Scammer Ekaterina Enokaeva -scammer Scammer name Kate. All info below is hers

Scammer name Kate. All info below is hers
Enokaeva -scammer
29/December 16
+789817557255 And +380 (63) 400 92 20
St. Petersburg

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Comment #154413
Russian Internet Instagram model Ekaterina Enokaeva worked in unison with a Ukraine marriage agency to scam me out of nearly $300,000 over 10 months. On the website she is a verified member, with her profile being verified and her having turn in a copy of her passport to prove that it is her. Working with the marriage agency, several women would come online and pretend to be her while she went about her day most of the times. They would pretend to be her and would send me photos of her holding a sheet of paper with my name on it saying sweet words to me. Sometime she would send me a video telling me hello. They would ask me for gifts and each time I sent a gift the website provided a photo of the actual lady receiving the gift. There is no way she can say that someone stole her identity because it was her keeping me engaged the entire time. When I got suspicious and insisted we leave the website, we went from talking 12 to 15 hours a day to less than five minutes a week. Now she will barely ever talk to me and she is extremely rude with me when she does. It is very obvious she only communicates just because I complain to the website and I hired a private detective. I have a copy of the initial report that I can forward to you to prove that this was all part of the scam. I now have to look at her Instagram page, @enokaeva, and see how she is living her wonderful life with all the money she has stolen from me. I am in severe depression and I’ve contemplated suicide many times. I gave up everything for her. All of my family and friends were warning me for months but I was too blind to see it. Now they have all abandon me and I am sitting here alone with nothing but lies as memories. I want to make sure she has reported and I hope there’s something we can do to make her pay for her crimes. I am happy to send the private investigators report where you can see her passport information. She is now on new dating sites. She lives in Saint-Petersburg Russia. She works for Stag-Party VIP, which provides models for internet advertising.
Comment #154414
Hello James, I'm sorry for you. But think your detective will not get much out. Also something to companies against this crime, you will have no luck. All the women on this site are in, either an Organized Crime involving or any of the guys clinging to the images of the unknown where and trying to make quick money. In addition, the woman lives in Russia, therefore, alone, nothing will happen. Your trouble will be in vain, and your money, sad, too, is to blame. Who pays please to a woman you have not seen in real life, ever as a first money. Do not worry, I was so naive myself and learned from it!