Scammer Sabina Ofaz Sabina

Azerbaijan, Masalli

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Hello, I hope that I will not distract you from work or something important with this letter of mine. My name is Sabina, I am 33 years old, and I am writing to you from the sunny country of Azerbaijan!
I am lonely and looking for the best person with whom I will spend my whole life. I turned to the Internet to meet you. Of course, I chose a strange path, but I realized that in my country I could not be happy. There are reasons why I cannot find my love in this country, and of course with time I am ready to explain this.
I am a modest, kind, responsive girl. I can not call my appearance model, but I try to keep track of my waist and appearance. Most of my friends tell me that I am beautiful, so I hope you enjoy my appearance. Yes, I do not judge people in appearance, for me the inner world of a person is more important.
Now I hope to hear from you. I hope that you are still free and you do not have relationships with other girls now, and if you also feel lonely, write to me soon. I will be very glad to get to know you!
Very much worried before opening today the e-mail. As it is unusual and in too it is a high time to see interestingly your answer on my the first not the big letter. I understand, that I could receive your interest, and I hope, that our dialogue will proceed. Tell to me, what has more drawn your attention to my first letter? My appearance or what I have written to you? You should not be afraid to tell the truth, I will accept any it. I always try to be fair with people. Though I understand, that in some cases the truth can be painful. I very much hope that we will find the general themes for conversations because I have a presentiment, that you very interesting both good person, and our further dialogue will show it.

I think to me it is necessary to tell a little about myself. So my age 33 years, and my name Sabina. I believe, that for the age I to look good enough (smile). Sometimes people who see me for the first time, cannot believe, that it is my present age. I was born and I live in the country Azerbaijan. I think you quickly can find it in the Internet on a card. I live in city Masalli. My city small, silent and quiet, here is not present a lot of noise and vanities. As, I consider it necessary to tell, that it is the independent and Muslim country. Certainly there are some general things between the Muslim countries, but each country especial. I will tell to you more in detail about my country in my following letters if you want it. I hope, that it will be interesting to you.

At once in this letter, I wish to say to you, that I the real girl and have the real vital purposes. I do not wish to spend my vital time for various games with feelings or deceits. To this stage of my life I to have accurate comprehension of that serious changes are required. I wish to have the present strong family, the beloved in which I will have full confidence and to feel its love and care. For such man I will become the best girl, the most tender, the most true and careful. It is my overall objective now and I hope, that I can achieve it in the near future. Certainly I also am opened for friendship, but I cannot I will be on friendly terms with the man in which is enamoured. For this purpose I have taken the first step and have addressed in the cafe Internet. I understand that for you began norm of a life to have own computer and the fast Internet. But I wish to tell to you, that I not to have such digital means. All it is developed only in capital of my country in a city of Baku. I to live far from capital. And consequently here I use Internet cafe. I to pay money for carrying out of certain time here in Internet cafe. Here there was an action and they to give a little e-mail lonely men. I to listen to the heart and have chosen you! Thus, I received your contact e-mail and now we can exchange letters and photos.
Unfortunately, at present it is a unique way for dialogue. Who knows to what it will result? Probably, we remain simply friends or we will have more serious feelings.

I live one. Now I am absolutely free and not to have any relations with men.
This my letter not so big because I wish to understand your intentions. If in following your letter I see, that you to have serious intentions and wish to communicate more with me, to learn me, to share your life. Then I will write you more detailed and big letter. That you gradually could receive the best representation about me.

I hope, that in your following letter you will tell more to me about that place, where do you live, about your country, work. To me everything is interestingly absolute, than you are ready to share with me. I very much hope, that our dialogue will proceed. Who knows, than it will end. Only time can show it... With the big impatience I will wait your letter. In this letter I also send you the photos that you could see, that I the real person with real feelings. Also I think, that it is one of the main questions! I promise to you, that I will be always fair with you and I ask it from you. Also I hope, that it will not be difficult to you to send your photos that I also could is better represent you when I will read your letters.

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This Scammer originally use to use the name Alina. She is now using a different name "Sabina" and is using a different set of stolen pictures. This scammer clams she lives in Azerbaijan, but she actually lives in Russia. You can see her other scammer profile here (when she use to use the name Alina):