Scammer Alina Tirtene Alina

23rd of April 1992
Azerbaijan / Russia

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Comment #153644
Here is the final email she sent me. I replied and told her I will not send her any money, but I will buy the plane ticket myself and I will email it to her or send it to her in the post. I have not heard from her since.


Hello my dear love Errol. I have received your letter and I thank you and I wish to answer important to you at once. So I do not wish to lose our thoughts on us, because of other reasons which can be at us in a head. I ask you not to have fear if we speak now important about us and our life together. I to trust you very important words and my thoughts, and I wanted from you reciprocity, an openness always. If we wish to be together then we should have a full understanding and trust. I wish to see you in realities, but not only a photo or letters. And this my huge desire in my heart, and after all your words so I very seriously to concern you. I already addressed in travel agency to learn the information.
I wish to fly to you and to be with you Errol, and also spoke to you concerning the contract with travel agency. So I do not wish to recede, or to do something incorrectly. But now I do not wish to be without you. I do not wish to allow also that with you there was other woman if you understand it?? I have already made a choice in my life and have told to you about it. I do not know, if you are afraid now these thoughts??? But I think now, that you wish to receive my love. I would like to achieve you, but only at our meeting. Nevertheless it is important, concerning a trip, I cannot have documents for departure without full payment of a trip. I can pay only a small part of a trip, and spoke to you also about it. So it is very a shame to me to ask the help. But I wished to be assured now in you, and that you can trust me. You can confirm any my words concerning a trip, in travel agency. There are also important thoughts at me in a head, concerning a trip. I have received the prevention, and also many women fly to other countries, and then never come back. And the reasons of it is more often unknown persons. And it is possible these women leave in slavery of men the different countries. But I will not listen to anybody, and only that speaks my heart. I will listen to that you speak to me. If you is always nearby, and will never expel me. I try to trust you completely and as my life will be connected with you. I do not know, if you really want it? I know, that also each man wants the woman giving love nearby and caress. I wish to give you all my care, and I wish to ask nothing in exchange. Me never to interest any riches if you understand??? It is meaning of the life for me and always it was to find you, to meet you and to present my love to my destiny. I never wish to look at other men if you is near to me.
I can pay a trip part as spoke to you in the letter, but not completely. If you help me now... Then we will consult. For me another's opinion does not matter. I only wish to speak with you about us, and also I wish to see your desire. I said to you, that I will leave here all and my girlfriends, and it will not be difficult. So I could have communication through the Internet if it will be necessary. I would like to know your opinion on all??
I have already presented and have opened to you my heart, and I wish to give all my love.
I also do not want, that you deceived me and as it will be sick in heart. I think you know all these feelings. I will make everything to try to prove you that I wish to fly to you. I will do all for this purpose and also with trip payment, but I can not without your help. So I ask you inform me also if you help? You can speak me, or also any questions or acknowledgement in travel agency. I want, that both of us to rejoice when will see each other. And if now you have such thoughts. Then we can create it very brightly. But then, we discuss so much, and all our life. And we never will tell about it to other people. As the happiness and love - should be always in silence.
I only want always that it was better for us and I ask you to know it.
I think of you every minute and I miss much, I so wait for a meeting. All my kisses yours Alina
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I really thought I was her only victim.
Very clever woman. She showed sympathy when I told her that my grandma died.
Comment #153789
add this email as well, [email protected] Same here, She responds to your direct questions with just enough information to keep you responding to Alina's email also gets a friend involved Elimira to assist with a note to you that she is a "good girl" very persuasive and new photos, I did send small amount of money to fix her phone , thankfully it was a little suspicious with the next request was to help a clear a mortgage of bad credit for 17,800 Euro in order to leave Baku for USA wow i was out $400 USD sent thru an agency in Prague to avoid Azerbaijani Govt Tax, was seeking to hear her voice , ALWAYS seemed suspicious the address does not show up on google and you never get a last name or details to contact, IT was very strange that she could go to an internet cafe and than attache photos to her email but had no phone or any type of bank accounts, she indicated she sold antiques on line to make money , but when asked how she was paid for internet sales antiques . never a direct answer if she had pay pal , Saw a link yesterday where a guy was out 9,000 Euro trying to get her to Seattle Washington USA ....yikes..
Comment #153790
this was one email I revived....
Today I also spoke with employees of travel agency and consulted on them concerning payment, In travel agency Mr. Morril has offered me that you translated at once money for my trip to them into the bank account after that they will do all papers and the cash voucher so it will be easier, and I should not run with money and to carry it from bank in agency. Because I have no my own bank account, we closed it last year because the big payment on the maintenance business bank account was required. I asked the help in travel agency that they have given necessary data that you could help. Also they have explained, that if you will translate me money from-abroad directly to Azerbaijan then law enforcement bodies can have questions and it can affect my departure from the country, therefore I would not like to risk. At us in Azerbaijan money very strictly concerns receipt from abroad, here of terrorism sponsoring very strongly are afraid and consequently all very strongly I am supervised, hope that you understand me about what I to speak. Also the travel agency has explained to me, that they too do not use the account here in Azerbaijan if it is necessary to receive money from abroad, they to explain to me, that at them branches in the several countries and consequently they use accounts in those countries where more loyally to concern money from foreign countries.
Sweet, I very much hope, that it will not push away you because I only try that we did not have any additional difficulties. Because if there will be difficulties you will abuse me, and I do not want it, therefore I try to avoid at once all these difficulties.
Now I apply to you the bank account of Travel agency, they have suggested it to use at the main office in the Czech Republic on given the main manager.

Holder name: Dzmitry Strapko
Holder address: Lisabonska 606/10 street
19000 postal code
country-Czech Republic

IBAN number: CZ 753030000000 1774217013
Bank name: AIR BANK a.s
Bank address: street Evropska 2690/17, postal code: 16600, city: Prague
Czech Republic

They have explained to receive from you money it is necessary to use this bank account at the main office of travel agency, also you should use all data how is written in these details, I remind it I account, and the travel agency account and consequently it is not necessary to specify my name in data. They asked about it, these are data of the manager of travel agency in that branch. I asked it under my personal request today. Therefore it is necessary to write that is written to data, also I will give you contract number, this agreement with travel agency AZE414 which I have concluded on preparation of a trip for you, I will give you this number of the contract and you will specify, if your bank asks to use the note. Under this number of the contract they to define, that it is money for my trip to you. Also if you want to write itself to travel agency, I ask you inform on it, and you can ask there any questions: [email protected]
I hope that you have attentively read all and have understood everything, that I to explain to you. And once again I hope, that you will not have any misunderstanding and you are not pushed away by it. If we to do all is correct as advises travel agency then we will not have any problems. And we can prepare a trip for me.
I will wait for your following letter with even big impatience, I love you and I send you a warm and most gentle kiss. Yours for all life Alina
Comment #174728
Just got unsolicited email from her
may I tell you some? I hope you are single.
I'm a impassioned lady, mine first name is Naliyana
and I reside in Turkmenistan, this is mine country.
Honesty, reverence and trust are on the first of my schedule of priority
in my relations. I like pleasant conversations with people,
it allows your head to increase and get new perspective of life
out of your private. I love exploring different cultures
in mine own surroundings. I am an amateur of nature,
animals and the outdoors. Family, friends and communion
are inseparable piece of mine living. I enjoy existing out and about
researching with good companies. I also love a homemade food,
acting on the cooking piece. I would be love it if only we cook together
and like the process, expect you have some interest and could write me.