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Claims to have a FaceBook - Liza Bendos and is living in St Ives, Sydney, Australia

Thinks they are smooth until you speak truth & require explanation,then very unbalanced

Uses a reverse charge mobile number

2019 July 10
What number you talking? I am sorry I dont understand, anyway it is very pity to see you dont want to talk

and it bring me many wrong thoughts, I feel sad and lonely again, to understand that probably you are not

serious or penpal or afraid of something, dont want we hear each other what very important step if we like

each other and want to meet, and it make me just disappointed I hope I am wrong., maybe you have so big

experience speak with girls and I think now you speak with many.,Eliza

2019 July 7
Hello my dear **** I'm glad to see your new letter. I thank you that you understand me and my thoughts. You

know i'm trying to fix my lonely position and hope to find my true love (maybe with you:-). I just want to

see the man next to me every morning, who will protect and support me in difficult situations, always, kiss

and hug me in the morning, who escapes into a flower shop, and brings to me a small bouquet of roses, wake up

before me and who will love wholeheartedly. I hope (honestly) that you are to me as a man in the future,

because I love to write to you and get your sweet letter. You must be surprised with these words ..?
You help me to forget about my loneliness always, and I thank you for it. I believe that you can be the man

who is my true happiness, because I see in you and in your character the qualities that I want to see in my

beloved. If I scare you with my frank admission, please forgive me for it, but I can not conceal from you my

sympathy, the more we promised to be honest with each other in our letters.
Therefore, my dear friend, my sympathies (which I feel for you) are increasing with each passing day, and I

hope that these sympathies continue to increase, and these feelings can I call "love" for once. I believe in

it! I used to think so (as long as I knew you): fall in love with a man through a virtual communication is

not possible, but I understand now that these feelings may arise in me. Love - this is a very powerful

emotion that can be done. Therefore, we must write to each other and develop our relations now, because fate

has given us a chance, and I think that we should not miss this chance ...
My dear I hope I have not spooken you when I tell about my sympathies to you. Understand, my dear friend, I

want to be honest with you. I think that we can not build good relations through virtual communication, if we

write lies in the letters to each other, right? I want to say also that I started to trust you in the last

days of our correspondence very much, so I want to tell you my little secret, the more I want to be honest in

a relationship with you completely (I think you will appreciate this act). I wrote to you already that I have

no lover or boyfriend and did not have for a long time.
So I want to explain to you now the reasons for my disinterested conduct of men a long time and the reasons

for my great interest in foreign men. I already had a relationship with a man from Australia about 2 years

ago, his name is Richard (he - the only man who did not deceive me ever). We loved each other and thought we

would together always. Richard was visiting me in Czech often, and we wanted to get married and was engaged

(my uncle introduced us to Richard. This happened because: He visited my father one day with ex-wife, and

Richard was a friend of them, and they came together to see europe). We saw and got to know each other during

this visit everyday. We thought that our happiness will be eternal, but the result was different. Richard

died in a car crash, and it was a big blow and a disaster for me. I experienced this loss difficultly and

could not look at other men during the long 6 months. Then when i tried to forget Richard, I met Czech and

Slovak man after 6 months of my great sorrow. He told often that he loves me ... Actually, he cheated on me

with other women. And I decided then that I do not start the relationship with Czech men ever (when i found

out of his infidelities). this men deceived me very much and I do not want to feel pain in my heart and my

soul again.
I have not had relations with men after the gap for one year (before meeting you). So my old aunt invited to

build my life and find my happiness here. So I decided to go to Sydney because I remembered, recalling

Richard, that he alone of all the men who did not deceive me ever. So I think now that there many men who

still honest and affectionate, as was Richard. I think you understand the main reason for my arrival and the

reason for writing my emails to you my dear. Also maybe if I would not come here we never start talk? I hope

you will appreciate my revelation, and please remember that I trust you very much. I hope that this

recognition will help to develop our relations better. So I just told you about it. Understand that this is

very personal things that you can only tell the closest people. Therefore, always remember you are very close

now. I feel I did not expect to say all this now and I did tell you and I felt I should do it because I start

to think about you so often, I opened to you. I hope to hear what you think... You know how I feel now? I end

my letter on it and wait for your letter soon... Your Eliza xoxox
P.S. Not sure about skype because I dont have smartphone with internet right now, but I want to hear you

soon, and will try to call please write me your number I cant find where you wrote this, very much hope to

hear you soon...

2019 July 5
Hello my darling **** how are you today! I'm glad you're writing always, and you know it well my dear friend

and i want to thank you for the joy that you give me with your words. Your letters are necessary for me, i

realized this in recent days. I know with confidence if I do not see your new letter, my day is boring and

sad. Your words are a balm for my soul and heart! Therefore know that you are special to me. I hope that my

sympathy to you one day grow into something more ...
I wrote you already with details about my age and height and weight :( and how long I have been living here.

