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> Hello Roger,
> The world is so big and it's so difficult
> to find a person who will
> love you all your life, who will
> understand and respect you. Well,
> I think I have made the first step in making my dreams come
> true. I want
> to correspond with you, if
> you after reading this letter will be
> interested in me. So, let's start knowing each other.
> On the 25'th of January 1986 in the family of doctors, one
> bright star
> appeared in the sky. That was me, who shined in
> the beams of love of
> my parents. One can only dream of such a love. We
> lived as a strong a
> happy family. Then when I got older, I begged my
> parents to make me a
> sister or a brother. But they didn't have the
> opportunity to do this,
> because of the apartment question. At
> that time my parents couldn't
> afford having a big apartment, because in
> our country the salary of
> doctors is not so big. But, my dream was fulfilled when I
> was 14 years
> old. A wonderful boy was born and I gave him the name
> of Ivan. I love
> him very much and was very thankful for my
> parents. And not only for
> the brother, I'm very thankful to them that they brought me
> in a way I
> am now. It happened so, that now I'm bringing
> my brother Ivan alone.
> One never knows what is his destiny. I don't want to
> tell you any sad
> moments and stories, moreover it still hurts me great. If
> you wish and
> if I will be able to, I will tell you everything later.
> So, about my way of life. I have divided my life with
> work, education
> and bringing up my little
> brother. I am the
> student of the
> pedagogical university on a postal tuition. You may
> guess that I want
> to become a teacher. Because I think that
> bringing up children is my
> calling. Free of studies, I usually have a
> part time job, working as
> a trade
> representative. Roger, I want
> to be honest with you. I
> guess you should know that I'm using the
> service of the Acquaintance
> company. Once I heard about such a company and
> decided that this will
> help me to find a man, with whom I could
> connect my life. Moreover,
> they give me such services that I can't use
> myself. For instance, I
> don't know English well, so
> the interpreter helps me to write you
> letters. Hope it doesn't
> bother you. I have so a busy life. I'm
> tired of being alone and want my bright
> star again sparkling in the
> sky.
> Hope to get the answer from you with your photos.
> Sincerely, Olga.

> Hello dear Roger,
> Thank you for your letter again! I was reading it for
> several times. I
> feel that we can be
> friends and maybe more. An enormous distance
> separates us, though feelings are always in us
> and I do believe that
> finally we will overcome that distance. Step by step, do
> you agree?
> Well, to continue our acquaintance, I'd
> like to mention that I am a
> person of various occupations and hobbies. Usually i read
> with a great
> pleasure. I enjoy reading all kinds of a
> literature, especially the
> one of classical writers. I think that books is a
> source of knowledge
> nowhere else can be reached. My
> favorite writer is a Russian one -
> Fedor Dostoevsky. Roger, I would like to
> know your preferences in
> literature.I can't imagine my life without
> sports, due to gymnastics
> and jogging I have a slim athletic body. Also I adore
> children and in
> future I'd love to have two little angels near me.
> I want to know everything
> concerning you and I wonder, do you have
> friends and what is your usual way of spending
> free time? As for me,
> when i have free time I usually meet with
> my friends, spending time
> with my brother or go to the swimming pool. You
> might been surprised
> if I say that I'm a
> nice swimmer, earlier I used to go in for
> swimming, though now I can't afford myself visiting
> the swimming pool
> each week. Dear Roger, tell me all
> information about yourself, what
> you consider for me to know.
> Cordially yours, Olga.