Scammer Olga Ganapieva Olga

Novosibirsk, Russia
Olga. apartment: - 12, 7, Novosibirsk, Novosibirskaya oblast, > Zip code - 630075, > Country - Russia.

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Comment #152400
> Jay,
> Here is my home address,
> -
> to Olga.
> Number apartment: - 12,
> Name street - Medkadry 7,
> City - Novosibirsk,
> Region (state) - Novosibirskaya oblast,
> Zip code - 630075,
> Country - Russia.
> -
> in case you decide to send me a card or a hand-written letter.
> Unfortunately, I can’t talk to you on-line, as I write letters
> to you from the internet cafe and the time is limited there.
> I wish I could chat with you but right now it is just impossible
> as I don’t have a personal PC. But I shall continue to send
> you email letters and pics. As I already told you
> I rent my apartment and I don’t have a phone there.
> Therefore I can not call to you. I have already given
> my phone number to you. I hope you get it. But my phone
> does not allow calls to other countries. For the reason
> of limits here in Russia.
> Yes, I am going to come to your country. Somewhere
> in a month. I am going to enter the University
> or college. I am doing all the paperwork for this now. That's
> why I asked you about the colleges or Universities close to
> your place. So I could study and meet with you there.
> I shall live in campus.
> Do you want it? You want that I lived near to you in your district?
> Do not forget to send me your photos.
> As soon as I finish this letter I will go and have a short walk.
> You know walking is one of the things I adore. It is so nice to
> have a long walk and then find some small cafe and get a cup
> of coffee there. I don’t have a car and I don’t really want to
> have it right now. And it is too expensive for me. I have no money
> to buy a car. I have never tried to drive a car and I have no license.
> Walking is much more pleasant. Unfortunately, most of the times
> I have to walk alone. All my friends are married and they try
> to spend more time with their families. I also like to go to the
> movie a lot. But do it rather seldom. Usually I go there with my
> friends, but they don’t do this often. They try to spend more
> time with their husbands and children. As I don’t have children
> and a husband, I try not to bother them often. Sometimes I feel
> rather lonely but I try not to think of this often.
> Any way, my city is too beautiful not to walk. My city is very
> beautiful. There are so many places of culture there, lots of
> monuments. It is very green. It is especially beautiful in
> spring and in summer time when everything is awaken after
> the winter.
> There are also many parks and we have one boulevard with fountains.
> And it is gorgeous.
> Also we have some really beautiful churches. I am Christian
> but I am not really religious. I have my own faith inside.
> And I go to the church but do it seldom. I am not fanatic
> about this.
> I like nature very much and it is always a please to go somewhere
> to the country-side and to spend a day there. I like picnics,
> camping a lot. It is great to spend a day on the fresh air,
> especially when you are with friends or family. I try to enjoy
> it every time we do it but sometimes I feel very sad as I miss
> not having my second half near.
> Well, I am not going to be sad, as I am sure everything will
> be fine. Please, tell me about your city? What is it?
> What’s interesting there?
> Olga.

Hello Olga Angel girl,

I replied to your letter on January 25, 2019 and told you I already have a wife and that I am 74 years old.

America has many things to offer. I am not one of them. You are very pretty, photos are nice and if I was not married, I would like to have you but I cannot change my age. 74 is 74 and married is married. (You are very tempting)

I will offer a photo today.

Also, I can call you with my phone. I use a service called, WhatsApp. I can call anywhere in the world...


-----Original Message-----
From: Olga <>
To: theholly <>
Sent: Thu, Jan 31, 2019 7:06 am
Subject: John!

I'll tell you a little bit more about myself in this letter.
I already wrote to you that my name - Olga.
But you can call me - Angel. It's my nickname.
All my friends call me such way...
My phone number - +7-968-475-1877. But I'm not sure you can call me,
because this is a Russian number, and I can receive calls only from Russia.
I live in an little apartment, unfortunately I do not have a computer.
So I write to you all the letters of the Internet cafe.
I have already written to you that I was going to move to your
country. I get a student visa. I shall receive it approximately
in a 1 month. I can work and learn. So I will be able to support
themselves with money to live and study. So I can be independent from
anyone. We could see with you at leisure. And cheerfully to spend this
time.I have already written to you that I lived in Australia when I was
18 years old. I lived there for about six years. So I am very fluent
in English and writing. I loved living there. But I had to leave.
Because my visa was over. I had a relationship with a man there,
but he did not want to live any longer with me, so I did not renew
the visa because of it and returned to Russia. I do not like to
recollect. Probably I shall tell you more about it when I learn you
more. Therefore do not remind me of it and do not ask me about it.
I think it was my fault, because life in Russia is very difficult.
This is a very corrupt country. And with our President Putin, we have
no democracy here. It is very difficult to get a job. But I hope that
in a month I will have a visa to your country. so we will be able to
communicate and meet with you not only through letters. Because it's
always nice to meet new friends. I do not know whether the relationship
between us, but I always wanted to be your friend.
I have a few questions for you.
Now you have a relationship with a girl? When was your last
relationship? And why did you break up?
what attitudes you would like to find through Internet?
I look forward to your reply.
P.S. I have attached my pics. Do you like?
Comment #152444
I received the "please send me 300 $ letter today.
Comment #153090
Die hat mir auch geschrieben
Comment #154200
John HolewinskHolewinski... I read your letters from Olga and they say exactly the same words as my letter! She also sent me sex photos but her face is hidden! 300 USD? really Olga? Hahaha 300 !!!! OMG!
Comment #155021
Ogla is also named Tatyana
Good day Kumin.
I just read your letter. I'm so glad you texted me. Thanks. You remember me? My name is Tatyana.
I want to ask you to be decent with me. Like I told you before. Online Dating is a new type of communication for me.
Now acquaintance on the Internet is popular all over the World. It doesn't matter how far we go.
We can communicate online and get to know each other better. You agree with me? Please send me your pictures.
I'm sure you have a beautiful smile. Viewing your photos will help me get to know you and your life better.
It's my first time writing a letter to a man on the Internet.. Don't laugh at me. I'm a sociable girl.
I hope you have a smile on your face and a good mood from reading my letter..
I want to tell you a little about myself now. I am 31 years old. I was born on August 23, 1987. Zodiac sign - Leo. When's your birthday?
Although, the difference in our age can not be a problem for our communication. Friendship can unite any age.
I have a specialized education. I've been working since I graduated education. My work brings me a steady income.
This is enough to live in my country, Russia. My parents are alive, but I live alone. I am already an adult and independent girl.
I often see my parents. I respect and love mom and dad. I am not married. I have no children.
Of course in the past, I had an affair with a man. My last relationship with a man ended almost 2 years ago.
I've been worried about the breakup for a long time. I'm already out of sadness. Now I have a feeling of loneliness.
A lot of my friends girls already have a family. I also dream of creating my own family.
I hope you read my letter. I don't want to seem boring. Are you interested in reading my letter?
I expect your new letter tomorrow. Ask me questions that interest you, and I will try to answer you. Ok?
I look forward to hearing from you. Tatyana