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Hello my new friend Eduardo.
I am glad to receive your letter, I am very pleased that I am
interested in you. I waited for your letter and now my great pleasure
to read. I am very pleased to know that I liked you and you will
probably want to know about me more. In his letter, I want to tell you
a little about yourself that you have about me. My name is Katya, my
26 years, and I am lonely girl, who was unable to find their love. For
me, it's sad to say, but it's a fact. I graduated from Urban
Institute, and I have a good education, but my specialty, I can not
find a good job, and now I work as seller in the store. As a child I
went to music school I played the Piano. I love music, and at home, I
often listen to. I'm not tired at work, work for me easy. shop where I
work is not big but very beautiful. Our town is not big, and you'll
find his pictures on the Internet if you want. It is located 750 km
from Moscow. our city very beautiful Medvedevo. I live with my
parents. We live in an apartment, which has 2 rooms. room and bedroom.
I live in the bedroom and sleep in the hall of my parents. my father's
name is Petr, and my mother Tatyana. My father worked on the car, and
my mother a housewife. it is always at home. My family is very quiet
where there is peace and love. in difficult moments we have always
help each other. I am the only child in the family, so I always paid a
lot attention, my parents are very fond of me and wish me only good. I
was not able to to find their love, so I decided to try the Internet.
I do not have a home computer because I was never in it is not needed.
I do not understand much of the computer, so I can do a lot of
mistakes in the letter. I ask not take offense to it. I can write you
their cafe was not far from my work, probably only 30 minutes walk. I
want to know more about you. Please tell me about yourself. I want to
ask you a few questions which are of interest to me, I would like to
see the response to them. When finished your last relationship? Do you
have children? Where do you work? What do you want in the future? I
will be happy to receive any information about you. so write me all
about yourself. I will be happy to see your picture and see your
appearance. So, I send you my picture to have been able to see my
appearance. My growth 170 sm, I veshu 53 kg. I will eagerly await your
next letter, I wish you to hold a good day.
Your new friend Ekaterina

Letter 2

Hello my dear friend Eduardo!
I am so pleased to receive your letter, it means that I liked you. I
have a good mood and as soon as I saw your letter, my spirits rose
even more. I am very pleased that I liked you, and you probably want
to know more about me. I will try to tell you all about yourself. I
think that this step is very important in a serious relationship.
You know what I want to find love. I was not able to do so, because
men around me, who want only to drink alcohol and go with a woman. I
do not want such a relationship, and so I keep away from these people.
Me they were not interested. In my town I have not met this man, who
will be interested in such a weasel word, understanding and love. You
might also look for these words in her future. Because without them,
no family can not be, I am right? I want you to say that I am very
pleased to see that we started a correspondence. I know that between
we have a lot of km, but the distance is not important, for me the
main thing is honesty and sincerity. I'll write only the truth. I can
not lie. I told my parents that I met you, and they were happy. They
want me only good, because they love me. I ask you to trust me and my
letters, because I trust you. If you have me some questions, then ask
me, it only make us closer and I will try to answer all your
questions. Our correspondence to me very seriously, and I regard it
very seriously. But so far we do not think about the future, because
we need to know us better. I grew up in a very cultural family, and I
am very grateful parents that they were able to raise me right, I do
not smoke and I do not use alcohol, Only in the holiday a little red
wine, but no more. I try to avoid alcohol, because it alone
misfortune. I can give very many examples of how alcohol to destroy
such a strong family, it brings only misfortune. But not the bad. Now
you know my attitude to alcohol, I do not want my future husband used
a lot of alcohol. in our city, when a man drunk, they begin to beat
their wives, children and parents. It's just the animals who are wild.
can you have in this country does not, I will be happy only if I can
hear it. When I matured, I realized that it is time to begin
treatment, serious rather than just flirting. I want to build a
family, I am already 26 years old, and I do not want to stay lonely.
Of course, I was flirting, but nothing serious was not. I would like
to receive your letter tomorrow, and that it told you a little bit
more about myself, that I had a picture of your life for me it is
interesting, and I think that you already understand. If you have any
questions to me, then I will be happy just to respond. I wish you a
successful day

Good-bye, your girlfriend Ekaterina

P.S. Eduardo this magnificent photo which you have sent me. I wish to
admit to you, that I when before did not meet such attractive and
remarkable men as you Eduardo. I would be happy, if at us it has turned
out to construct serious relations! I very much would like to look at
some photo, I hope that you will send to me in the following letter.

