Scammer Annochka Anna

34, Sep 18 1984
Samara, Russia

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Too date 100% of emails using " @gmx " are swindlers, many fast letters, after money, supply information asked for when after money. Photos used by many others.

2019 April 27
Hi, ****!
Again, I am very pleased to receive a letter from you. Perhaps our correspondence will make our relations closer. I do not use social networks and mobile applications.
I think it's stupid and primitive. I like writing letters because it's so romantic and nowadays it is so difficult to find romantic atmosphere in everyday life.
I want to tell you that I write my letters from the work computer.
Thank you, I really liked your photo. Now I want to meet you even more.
I work really hard and I spend most of my time at office, so I have no need to have a computer at home.
Don't think that I will only answer your questions. I will tell you a lot of things about my life.
In the morning, when I was going to work, I thought, will I get your answer today or not… I wonder whether you liked my e-mail it or not… Did you like my photos?
Only last night, when I returned home, I realized that I had told you very little about myself. Therefore, I was very glad to see your letter))))
Today I will try to give as much information about myself and about my life. I am the only and late child in the family.
My father left the family when I was 7 years old. My mom passed away 2 years ago. All these circumstances made me strong.
But I don’t want to talk about sad things now....
After my mother’s death I feel so lonely, because I do not have any closest person beside me. Rusty, but I have a best friend Sveta.
Do you have such a good friend with whom you spend your free time and feel comfortable? My last relationships with a man came to the end six months ago.
Unfortunately most men wanted just have sexual relations with me...
I consider a man should be not only a good lover, but also a friend with whom we will have no secrets and just mutual understanding. Do you agree with me?
Today I told Anna that I met you in the internet, she looked at me with surprise and couldn’t even say a word.
Then she admitted that it was great, but she advised me to be careful because there are a lot of perverts and gigolo in the websites...
Do you correspond with many girls?? You can answer honestly and I will understand everything correctly, I really hope we will be honest and open to each other.
Rusty for me age is not a problem at all, because I prefer to meet a person with some life experience, his personal way of thinking, his attitude to life, values, and the main thing for me is that the person was kind, sympathetic and had a big heart to create there love))) Love is vital between the two… I have a good job and I support myself without any problems. As for me, money is a means for making or life brighter, bringing us joy and happiness.
What do you think of my way of thinking? Do you like my personality? Hope you do not bored to read my letters)))
Online dating is the first experience for me and therefore I would like our conversation to be built as an interactive dialogue.
So I kindly ask you to ask any questions you want to know about me))) I hope that you will reply me as quickly as possible.
Sincerely, Anna

P.S I think it would be great and useful for us to talk on the phone a little later. I'm asking you to give me your phone number if you're interested.
When I get a chance, I'll call you from my office phone!

2019 April 26
Hello, **** ,
You know,
I'm sending you a letter again today. I’d like to write you about myself more facts.
I hope that you won’t be ennoyed because of my let and it will be fascinating for you to read.
My name is Anna. My date of birth is September 18, 1984. I am 34 and I'm .
My family members gave me a short name as Anya. I was born in Samara, Ruissian Federation.
It is is a beautifulcity. I like to spend time actively: I play sports, I like long walks in the park, in winter I prefer skating.
Also I adore camping and spending time in the open. I am a broad-minded person and I like to seek to new chellenhes.
I speak French, German and English. I have my life and work and Samara.
I graduated from the Medical University with a specialization in Dental Specialist.
I want to own my private cabinet for Prosthetics. I'd made a big effort to become qualified dentist.
I try to reach all my goals in life. In the world today it is important to be a good specialist.
Not long agj I had practiced in Israel, the United States and Finland. Lately a lot of things have reformed in modern dental science.
I consider that from my biography you have learned that I work a lot and have a little free time.
For this reason, it is a real challenge for me to find my beloved man.
That’s why I decided to try to create relationships via the internet.
I concider that it is possible to find a really good man in the internet and I like sending letters.
One can realize a lot of things just from several letters, Hope me e-mail did not get you tired… I just would like to ask you to be honest to me, if you like my letter.
I appreciate sincerity in relations and communication.
I would like to get to know some facts about you, if you don’t mind of course)))
You can ask me anything you want to know about me or my life) I do not know what will happen futher, but I hope we can be close people.

