Scammer Lyudmila Sarkisyan, Stepanova Lyuda Semenyuta

Lyuda Semenyuta
Sarkisyan, Stepanova
16 December 1992
+380506896244, +380996126819
Donetsk, Ukraine
Donetsk, Ukraine
Chelyuskintsev Street, 184a
VK -

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Scammer contacted me on VK social website on 16th May 2018. Said she had no food for days and unable to find employment for months due to the Donbass conflict war at eastern Ukraine. No family except a mother and grandmother living at House 75, Vinogradne (Grape) Village, Zalishchy, Ternopil. She promised marriage if I supported her with a very low amount monthly, and was very attentive and warm, even had cyber-sex / sexting. She suddenly had a fall from the steps of her hostel and shows pictures of a bandaged ankle and two fake documents. She asked for money for surgery and hospital. Then starts getting hysterical saying that separatist militants are firing into residential areas and killing civilians. Next, becomes frightened as militants move all occupants to another hostel. Her internet is always bad but could see that she was online. After more hysterical outbursts, I send more money for her to travel to Kiev and to stay in a hotel, plus her feeding and expenses in an internet cafe. All finance paid by me over her entire stay in Kiev. She asked to clear her study loan so that she can leave the country to join me. I paid for her new passport (passport number: 19991123-00038; full name: Sarkisyan Lyudmila Stepanova; expiry 4th Sep 2027 - could be fake as she gave me a much longer impossible date of validity at first), I also gave her money to open an international bank account, gave her money for an expensive medical cert she said is mandatory to leave the country, gave her too much money for a visa she wanted to apply through an agent. Finally all done and paid. I gave her money again to go to the airport to buy plane ticket. She comes back and says that she needs more money in her bank account to be allowed to leave because I am in a rich country. I instructed her to travel to her mother while we re-plan and to recover from my loans. I gave her all the travel money again. Once, arrived, she says that her grandmother had passed away. I send her money again to buy a new blanket for the winter. Then her ankle turns for the worst and she needs more money to travel to a nearby city for more medical procedures. Her mum accompanied her and she travelled there with the aid of a neighbour's car. She always has trouble with internet even with a new phone I paid for her. Always can't do live video chats or send more recent pictures, but claims she has taken hundreds for me and would show them to me when she joins me. On 10th Dec 2018, a man from Austria contacted me and said he has been communicating with her for the last 4 weeks. We shared info and discovered a lot of similarities, from war issues to ankle surgery to loans and passports. He had given her about 10,000 Euros while I am in debt of over 10,000 USD because of what I had to send to her to fly over as well as my supporting of her. We also discovered that she never left Donetsk. She denies everything but her conversations and promises were shown to me by the other man. They showed the same affections as she did with me. She pretends to delete her VK account but asked the other man to give his account to her, not knowing that we have been sharing all info and occurrences. I started sending warning messages to as many men as I can find in her VK account from those who have marked her posts because the VK Admin ignores all my reports. She eventually recovered her VK account and blocked me. Last month in February 2019, she contacts me again and says she did bad things to me but stop short of admitting anything. I forced her to reveal that she is still in communication with the other man. She said she finally has a job interview in Luhansk but she will never receive any more money from me. After a few days of attempts to communicate, she again asked me for 600 USD for food. I ignored her and she blocks me again. She uses Western Union to receive money at first, until Western Union suspended my account which I suspect is because she had been receiving money from different men whom all had stated that she is family. We had switched to using a banking app called TransferWise. I found out later from a doctor friend in Donetsk that it is impossible to receive any money from outside of Donetsk because of the war. The doctor friend took a look at her ankle surgery documents and told me they are fake. My doctor friend also pointed out to me that there has never been any danger in Donetsk because all the conflicts in the war are kept 35km away from the city and towns. I had picked up suspicious and questionable points as I communicated with this scammer but she would always stand firm that things are different in the occupied territories. But I continued to support her because I wanted to show that I am supportive and that I trust her as my fiancee. This has been my stupid mistake so please warn everyone about her. The other man flew to Ukraine to lodge a police report with the local police but because no property was lost or damaged, they refused to take action on her. She changes her settings on VK such that you can only see your own posts and actions but anything from other men that she has; VK also has a feature that allows you to hide friends so she lets you feel that you are the only man she has on her friend-list. The other means of communication that she uses is through her email. I have all my Western Union and TransferWise receipts showing her name as the recipient, as well as snapshots and letters from the other man as proof of her fraud.