Letter 3

talking about yourself. I am very glad that I more glad to know you.
For me this is very interesting. I have no male friends and so my life
is only my father, I have a lot of girlfriends, and sometimes they
come to me. Honestly say it is not often, but still we visit each
other. They come to me at night. I cook them a delicious dinner, and
then speak on different topics, and something new. It is a pleasure
when you are appreciated Friend, you are something mean to them. My
friends love my cooking, they say that I am excellent cook and I am an
excellent cook. Before I started cook, I read a lot of cookery books,
in order to prepare different food. It is very tasty, and the like, my
parents are also very fond of my food. You probably know that my
hobby, this is probably cooking, I like different kitchen, so no
favorite dishes, they are many. But the kitchen is not only my
passion, I still love to read books. Novels, detective stories, a bit
of fantasy. when I read books, I perenoshus in another world, where
there is love and understanding friendship. I can not name their
favorite book, because they are also very much, I read a lot authors
of books, as the Russians, as well as foreign. It is always very
exciting. I want to ask you. What books do you read? And what your
favorite authors? What kind of cuisine do you prefer more? And do you
have at the moment, dear man? - a personal question, if you want, I
will not insist that you respond to it. And how are you doing at work?
What's new? How are you health? Tell me. I am very interested in this.
I will be very hard to wait your next letter, I hope that you respond
to me quickly. I am sending you my first kiss.
My date of birth on June, 10th, 1982.
Your girlfriend Ekaterina

Letter 4

Hello my dear friend Eduardo!

I glad to see your letter! when I see your letter, I rejoice that I am
interested in you! For me this is a great happiness to know that I am
now to you that it means, and that I am place in your life. I'm nice.
All these days I thank God that he helped us learn us. I think that
you write to me with great desire, because you write me a good
response to my letters. I am pleased that, and I want to tell you,
that never in my life, I was not so happy. I am happy because you met.
And that I nravlyus you and you write me such nice letters. My days to
meet with you were always the same. It was very boring. You probably
know me, what it is. At work is always the same day, and it was
boring. but now everything is different. And I am very pleased that
everything has changed. everything has changed because I met you. You
are very good and nice people. and you are very nice. You know what I
want will soon create a family, have children and be happy. I am very
happy not enough, and I want to find him. I'm talking about family
happiness. On how well to be loved by man. You agree with me?
Understand me that I have for many years, and I wish that I liked the
man. I do not know what it is, because I had no love. I wish that he
was happy with me and was happy to have a family to me. During many
years, I have not been able to find a loved one so I want to know what
is love. Every time we learn about each other and I love to
communicate with you. What do you think of our acquaintance? You like
to communicate with me? I love to communicate with you. I even think
that your letters help me forget the loneliness. I am glad that we You
could build a dialogue. This is a great pleasure to me that we are
trying to learn about each other more. I think that during that time
spent among us, we will know us very well. I would very much like
this. On these lines, I finish my letter to you. I will wait for your
fast answer. I wish you a wonderful day.
Your Ekaterina

Hello my friend Eduardo!
It Ekaterina, do not write on my old address so I cannot come on it.
Now it is my new address! I will wait for your letter!
Your friend Ekaterina!

Hello my dearest Eduardo!
As I am happy to receive your new letter. And now I fully understand
that I will not care, and that you feel me big warm feelings. I am
very glad to this and I am happy to have that our correspondence with
you long. I will tell you a little about his soul, but before I
therefore want to ask you how your day? What's new? How do you sleep?
When I wake, the whole day I think about your new letter to me. with a
great desire to read it. I always think of you, and always with great
pleasure that I read your letter. I have kept each and do not delete
them, it is for me a great memory. Until such time as I met with you,
I did not think about the future, I do not think that it was me when
it comes. but when I got your first letter. I was very pleased. And
now I know that I have the right to think about the future. I think
that I will have a family, have children, have a loved one, and share
with him all the time, all thought, tenderness and love. I will be
happy if I have all of this. But most importantly I will be happy to
give all that I have my beloved husband. I can still dream about it.
But I think that it is possible very soon, all the dreams are real.
That all what I wanted to be realistic. And that I will be happy. I
would like to build all this with you. All together. Each of our
letter to you, brings us to this. I do not want to rush. I want us to
know us more, so that we can entrust us with all its secrets. And most
importantly to give you our kindness, affection and loyalty to us. Let
it be through a letter yet. but I think that this is not a barrier.
and that love will always find yourself. And that we always meet. That
we are going to love us, and give only happiness. You know that I am
very romantic person, and that I write you all this not just because I
really want it. I'll bring all his thoughts, everything its plans for
the future, all that will give to whom I will be happy. I would like
to do it with you. I ask you until you talk about our meeting. I only
wish that some time has passed. So that we could say with full
confidence that we love each other. That we family. That we are
together. On these lines, I finish the letter to you my dear. And I
shall be very happy receive your letter soon.
I've spent the whole of you, yours Ekaterina

