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From: [email protected]
Date: 3/11/2009 7:42:35 PM
Subject: Hello!!

Hello...!!!!!!! you feel? I hope, that all is good. As has changed Your mood when you have received my letter? I hope, that my photo

It was pleasant to you. Today I send you a photo, on which I I stand at the big river in my city! I think that my photos will like you, And I as will be it is pleasant To you, and you will want to learn more about me! And I am really glad that You have answered me after my first letter. If fairly that I not much I worry, because I never in a life spoke with the foreigner! And nowI communicate with you. And really it is the truth, that men from other country More more interestingly and more cleverly, than the man from Russia. And for this reason, I I search for the man not from Russia. If I at all do not wish to have fairly that that The general with men from my country. Because all of them are very similar to egoists. Certainly there are some men which really appreciate the girl.But these the man for a long time already ours the fine girl, and to me it is a pity to itself. But I hope that you, Because I will be such fine man I search only for serious relations, and me friendly correspondence does not interest. I hope that I than have not afflicted you in my letter, and you as wish To continue to learn it is more about me?? I the quiet girl, love the silent and quiet companies. To me to like as To conduct a healthy way of life, to go to sports, usually I go for fitness, to fitness Club what to hold the figure. Club I go to fitness only 2 times a week, On Wednesday, and on Friday. Or that or in this sort. I like to go on walks to park, On coast of the big river which is represented on mine a picture which I have sent To you! As I love has fun with my best girlfriends. As I like to go On picnics on the nature. I have one favourite hobby, to prepare new dishes, I very much like to prepare on kitchen, it is possible to tell, that this business, should To be engaged each girl all over the world!!! And it is interesting to me, and you like to prepare?? And as it is interesting to me that is pleasant to you, and than you like to be engaged in the free Time, whether Is at you a favourite hobby?? I would like to know more about you. Therefore That I have the big interest to you. Also I wish to learn you more!! If at you will arise what or questions, you can ask, I am obligatory I will answer you them, well, now I will be with the big excitement, to wait for yours The following letter. While while yours friend Zina!!!


When I asked her for photos INSIDE her apartment or house (wherever she truly lived), to have a picture taken of her holding up a newspaper with the day's date clearly visible and to wear a red top and blue jeans, she then sent me another set of photos, which are obviously of some other Russian model. She also called herself my 'girlfriend' suddenly although I did not email her a second time (I only made the aforementioned requests). Another sign of a scam is when without basis the 'girl' suddenly seems to 'fall in love' with the man.

From: [email protected]
Date: 3/13/2009 4:38:24 PM
Subject: Hello My Dear Friend!!

Hello My Dear Friend!!!! as you? How your day? All that was today bad in my bottom, At once was gone, remains only good after I have received yours The letter. I am very glad, that you have not forgotten about me and have written to me. Really it is very pleasant to me to receive your letters, and to enjoy To those that you have written to me! It is very pleasant to me to communicate with such man as You. Today I will tell to you about that where I live! I live in Russia! In city Cheboksaru! It is a small but beautiful city! It very much is pleasant to me, in the last letter I sent you pictures, Where I stand on the bank of the big river! And this river is called Volga! It it is valid very big, and beautiful! Wash cities from Moscow Is approximately in 900 kilometres. I live in him since the childhood, Went to school, has finished 11 classes. Has entered the university on Agronomical faculty, by a trade I the Agriculturist, but in Russia It is not favourable to work by a trade, pay very few money, and on it I work in firm which makes metal doors, guards for windows, And many other things for house protection. And in this firm I work in quality The employee on official registration of papers, and in parallel the secretary. In this firm I work already almost 4 years. I have friends, girlfriends are more exact, And them at me 3!! I since the childhood am on friendly terms with them one my girlfriend call Irina! Another Nastya, and Lena! I studied together with them from the most 1 class at school!! I will tell to you not much about that on what I search for the man from other country! Earlier I had relations with one young man, it was 1,5 years Back! From the very beginning at all of us it was excellent, I was with it in a current of 2 years, But then all our relations of a steel spoils, To my Guy it is constant that That was not pleasant! And in one perfect day it has come home drunk, and the beginnings Me to abuse, we long swore at it, And then it has struck me, and has made to me So it is sick! Also has told to me that we with it any more friends! And I have left from it! And If fairly that I any more do not wish to recollect it because my heart is ill From for such bad relations! And now I am more when in a life I do not wish To have the man from Russia!! They are very similar to egoists, And they is constant Drink spirits! And about girls they think as of a toy! Which Does for all of them! Or simply boxing pear! If fairly that at anybody from Russian men are not present feeling of fault, or conscience. Who is equal to all of them before it there is his mother, its girl, either the brother or sister!! And on it I search for the man from other country! I heard about yours much Men from your country. And that that they very well think of the girl, and that that on the first place at yours Men there is a Well-being of relations! And on it I have decided to find to myself the man From your country, and now I speak with you! And if fairly that it is very appreciable, That that the man from our country are completely not similar to you! You are valid Very pleasant are clever! And the interesting man! And if fairly that I always want To have such man as you! If only you were a number that I would not miss chance will meet you! To look after you! And to do to you many pleasant things! And I am assured that I Would give you of 100 of relations, and I hope from your party would be such Return in 100 for relations! And I am assured, that only in that case Relations I will be excellent! Well, I would like to ask you, you search for what girl?? And for what?? Tell to me it, it is very interesting to me to know about it! Well, I hope tomorrow again To read your letter, write me it as soon as possible, while while your girlfriend From Russia Zina!


I hope when you post this information that it will prevent someone from getting scammed. I only knew of this since I decided to research the Internet for similar letters. She also has a profile at

as Lena S (click on this link


Gabriel Riley