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We met on PrivetVip. On the dating site, she said she lived in Vinnytsia. Later she wrote about Viber that she lived in Lugansk. The first contact by the fraudster.
After a few messages, the fraudster suggested communicating through Viber.
No video, failure of the fraudster\'s camera and few phon\'s contacts due to a bad network according to the fraudster. She Speaks fluent English and a little French.
Pleasant and interesting messages at first. Ask relevant questions about me and my life. She Saids to have a child under one year\'s old, to have been abandoned by her husband and to have been divorced during her pregnancy. But communication only between 10am and 7pm Ukrainian time. Communication is rapidly deteriorating. No message to warn that she will not communicate the next day if it is a holiday.
She agreed to a meeting and proposed Rostov-On-Don or Barcelona.
She asked for $350 to make two biometric passports, for herself and her son (It\'s normal price if passports are made without leaving Lugansk). She asked Western Union or Monegram to send the money. She sent by Viber a photo of her internal passport to prove her good faith. It\'s her in the picture. The name is Nataliya Nikolaevna Gorbacheva, born in Lugansk on 7 april 1988.
After internet research, discovered her instagram account in the name of Anastasia Kravchenko (kravchenko_nastya) where I recognize all the pictures she sent me, her son, over a year old, on a bike, and where she appears with her husband, as well as videos at home or driving his car....
PrivetVip dating site: 11 contacts with email, Skype or Viber relationships and 11 fraudsters! This one was the most difficult to identify! It took me 3 weeks to be sure and 2 days to find the informations about the person. I didn\'t send any money.