Good day my dearest Eduardo!
As I am happy to receive your new letter! When I go to a cafe, I know
exactly what you wrote me. I am very glad to this! I am so glad to
read your words to me. It gives me great joy. We know for many days.
And every day so I am increasingly aware that pulls me to you. What I
am no longer able to communicate with you. I am very used to you and
trust you. I have a new feeling inside. I can not yet say this, but I
feel its warmth. Warmly to you. I want to give you only the
tenderness, love, and my affection. You have an unusual man. About
which I dreamed all his life. Which would have a serious relationship.
With whom I will be happy. When you come to work, I will prepare a
delicious dinner. Together we will walk in the park. We will be happy.
My dear, what do you think about this? I would like to live in the
same house with you. Be always with you. I do not understand that Now
inside me, but this feeling for so much good that I can not explain
it. but I want to tell you that it is very pleasant. I often think
about us. And every day I understand that I am too nravlyus and you
feel me too warm feelings. From the day we started with you our
correspondence has passed since then. But I did not even notice as
fast flying it. With you, I was able to forget all their problems, and
loneliness. All the thoughts I have now just about you. Beautiful
weather in the street. So I mood rapidly rising, and now I would like
that we went together. Hand in hand. you and me. This is wonderful.
This is my dream at the moment. My dear, and what you dream? What has
changed with you for these days? How is your health? I like to dream
about our future with you. my dear, I finish these lines of my letter
to you, and I shall be very happy to receive it tomorrow.
I wish you a wonderful day. Your Ekaterina

Letter 5

Good day my dear Eduardo!
I happy to see your letter! What joy it gives me when I read it! I am
very grateful to you for that I write to you. I am very appreciative
of our correspondence with you, and I very much respect for you. I
have for you a special feeling that I had never experienced, I did not
know that this is so I thought all night about us. Thinking about how
I received your first response to me, as I wrote you my first letter,
I am very worried, and a little nernichala, I was afraid that I will
not ponravlyus. I am so very afraid. I thought about a lot, and I
realized that I fell in love. Fallen in love with you, so strong that
I can not forget a single day, without your words. I'm so glad this
sense that you can not submit my joy. Thank you for your concern to
me, I ask does not reject my love. I very much trust you and
appreciate you. I see you in the future that we can build together.
But we have to discuss our plans together. If we are together, we will
have a wonderful family. We will be beautiful children, whom we will
love. And I am very glad that God helped me find you in this big
world. You are the best for me! Love - a gift of fate, and we need to
use this gift. Do you agree with me? What do you think about me and
about the feelings to you? My dear, to meet with you My life was
totally empty. there was only darkness. After getting acquainted with
you, I have changed. My parents are very happy to do so. Because only
with your help I was able to become another. Become that which you
know me now. I now only yours, and I belong to you. I love you, and I
do not want to lose you, I ask, do not break me heart. I ask only
this. Let me love you and be happy with you. I very much want this. I
am now a bit afraid of you to say so. I am afraid that you can not
take my love. Tell me honestly, what do you think about it. How are
you now belong to me. That you feel me? I have to you only the warmest
feelings, and I am just glad if you answer me to reciprocate. My dear,
I finish my letter, and give you many kisses.
Eduardo I yet did not build what plans concerning my stay to you. In my
opinion we should learn about each other more and only then we could
discuss all details concerning a trip. But I would like to go abroad
to my holiday which will begin after March, 20th.
I very much love children, I want the child and I do not have a
difference there will be it the boy or the girl.
Your Ekaterina.

