Scammer Amiley Cheryl Fehlberg Austani

Amiley Cheryl
36 possibly
i deleted her number sadly
Mali (likely), Thailand (claims to be there)
Skype as Amira live:mummy_2010

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Comment #154302
I believe Amira is using skype to find men to defraud. She likely created a profile with the name of Austani id 427317 and uploaded a photo of Rose Anash as her profile photo, Previously she had photos of herself as profile pics (which he sent to me) and changed to Rose as i pointed it out to her. I have reported it to Skype but i doubt they will take any action. Amira has defrauded for au$44,400 with the aide of an assistant claiming to be from Immigraion in Australia. I traced her debit card, that she showed me a photo of, to Balaclava, Victoria in Australia. The local police said that the account had been taken over from a previous scam. Obviously, i doubt that Amira is her real name. At various time she also used the names Hanna, Mia Wayne and Amira Williams. Her original profile on Skype is Hanna id 420059. I have many so called photos of Amira if you are interested.
Comment #174201
she along with accomplices have been scamming myself for over 10 years and I have bank details of transfers I have done to them, she cut contact with me 5 days ago I have transferred money to Australian Bank accounts as well as 2 Canadian bank accounts I would estimate that she and her group have got over $200,000 from me
Comment #174202
I will add there is a big chance she is in Ghana