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Comment #517
Subject: Natasha for 24freedate

Hello, John
Thanks for your email! It's just a short note to make sure
I knocked right door. I know it's difficult to get to know a
person through the Internet, especially when you hope he/she will
become your husband/wife. But I'm not afraid of difficulties,
besides the bar scene is not for me. I prefer to talk via letters,
I hope you will write me and we will become friends or maybe more
than friends...
Have a nice day, bye!
Comment #518
Hello, John!
Well, let's start getting to know each other. Do you have photos to
send me?
I feel comfortable about our age difference, because I was always
attracted to elder man. My friends have 17 years difference between
them and they are happy together. So I know for sure age it's not an
obstacle to love between people.
Generally speaking I like meeting new people, but I don't have a rich
experience of meeting people here, in the Internet. I'm new to this
So, I live in Kherson. It is situated in Southern Ukraine.
I like my city, though if it is necessary for me to relocate, I will.
My family accepts this decision, because Mum and Dad love me and want
me to be happily married. They are my only family plus my aunt, my
mother's sister.
I work as a secretary in the deans office. There are two of us Sveta
and me. She is responsible for lectures planning and I'm responsible
for the schedule of lectures per each day.
My favourite season is winter. I like New Year and Christmas, which
we celebrate on January,7th, because we are Orthodox. I believe
in God, but I'm not a religious fanatic. And what about you?
I live in the hostel with one
My little obsession is having have my small room ideally clean. I
don't like dust and I don't like room in a mess. Is that the same
about you? By the way I live in the hostel with Sveta, she is not
only my roommate but also my best friend.
My latest was pie with apricots. Have you tried something like
that? Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I have a university diploma
in accounting. And one more thing, I visit driving lessons now. I'm
willing to learn to drive a car. I send you one photo from that
lessons made in early September.  I didn't pass the examination then
but I'm not going to give up:)
What was the reason you decided to try the Internet dating? My main
reason was to enlarge the horizons of my search, but I also like that
one first pays attention to your words, your thoughts and then to your
appearance. I know that I might seem to young for you being  28 yo,
but all my friends of this age are happily married and have children.
I feel like I'm ready for having a family of my own.
I guess that will be all for today, but if I forgot to tell something,
you're wanted to know, just ask me.