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I had this scammer contact me some time ago via, using the name Oksana. She wrote several letters and sent me lots of pictures. I have checked the email with this site. Its been checked 137 times, thats just people that checked it. So there may be many more that didnt. She is a very beautiful woman. To beautiful. She looks like a model but ive not found any of the pictures recorded. The letters she wrote contained very little information about where she was. That is, if this is a SHE and not a HE. The pictures may be stolen.
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Hello, my dearest Michael! How are you? How is your mood?

My dearest, I missed you so much! There were some problems with
Internet connection in my area, so I hadn't any access to Internet..
Hope, you don't mad on me?)

Honey, I called to a travel agency, and they said, that in order to
come in your country I need to have biometrics passport, pass from a
war zone and also I have to book tickets to Kiev airport in advance...

have to pay an amount of 160 includes a biometrics passport, as well
as a pass from the war zone ..

63 is a biometrics passport, 78 is a pass from military zone, and I
will need to pay money at the embassy in order to make all the
documents in time. Also I have to buy bus tickets to the Kiev airport,
because there is no airport in Donetsk city.. Tickets costs 115 Usd..

My passport will be ready in a week later after making request... Pass
from war zone will be ready in 2 weeks.. For making passport I have to
show my ID code and make a photo..

So, if I'll start prepare all my documents now, they will be ready in
2 weeks, so we'll be together very soon..

What do you think, honey?

Kisses, yours Oksana