Well again couple years, age is 34 and 168 cm-60 kg.
I dont usually have much time for chat or text, I work long hours lately I wrote you about this, but I feel I

am more for meeting in reality and I want feelings love and long term relationships! Do you want this? I very

hope that you read my letters too. I of course hope that we meet one day and we start a physical relationship

until then I'm happy to take things slow and see where things may go! I am confident that we will move

forward in our relationship to know each other better and see where this relationship will lead us. And maybe

i'll be the woman with whom you want to bind your life. And you'll be that man for me, with whom I want to

divide the family fortune. I thank you also that you responded to my questions. I understand your thoughts

well, because the same I'm lonely too. And so tired of it, its sad there no such person with who you can

listen and share everything what on mind, who you know that understand and always listen.
I miss you very much, i do not have that man in my life who tells me in the morning: "Wake up my dear, I love

you!" When I think about my single life, then begin to miss very much, and I want to cry with this lonely

feeling. I can not understand now: why can not I find a good man? Why do I meet men who think only about sex

and wealth? Perhaps it is my destiny ... I do not know ... I am not young anymore and i do not have the right

and important man to my heart who will support and embrace me in a difficult moments ever. So I am glad to

each of your letters always. I hope that you will be so unique and important to me, who will love and respect

me. I think that the fate introduced our lonely souls purposely to help each other ... What do you think

about this? Am I right?
I end my letter on this and would like to ask you my new questions: What qualities of character do you like

in women? You can do something crazy (in good way) to your sweetheart? You did such things ever in past? And

what was it? Tell me more about place where you live in your next letter. I look forward to your next letter

so much I will think about you for sure, you interest me very much! xxxxx Your Eliza :-)

2019 July 2
Hello dear **** and I thank you for your letter what make me think much, I hope you are responsible man and I

would love it in you. I wish to meet man who is also attentive, caring, faithful and patient. And also who

have something romantic towards his woman, how do you think can it be in one person :-) If I feel this I will

make my second half happiest in world, this will make me happy too.
I like our correspondence, because i feel that we can be on the same wave. What do you think about it? I

thank you that you have opened and shared some secrets of your own personal opinions and character. I love it

because it's true (I feel it). I think sometimes as if you did not write it, and your weary heart and lonely

soul wrote it with your hands, because these romantic ideas can only belong to a tired soul from a great

loneliness, which wants happiness. I believe that single women from your area are blind because they do not

see a good man who lives next to them.
So I'll catch this chance to get to know you better dear, because you are very interesting to me. I hope that

happiness will go up a star in our skies soon in the future (I believe in it). Remember that I believe you

now (please Appreciate it.) And best of your qualities for which I respect and appreciate you - it's your

romance and sincerity. Please do not lose these qualities and do not waste them on bad women. Remember that!
I am a romantic woman who believes in the true relationship and feelings, so I like to dream a lot. I dream

often about this: wild beach, the sun sets behind the horizon, I lay with my lover on the beach, we drink red

wine, and we look at this beautiful sunset. We understand at this point that this is true happiness, and we

want to be just the two now, and we fall asleep on this pleasant feelings in each other's arms. Do you like

this fantasy? I think you'll love my imagination, because you are romantic, too, as I am. By the way, I love

nature. I love to spend my free time enjoying nature. I like active rest: for example, i love to swim on boat

or go to the nature what I used to do often. Do you like to simply walk or picnics, sail a boat along the

Please forgive if sometime for me not easy to express all what inside of me. I end my letter on this, and i

thank you once again for your warm words. Please reply to my further questions please. You like to dream?

Tell me about your parents more in your next letter. I hope that you answer these questions soon. I look

forward to this and miss you ... xo Yours Eliza xo
P.S I just notice that there words before my last letter : Re.: From wet Victoria, who wrote this and why?


2019 July 1
Hello dear ****! I was so glad to get your photos and to read your words, I was looking forward and I ask you

to write your letters to me often because I want to spend my free time talking with you and I ask to give me

time before we decide something serious for each other, I think (honestly) that we can like each other very

much and we would be interested, along ... What do you think about it?
I am not here for fun or hurt, I am not just some girl who try to find money, I want to be open with you and

also worry not to meet dangerous man. I heard about africa scam but even not sure how they can steal someone

pics? I want to know more about you and want to continue. I ask not to stop and continue to write me if

you're interested in me, really, because fate giving chances and we should use it, right? I'll tell you of me

something else. It will sound surprising to you, but I dont have close relationships with men already long

time. I think the reason for my failure with men is my dedication to my boyfriends and excessive naivety. Its

shame when BELOVED leaves me. Your beloved left you ever? I had last relationship quite long time ago, it not

funny story but maybe will tell you when we meet sure why not. I feel very dare about new relationship, but

I'm afraid to be deceived again. I just work so much lately and I want to love and be beloved (get it! :)

