Scammer Florence Asare Flora, Angel Ann

Flora, Angel Ann
Jucard & Akosombo Hospital, Ghana

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Florence Asare []

Skype Name : - florence.asare903

Steals images of Angel Ann, claiming to be her in previous times.

Remember, scammers, swindlers, deceivers are all real, just not the one they claim to be.

From: Florence Asare []

Sent: Wednesday, 2 January 2019 4:18 AM

Subject: RE: Hello Flora

I dont think you are serious because if you are you wont ask me for video clip when i hace sent you a prove you ask me previously to take picture to write my name on... This is florence to Rusty... And when i ask for money it was because i ask to keep your trust and commitment...

From: Florence Asare []
Sent: Tuesday, 18 December 2018 2:49 AM
Subject: Re: Hello Flora

You never cane back to talk to me when i took a picture and write your name on tge paper. You did not ask mr a video clip when you ask me to take paper and write your name on .. And hence, we talked about the flight money but that is not important to me than my passport i have to renew it abd i wabt you to say something about it... I have not heard you saying anything about it.. And that make me feel unhappy.. Because i want us to deal with that and solve that issue.. But first since you have a little doubts and perceptions about the scums and other bad things going on... I want to trust you if you really are serious with me because we have been talking for months and over now . We should be together and meet by now...

so what u want you to do for me is to send me some money..

I want to know if you can do this... I want to believe that you are not just talking to me but you mean we will surely meet....

From: Florence Asare []
Sent: Saturday, 15 December 2018 10:45 AM
Subject: RE: Reply: Hello Flora

Wait, i have been a lot in the past, and my nick name is Ann angel when i was a model..

Now you know now... I am not scum, i cant depend what is going on the world to include me to scum ,, no i am not,

I cant do anything about my trveling issues until i know where i am flying to and to know if you are supporting.

So please kindly let me know if you will help ..

From: Florence Asare []
Sent: Tuesday, 13 November 2018 7:28 PM
Subject: Re: Reply: Hello Flora

You are welcome for the picture, i wanted to prove you my right and all the times you spend talking to me and sending me mail by mail is not waste because i am real and i want to assure you you are going to meet me and feel happy andnot have any other perceptions, I did this for you because i wanted you to believe and trust me in your heart and not have any other percetions and anything that is doubting you to trust me...

I will do any other thing you ask me if i have to be real as you want and if i have to make you trust me, I will do what just you ask me...

Ihave skype and we are on skype already if we dont miss our time coming online we could use the televphone to text and tell each other whenever we are online so that we can meet and talk online and skype vidoe to see each other, i am ready to skype video and see you on the Camera, That will make me trust you more and keep my faith happy....

Firstly, I travel to Ghana because i had to due to my work, I work as a Nurse and i was in Ghana because of my National service i have to do for a hospital in Ghana, and that is the Jucard National health Care Hospital, You can find it online it is a simple hospital in Ghana and also the Akosombo teaching Hospital... These are the two Hospital i am serving before i leave the country" Ghana""... In the middle of November or nearly December...

Secondly, My flight was paid by the help from my Hospital in the USA,so i had no charges to pay for my flight when coming to Ghana, But if i have to rmake it to Australia i have to check the air flights and tell you how much i can support if i have to pay $ 4,000 USA Dollars, to Australia..

So please kindly let me know how much you can support from the Flight Fair so i can know what i can do or pay from the $ 4, 000 USA Dollars listed........

Thirdly,You are right abut the Finance, but i hope the best each other can support that will make each other know we mean each other and want to make it up to each other...

I have not outcome how long i am spending in Australia but i hope as long as i fugure it out and as long as you want me to stay, a months or weeks, that will depend on us, we have to talk about it and i have to know if you have nothing any other plans for me to stay Long in Australia then i can stay for long and Spend the Christamass with you and the New Year, But i have to know first before any plans comes out with my idea and agreement,

So please let me know as soon as possible if you have any other plans in the Christmass or on what i said earlier on how long i will be staying in Australia,

Also, To stay in Australia by standard, You have to give me all the Neccessary information that is advvicable for not mistaking living Austealia because i dont have much informations about Australia Country so you have have to give me informations and things that is going on in Australia so that i can be safe and protected,'' Before any flight Booking.

I hope the classes went well with the new Adult.

I live in Central Religion of Ghana due to where i am having my service at the Hospital.

I hope we meet at skype, So kindly and please give me your number to call and text you when i am onlineso that we can see each other on skype video.

This is my number if you can text internationally +233266150698,

We don't get to meet online to talk, we miss each other online i hope texting you wil bring us together and bring us to meet online safely.

I Hope thing are okay with you, And at school, I hope God gives us the way to make it the best to each other and to fulfill each other happiness by making it to one another....

If i did something wrong on the picture i send you, i know i am not perfect but that is the best i can do... But i did my best for you on the picture you requested and i hope that make you trust me and feel happy, if i did not do any part of the picture forgive me i am not perfect...

Always love Florence... Kisses and Love