead
a healthy lifestyle. now 8:00 am. Soon I need to go to work. I do not
want to go to work. I would like to write you a long letter that you
have read it and rejoice my words. I want our correspondence was not
interrupted. I was accustomed to. that in my inbox is constantly lie
your letters. I would be happy. if you often write to me. I am very
pleased to receive your letter. Today I want to visit several shops. I
want to buy a new dress. I have to go a little wardrobe update. also
soon be summer, and I had no clothes for this season. what color do
you prefer to wear clothes? I red. that color fascinates me. I went to
the kitchen. I need to make breakfast and go to work. , I will miss
you. precisely. on your letters. But I get your letters. send me your
photo please! I want to have me in bed was your picture. I have a
beautiful frame. I put your picture there. will be just fine .. all my
time. I must go, but do not have time to eat. See you soon my darling!
I will soon write to you, but you do not forget me! Your Maya!