Scammer Iryna Rudnieva Iryna

Pokrovsk Donetsk region 85300 Shevchenko street, building 1, apartment 66

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Comment #154424
Lure victim in dating app and ask for leaving email address.

Detail about personnel info (according to 'HER')
Occupation: General Practitioner
Family: Parents (Geologist) and only daughter (Her)
Friend: Kate (Never heard of other friends)

Brief detail about what this guy said
- Phone is stolen, so that cannot provide a mobile contact
- So she cannot send any video, audio even text
- Computer at home is broken. Expensive to repair
- Using desktop at workplace to send a mail
- So that it will be once or twice a week at first
- Then, when money thing comes up, all of sudden exchanging mail is active rapidly.

How she does the fraud
- Look for serious relationship after 3~4 mails
- At first, she says she doesn't care about money, only true love
- Then, when time comes, tell you about having trip to your country.
- Saying that she can't afford money
- Ask you for the money she needs (about USD 1,000)
Comment #154601
Hello, I live in Korea.
I'm an office worker. Miffra was exchanged on June 14th in Kuala Lumpur. Then, I got a mail saying that I would come to Korea on June 28th. I had so many doubts that I searched for a storm. I finally found it. His name is Natalian, 164, 28 years old, and he was a doctor in a small city in Wuhan on March 2nd. His grandmother was 70 years old. He graduated from high school and studied English and worked as a doctor for 6 years. He was happy on the 15th. It's so weird that you start searching... It's a wish.

안녕하세요 한국에 사는 사람입니다.
저는 회사원입니다. 미프라는 어플에서 6월 14일 주고 받았습니다. 그리고 나서 6월 28일경 한국으로 만나러 오겠다고 연락이 메일이 왓네요 하도 의심히 많아서 혹시나 하는마음에 폭풍검색을 했습니다. 결국 찾았네요. 자신의 이름은 나탈리안 ,164키로, 28살, 3월2일 우만에 있는 작은도시, 자신의 할머니 70세 의사이었고 고등학교 졸업하고 의과대학 진학후 영어를 공부하고 , 6년도 동안 의사생활 했다고 하네요 15일 메일 주고 받았는데 한편으로 넘 행복햇어요 하도 이상해서 검색 시작... 역시하 하는바람입니다.