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Scammer Gerard Coffey Sinbad42

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Tom commented April 23, 2019 11:12
[email protected] Mam 26 lat, a 26 lutego to moje urodziny.Nazywam się Oksana. Mieszkam w małym miasteczku. Jest bardzo mały.Mam Skypa.
Gerard Coffey commented April 18, 2019 23:54 Author
Sending emails with pictures. Saying she was from Melbourne and wanted to meet me and be with me. She went to Russia for work and was robbed. Wanted me to transfer her money. That didn’t happen. I played along. Her scammer name is Viktoriya Koroleva. The transfer request name is Ekaterina Podolko. Address is Rizhskiy Prospekt, 46, St. Petersburg in Russia. Her email is [email protected]
Comment #154204
This is a scammer there are several reports for her.She is also on this site. These are the links to the other scam sites.
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Attention She is a Scammer

Hello dear friend ! I was waiting for your letter. And now I'm
very glad to see him. when I check the mail and see your answer, I
immediately have a smile on my face. I want to say thank you for
responding to me.
Now I want to tell even more information about
myself. as I already wrote to you that as an I work in a beauty salon, makeup artist.. I really like my work. I can create, create, think,
develop, live. I have a creative nature and I like this kind of work.
of course I do not make millions, but I never tried to do it. I think
that happiness is not in money. Happiness in a happy family, mutual
love, sincere and trusting relationship to each other. Do you agree
with me? My opinion has developed so, because I saw a lot of people
who earn big money and they give their whole life to their careers,
but they only then understand that this does not mean anything,
compared to a happy family. It's my personal opinion. so I never tried
to seek happiness in money. I have my own apartment, I pay for the
loan and for me it's enough to live. but unfortunately now I
understand that for full happiness I need my second half, so I decided
to ask for help to the Internet. I also wanted to tell you why I
decided to look for the second half on the Internet. I have a friend
Marina she lived in my city, but now she lives in Thailand with her
boyfriend Thomas (he's from Germany). She told me how she met a man on
the Internet. They began writing letters, and fell in love with each
other. And my friend moved to live with him. And now live a happy life
together and do not know any ills. They say that it is still hard for
them with money, but they work together and do not consider that money
is important. Basically, I wanted all my life the same that someone
would take care of me and also bring someone's love into my heart .. I
wanted to feel love and so I decided to look for my love on the
Internet and I met you ... And I'm very happy that we met with you. I
do not want to lose our fellowship. I am very pleased to talk with
you. I'm very interested in you. I am attracted to you. I feel you
spiritually. Perhaps it seems that these are just letters. But in
every letter I put my feelings and emotions. All the words come from
my heart and soul. so we can expound all our thoughts and part of our
inner feelings. I am quite an emotional person, not touchy. But I can
take some little things to heart. My dear, I think about you and at
this moment in my heart is warm. It is very nice. Now I want to finish
my letter and want to ask you. What is your happiness? And do you have
any friends or acquaintances who also met through the Internet and
live together? tell me about them. I look forward to your reply with
impatience. Kisses. Take care of yourself, you are dear to me.
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I almost felt for this scammer,but i decied to investigate her deeply
her email is [email protected]
using the name olga Makaryeva,also 30 years old from Melbourne,she was robbered in st.petersburg and asked me to send money via money gram or western union.