P.S. I would like to ask you a very important question – Do you have a beloved woman?
I am seeking for my man and I do not want get involved in the someone's relations.


2019 April 25
Greetings, **** ,
At the very beginning I want to thank you for your letter.
I answer you from my office address. It is more convenient for me, because I look through my mail box every morning!
I have PC only at work.
Sadly I do not have a laptop at home. A short time ago, I made application on the website of marriage club.
Within a short period of time I got many letters. They were outrageous!
At a certain point it seemed to me that only weirdos and liars use online dating clubs.
Some of them persuaded me to send them my nude pictures, someone suggested only intimate intercourse.
Even a married man sent me an email, offered an idea to be lovers in a secret from his wife!
What a mess!
I haven’t even replied to offers. I do not understand this way of how this can be! In my resume I indicated clearly that I am looking only for a committed relationship with a free.
Forgive me for telling you such situations, but I was really terrified by this situation in general.
I hope you are different man and we have the same intentions. Please write me back the letter today if you wish to continue our conversation.
I’d like to find out some facts about you, your living place, your work, hobby, family situation.
It would be nice to see some of your photos.
I will send you another email later where I would like to tell you in detail about my life in order to pique your interest!)))
I ask you to reply to this email so that I know that you have got and read it.
I don’t want to annoy you with a long letter so that you won’t be bored))
Hope you have a nice lovely day today! I’m looking forward for you answer!


2019 April 21
Hello ! How is your mood?
I just Sorry, when I disturbed you with this e-mail.
In that case, then just don’t answer my e-mai. But still, I believe that you will have some time to read this e-mail and reply to it.
I saw your e-mail address on a dating site long ago, but I had no courage to type you at least several words .. I consider that we have similar goals so far.
If I’m right, are you also seeking for a someone to have serious relations? I really like the way of life, culture and mentality of people where are you come from … What is the name of the city you live in and what do you do for a living?
Maybe we could try to get acquainted? How do you find this suggestion?
I am an independant girl and I want to have a man with good intentions to creat serious relations …
As you may have guessed, I’m a quite romantic and a little naive woman, and I hope that my thoughts do not bother you and I I don’t looki don’t seem to you officious ..
I want to tell you a little bit about myself .
I am Annochka. I am from Russia. I’m 34 years old. My previous relationships were over six months ago, since my boyfriendmy beloved man had an affair ... But I don’t to talk about it because I still remain to be still positive and sociable lady .
Since then I’m a free girl ! I work as a dentist at a private dental clinic in my city. I also create dentures and some kinds of dental implants.
I need to spend almost all my working time in the lab. Thanks to my profession I visited several countries where I had practice. I am a hardworking person !
But now I suffer from my job, because I I could hardly find time for relationship and now to change everything .
I can see now that it is more complicated to make new acquaintances and find new friends. I guess it is so hard begin to believe other people. So I decided to try to find a good person in the internet .
I have already tried to make an account on dating sites, but unfortunately I met there only horny men who asked me only sex and nake photos . OMG!
So I delated my information from these sites.
The vital thing for me is honesty. I know that there are so many phonies in the internet now . I don’t play silly games and I am not seeking for benefactor or a rich man …
I am a well-experienced doctor so I earn enough and provide everything I need for myself ))) And I hope you will not compare me with somebody. I really don’t like this . Hope you understand what I mean .
If you do not like my letter or just have any doubts, then just don’t answer my message. All right?
I hope you liked my message until the end . I do hope that you liked my pics. In any case, I am really happy to share with you some information about myself and my life )))
Do you want to be friends.. or more? Why not? This is my mailing address [email protected] .
Looking forward to get an answer form you )))
your Anna
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Other scammer using same images include:
Comment #153937
Yes. A Russian scammer for sure going by the name of Anya. Email name: annastrok[email protected] .com. Clever. No ( internet service used.
Several long love letters. Sad family story. Very same pictures. Claims to practice dentistry in Russia. Just received a grant to practice in the US. Wanted to visit me in US. I Requested a photocopy of her current passport. Never answered my request.
Good job you guys!!! Hope this helps others!!!!
Comment #161712
[email protected]
Yuliya Dorofeeva. Novouralsk
Nr konta 40817978014094004047
Ul lenina 140 / 22 .
Tak dałem jej pieniądze zakochałem się. Jest nas bardzo wielu.