Scammer Kristina Konstantinovna Kurilchuk

Kristina Konstantinovna
Glazov, Udmurt Republic
Dragunova 75 Apartment : 47 index: 427629

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Comment #154324
Hello my dear xxxl!!!
I am writing to you from Moscow!
I rented a room in the apartment.
I will write you the address where I now live in Moscow:
Russia, city: Moscow, street: Azovskaya, house: 4,apartment: 83,post code: 117149.
Xxx,I have visited embassy and the airport.
At the embassy, I filled out all the documents for visa registration.
The embassy staff said that I need to buy 2 tickets in both directions, these are the rules for obtaining a visa and I must comply with them.
The embassy must be sure of the exact dates of my departure and arrival back to Russia.
I thought I could buy tickets online, but the embassy said that strict rules and tickets needed to be bought only in person at the airport!
Today I personally visited the airport Sheremetyevo-2 airport and bought a ticket for June 4!!!
I left my tickets and documents at the embassy.
After that, the employee of the embassy said another condition that I must fulfill in order to get a visa!
The citizen who arrives at UK must have 60 pounds a day, this is a financial guarantee.
Unfortunately, I did not know and they told me at the embassy about this.
30 days is the minimum period. This is a condition of my visa.
Therefore, I must abide by the rules and must have 1800 pounds to come to you.
I have 1350 pounds, I need another 450 pounds!
I did not know how to tell you this.
But I must tell you that we will not lose this money.
Money is needed to prove to the embassy that I am a financially stable citizen.
When I come to you, I will return all the money back to you. Do you understand this?
All the money will be on my debit card, which I received at the
embassy, I can use this card only in UK.
Xxx,I did not want to ask you for money, but I bought a laptop, and I also have a high cost of living in Moscow.
I bought medical insurance when registering a visa.
I bought plane tickets!
I did not calculate the costs, and my expenses were higher than I expected.
Xxx,can you help me confirm my financial guarantee?
I spent a lot of money, but I do not regret it, I did it only to come to you, and now I need your help.
My visa is in the process of registration and soon I can get a visa and come to you!!!
I hope that very soon we will be together.
I am very tired today in Moscow. This is a big city.
Please do not leave me without your letters.
I am alone in this city, and I need your support every day.
I always think of you and wait for your letter as soon as possible!
My dear, all my kisses are just for you!!
I really hope for your support and dream of our meeting!!!
I will use the Internet hostess of the room, so I can not always quickly answer you.
Your Kristina!
Comment #154325
Also wrote to me using the name Ekaterina and used most of the same pictures