Therefore, promise me you do not deceive me ever, if our relationship is close, OK?
I have my mother's aunt living in Australia and she is very old now, she invited me to come and find myself

here after quite long without a relationship with men. I agreed and came and she helped me first time, I

started to work by myself care little kids from serious clients who knew aunt. Then I realized after spending

days at work that I have little free time to find my beloved. Therefore I agreed to try online dating, I had

couple meetings but did not work because most men wish to go out and have fun and I just sex. I love it but i

am only one man woman and very simple in character, I calm and dont like drama.
I told you this so you can understand my fear of mistakes in the search for a man again. Psychic wound - it

hurts! Please understand. This is the reason why i chose the Internet, to find the right man. I think I can

learn and understand a man and his soul (required soul) much better through the letters first, because we can

concentrate on understanding each other.
I love very much pets, dogs and cats, koala and many many animals! I like 4x4 off road, and used to fishing a

lot when was young, I enjoy beach and feeling water on my body. I ask you to tell your next letter about your

plans for the future. What beliefs about true love and family you have? Answer these questions please,

because I understand a lot of you, if I know it. So I look forward to your reply and waiting photos everyday

impatiently! Warmest regards, your friend Eliza xxx

2019 June 29
Hello good to receive your reply with photo, I worried you will forget me :) Why you ask if I am in

Australia? how are you what plans you have? I having very busy days but will be free about in a week, oh in

about two weeks I will have holidays and think we can spend some time together what do you think about this?

I wish you'll continue to write me your letters these days because I like to learn something new about you.

And hope we'll like each other we see what future waits us. I am not very social person, dont spend time on

computer or tel chat, these days very busy with work but also I am active and more home caring person, I love

nature and garden, so I prefer to be and feel each other. I dream about normal relationships and nice and

calm life with someone who can love me all, you can call me old fashion :) Same time I have deep inner world

with desires and high drive so I will only share it with one man. I have serious intentions to find my

happiness now with the right man.
I am in St.Ives north from Sydney renting a room in the house and working around the city, I work personal

baby sitting and home care I have pedagogical education and I am good in health care, this is high priority

here. I have been busy lately, right now I have few permanent clients who i care during all the day and

sometime when needed at night.
It was very hard for me first time when I arrived but I like to learn culture, people, improve english

(forgive me if i still write with mistakes), now I am able to help my mom she live in Czech republic. I dont

have own kids but love them with all my soul. My only family is my mom and she the only happiness in my life

right now for who I continue to live and strive for something in this life. I miss her so call often, I plan

she will visit me end of this year but she say that going to spend rest of live there in our apartment. I

love my mom and always care with all my soul. Maybe you and me together we can visit her one day in future :)

it can be so good to see mothers happy eyes because she know I am lonely now in my age. My parents divorced

and father lives in another country.
What else I like to read romance novels, both contemporary and classic. I love listening to classical music,

instrumental but most pop-rock and radio. I enjoy tennis, very much love sun, beach, water and polite people.

I love to dance to some good slow music, watching romantic, adventure movies and big Hollywood movies what

about you.
I end my letter on this, and I ask you reply to my questions: What interested you in me? What kind of woman

you could love? Please answer this questions, because I know it's important for me. My name is Elizaveta, but

you dont write me yours why?
I dont spend much time for chat or text but my number for you 0488842051, anyway I hope we can chat by email

to start if you agree with me? I hope on this. Also haven't been log in to Fb because very busy lately but

will try to check during few days, my fb name is Liza Bendos in Sydney. Waiting for your reply so much soon..

Your friend Eliza :) xxx

2019 June 28
On Friday, 28 June 2019, 8:16:54 am AEST, elizavetabendos <> wrote:

Hi there **** thank you for reply no it's just my pic and not from magazine, well how are you this morning, I

hope it's not too cold :) anyway I wish to tell you shortly about myself and hope you will respond the same

back, so we will see if we go together in this life :) I have been living in Sydney couple years already, I

was born in central europe in former czechoslovakia border of Germany, have you been there or where else in

the world and what do you think about people from that part of the world. As for me I like it here and people

as well. I am 168 cm and about 60 kg, what I seek in this Ordinary world? (like a song of Duran Duran :) do

you know it? I seek ordinary man, polite, kind and down to earth, who care someone he loves. I feel myself

easy going and fun, I enjoy laugh :-) I am genuine and serious when needed, I am fairly clever woman and I

don't like to play games especially with feelings. I dont go out lately, many men wants just fun, I seek

serious tender and pure relationship and who knows maybe I can have it with you? :) I am a woman who

appreciate faithful and honest man, I am sure I will be happy with such person. I enjoy music movies and

dances. I dont like spiders, mosquitos and snakes brrr. But we all live with them on one planet Lol, I will

be glad to learn about you and about your life's likes and dislikes. I very hope to see your reply if you

will not forget about me? Cheers and kindest regards..xoxo Eliza
Comment #154745
This is a scammer. There are some reports on this site. There are a lot of email address associated with this girls pictures.
Alena / Lyubov
Comment #154852
Will ask for money to help mother pay mortgage have her passport first page photo and details all match it is actually her .
Comment #154853
Will ask for money to help mother pay mortgage have her passport first page photo and details all match it is actually her .