Scammer Nigora

April 9, 1990

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Comment #154392
Hi my love xxx
Xxx, do you mind if I call you that?
My chest has such a fluffy feeling from the fact that there is a loved one.
Sometimes I almost physically feel your presence.
Xxx do you write to other women besides me?
Just tell me honestly.
I do not write to anyone except you.
I don't want you lying to me.
Tell me honestly.
I am very pleased to communicate only with you.
I want you to communicate only with me and not write to other women.
If you write to other women, then I will be offended by it (((
You understand me?
Xxx, I want to be in your city with you now!
I really want to meet you.
Will you invite me to your place?
We could get to know each other better.
If you want me to come to you, then tell me xxx
Xxx, I hope that you are not against the fact that I come.
I need to learn more about how to visit you.
I love you xxx, !!!!!
For your sake, I will do everything and our love will be with us forever.
I am ready to change my life for the better.
I want to start building my happiness.
Xxx, I miss you.
I kiss you as many times as I can and hold to my heart with infinite love and tenderness.
How passionately I love you xxx, as if the flame burns and consumes me,
and I feel that this love is mutual.
I am madly in love with you xxx, but my character, prudence does not always give a complete way out of these feelings, hold back so as not to squander them right away for you, but to keep and give them to you throughout your life.
I don't need anyone but you xxx
You are more precious than anything in the world.
Your nigora