Scammer Iryna Rudnieva Iryna

Pokrovsk Donetsk region 85300 Shevchenko street, building 1, apartment 66

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Comment #154424
Lure victim in dating app and ask for leaving email address.

Detail about personnel info (according to 'HER')
Occupation: General Practitioner
Family: Parents (Geologist) and only daughter (Her)
Friend: Kate (Never heard of other friends)

Brief detail about what this guy said
- Phone is stolen, so that cannot provide a mobile contact
- So she cannot send any video, audio even text
- Computer at home is broken. Expensive to repair
- Using desktop at workplace to send a mail
- So that it will be once or twice a week at first
- Then, when money thing comes up, all of sudden exchanging mail is active rapidly.

How she does the fraud
- Look for serious relationship after 3~4 mails
- At first, she says she doesn't care about money, only true love
- Then, when time comes, tell you about having trip to your country.
- Saying that she can't afford money
- Ask you for the money she needs (about USD 1,000)