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2019 July 13

My dear how are you?
i hope you are fine
I hope you are doing great. I'm happy to inform you about my success in getting My late Fathers Fund transferred under the help of a new partner from Cuba, A young man that came to the orphanage to donate some food stuff in the orphanage saw me, and asked me what are mine doing here, I told him everything he needed to know.
i trusted you with all i have in this whole world, and what did you do? you never take my case serious,
Anyway after that i told the man about my problem he helped without looking back, he even help me paid a lawyer fee to execute the transaction of my late father founds in which i never expected.
i will always be grateful to Mr Justine. until i die that is the name of the man that help me , he gave my life meaning again,

Presently I'm in Cuba to further my education and for investment projects with my Inherited fund. Meanwhile,i didn't forget you despite that we did not come to the logistic conclusion for some reasons best known to you. you disappointed me when i needed you most, but God so kind he sent me a partner that he helped me without looking back

However Rev Paul James is the orphanage Pastor Email address is [email protected] Write to him Ask him to post you the a ATM CARD in which i made with your name, i transferred $100, 000.00 ) One hundred thousand dollars for you as my compensation, I also made another available 250,000,00 Two Hundred and Fifty thousand Dollars Bank Cheque in your name ( which i kept for you as my compensation for you. The Bank cheque is cash-able in any banks in the world. and you are the beneficiary Of the ATM CARD AND THE CHEQUE and only you can have access to windrow the money from the ATM CARD AND THE CHEQUE . I appreciated your efforts at that time, the total amount in the package you are going to received from the orphanage pastor is (350,000.00 USD.


I am very busy here at the moment finally,I had forwarded instruction to the orphanage pastor on your behalf to post you the ATM CARD and Bank cheque immediately you contact him,he will send the ATM CARD AND THE Bank cheque to you . I put everything in one envelop and sill it i told him not to open it because is confidential certified and sensitive package .
As soon as you receive the package try and let me know so i can send you the ATM PIN CORD FOR WITHDREW .

next time try to help people that are in need. this is my new picture with the man that help me, you can also call Rev Paul James with his number and email ( [email protected] ) (+221707263466) for the check, Rev told me that he will be traveling soon, so you must contact him fast. I made everything in ATM CARD AND CHEQUE because the country where i am now
Cuba dose not send money outside there country that is why i put the money in ATM CARD AND CHEQUE TO MAKE IT EASY FOR YOU TO CASH

Best Regards
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Yes another scumbag scammer. This is the link to her other report on this site.