Good day, my love Eduardo!
As I am happy to receive your prompt response to my letter of love! I
am very pleased that, and I told my mom that I confessed to you my
love. I could no longer hide it, and be in itself. I am happy that you
took my love, and that you tsenish me and respect my feelings to you.
I am very glad that I could meet you because my life without you more
is not meaningful, because I love you. I always think about what we
can with you to build a family, I would be able to give birth to your
children, and we were able to raise their in love and harmony. I know
that you are never able to raise their hand to a woman, and that thou
shalt not much to drink. I am pleased to see that we have with you can
be a full family. That we will always be together and love us. Give
only the warmth and affection. When do you come from work, I cook
dinner, and look at you, then we would go together to the park or just
on the street holding hands. You and me. As it is romantic! My parents
are very happy for us and they do not hide. They respect our feelings
with you, and our relationship with you, I am your girl I wish we
fortunately only the good. That we were together. So that we can build
our happiness. Because we are so close to it. You are dear to me and I
thank you that you have. Because if it was not you, it was not me. We
were able to find us in this world. I know I can make you happy? I
want to answer, you have made all the feelings and tenderness that you
show to me. I will do all that you with me were happy, and that you
always just smiled. That all was well, I think about you every hour
and every minute, every time. my dear, and how you held today? What
are you doing? I think that you all well, because I always wish you
only good. If you have any questions to me, I ask, ask me, I shall be
very glad to answer them. I finish my letter to you, and I will wait
for your fast response.
Yours Ekaterina

Good day my dear Eduardo!
As I am happy to receive your response to my letter. I was thinking
all night about us and You are in my thoughts! I think about you
constantly and want to be closer to you. I do not understand what was
happening in my head but every day I want to be with you more. I think
what we will be with you beautiful family. As we will be together love
each other, and we will have beautiful, healthy and strong children.
It is very beautiful. I ask you to think about my words, okay? I want
to be with you. What I said yesterday, his parents and I told them I
want to come to you. I want to be with you, and they supported my
decision. They are very happy that we have found us, they talk about
you only the best words and they respect you. They are highly valued
our relationship with you and want to that we were together, because
they saw how I belong to you, I miss you and I appreciate our love
with you. I thought a lot about how we'll be together how did you meet
me, our first kiss with you, and our first embrace. Our views
together, and only you and me. This is so great! I bring you all their
thoughts and their feelings of what is in my heart. I love you very
much, and only with you I'll be happy. You are my joy. Thinking about
you, I fall asleep, and thinking about you I get up. You are my most
expensive and I wish that we were always together. Tomorrow I will go
to the agency to know how I was able to come to you and how much it
will cost. I want to that we were together, I trusted you and opened
all his heart and soul, and I now I want to I saw you, that was always
close to you. To be with you together and enjoy life. I love you my
dear and I wait for your letter. Tomorrow I will tell you that I
discovered your Ekaterina.

Hello my Darling Eduardo!!!
It was very pleasant to me to receive your magnificent letter, I was
very glad when have read it. Each your letter is expensive me, each
your word is a lot of for me means. I ask you that you wrote to me
every day to our meeting. I worry and I am nervous, when I do not
receive your letters! Eduardo I perfectly understand you, that your
children are excited, I at all will not present the first meeting with
your children, I think that I too will be nervous. Eduardo I will be
happy only with you, I have met the prince with whom I wish to divide
the happiness!!! Every day I think of our meeting, I will present
every minute! I cannot wait the moment when I at last can embrace and
kiss you! It will be the most unforgettable and fine moment in my
life! Today I went to travel agency and have found out the necessary
information for my arrival to you. The manager of agency to me has
told, that I need to start to make out the tourist visa, the passport
for travel abroad and a number of other documents. Term of
registration of the visa will occupy approximately from 7 till 10
working days! The passport for travel abroad and other documents will
be ready earlier. As soon as I will have all necessary documents, only
then I can buy the ticket. Cost of all documents 210$ (the visa -
130$, the passport for travel abroad - 50$ and on other documents will
leave approximately 20$). I have been very upset, because I do not
have such sum even to pay for documents. I even am afraid to imagine
how many there is a ticket. Eduardo to me have suggested to conclude
the contract, but I have refused because did not know your opinion.
The contract speaks about that: " At official registration of papers
in our agency the discount for the ticket of 10 percent "is given to
the customer. Eduardo I very much would like to know your opinion in
this occasion. The darling understand, if I would have this sum, would
directly today has started to legalise papers! I cannot imagine at
all, that will be if we do not meet you in the near future. Eduardo
every day you to me all become closer and more expensive, every day I
more and more and more strongly fall in love with you! My feelings in
relation to you are huge, I cannot express them in the letter at all
and in words! I very strongly love you Eduardo! I awfully miss on you,
I wish to be with you 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week. I for a minute
do not forget about you, you always in my head and heart! I will wait
for your letter with good news. I hope, that you will help me with
money that I have started to legalise papers for my arrival to you. I
ask you that you have answered me on so much quickly as it is

Yours Ekaterina