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Hello, I hope that you still interests my profile, it is very pleasantfor me that you have paid the attention to me from many girls. It is good, where I start? My name - Aniya. I have been given birth onMarch, 8 1982. I have blue eyes and long hair of the blonde. My height- 167 sm and weight of 55 kg. I live in the city of Nizhniy Novgorod. It -remarkable city in Russia which is located in the center of ourcountry. Most the closest big city - Moscow, this city is on distanceapproximately in 400 km. I lived here substantially all my life. It -good silent and very picturesque place. It has the population morethan 1000000 person. There are enough many others Crimean beautifulplaces within hours, conducting distance. It - the perfect place tolive and lift family. I mainly similarly to this here because allpeople in my city are so friendly. As to where I work. I work in as the children's psychologist, my workconsists in that that I work with children which have parents ofalcoholics. In the summer I work in sanatorium and establishment of aresort. I only love my work very much as I like to be in closer tochildren. And still I like to be engaged in gymnastics, And I ampleased, when I can give this pleasure of to be in the good form to myclients. As to my life of family. I have no any own children, but I would liketo have someone day. I only have not met the correct personnevertheless. Who knows, it is possible, that it - you the right. Ibelieve in destiny. You? I also believe, that all happens owing to.Precisely just as I finding you on the Internet. I have completely overlooked to tell to you that I the only child infamily, it is possible for this reason my parents of me very stronglylike. As to my hobbies. I have no plenty a free time after I am made workbecause I am very much involved in my work. In the winter I like toskate substantially 3 or 4 times a week so it lifts the majority ofmine a free time. I also like to be sent in a campaign in the summerand a material is similar to this. I like to go, run, andsubstantially something else which holds me movement. From time totime I really sit and relax. I like to observe a few TV or to read thebook, but I have such busy schedule, that I do not do it very much.From films most of all I prefer to look romantic films, with the happyend. As also books. And still I like to listen to different music.What you prefer? As I to you want to tell, that I shall be sometimes used the programof the translator to read your letters. I hope that you will not beagainst it, but I nevertheless can understand your letters withoutproblems. I think, that it - almost time, I turn this letter. I have appliedsome pictures with this letter. I hope, that you enjoy them. If youhave any pictures of you and your family or regardless of the factthat I would like to see them. Do not hesitate to send them. Well I should go while. I hope, that you enjoy this letter, and I hopeto hear back from you soon. With hope this first of many lettersbetween us. Bye while. Sincerely,Aniya

Hello once again, John!I like your photo!Many thanks for your answer, I am happy, that we have addressed to bevery interesting for each other, and I hope, that it - only thebeginning of our communication. I very much am interested in knowledgeso about you as far as possible and as I have already told, that allyour questions also are long-awaited. And, please, do not worry aboutage. Has no value for me.It seems, that the age has no importance. I think that the men withage become is wiser and more kindly.I always dreamed that mine the man will be more senior than me. Iconsider what is it pledge of happy and long family life. Anyhow back to my family because I want to present you the parents. Tomy mum and the daddy of 53 years. My father call Sergey, and my mumZinaida. I live with my parents in an apartment, and we live veryfriendly and happy. I believe, that family - one of the most importantthings in a life. I once again to you want to tell that I the onlychild in family and for this reason for me my parents do all that Iwas happy. I as with them spoke about that that I want to begin theacquaintance to the man from other country because they understand me,because of that that I cannot meet happiness in the country. They asunderstand my former relations, but I do not want to you now aboutthem I shall speak to speak later. Well? You probably asked a question why I look in the Internet for my otherhalf. I feel, that I had no any success finding someone, I love anyother way so I have decided to give this attempt. One of my bestfriends has met her with on the Internet and then married, and to havetwo children and is very happy. I believe, that connection - one ofthe most important things in relations, and the letter of letters toeach other - the good form of it. I believe, that honesty - the mostimportant thing in relations. As, if you are not fair, with each otherrelations will never decide regardless of the fact that you do. Whatdo you think of it? I want to tell a little to you about a soya to work. I work as aNursery the psychologist. I help children to cope with their problemWhich prevents them to development. In family such children do not doHave good relations because their alcoholics of parents, and I were themTo be helped to try anyhow with their problem to help them inThe decision of it. And it they could understand better this world. InParents of the fact cannot understand the children's world, in which allPerceived close to their children's heart. Children think that it andThere should be when their parents drink also a smoke in children. But I helpThem in it to address better to all to this. And I do not want it inOur country there was problems in families concerning it. As inOur country if you know, the most important problem - alcohol. I want to find the favourite person with whom I shall be happy. And inmy life there will be only a correct road on which we shall gotogether with it. And we shall divide happiness and misfortune that wewith it had mutual understanding. I appreciate all these qualities inthe person because it is our life and all of us should choose thecorrect way. For me this most important in the person. And still to mehis private world is important. Please, inform me that also interesting to you will know about me, andI hope, that soon we shall continue our communication. Expectation ofyour answer. The best regards from Aniya.

hi John!Today definitely good day - day of dialogue with my friend John!(Smile). As it is wonderful to receive something, that you reallywait. And in a case with me it certainly your letter! Thanks!We learn with you more and more about each other. It is very pleasantfor me!!!Today difficult day was, and dialogue with you deletes my physicalweariness. The quantity of patients has considerably increased withinseveral last years. Here many people live in the remote areas,impassable areas. They live even without an electricity in absolutelyimproper conditions for a life. The sad fact. Sometimes I want, thatour president Putin lived here instead of the Kremlin, has simplyunderstood, what life. Probably in this case all wars would end muchfaster? Forgive to me, that I speak you about our problems, simply Iwrite all that in my head. If you do not like to read about it issimply speak me.I want to explain to you much more about that why I have decided tosearch for the love in other country. The matter is that I hadexperience with Russian the man and I would not like more it. I do notwant to connect the life with these people. I saw as many people inother countries have fine families. And the fine future. I havedecided to search in the Internet because I do not want in the lifemore the Russian person. Because I before have been used. I lived withthe person, very long time, all was good, but he started to walk fromother girls. I have been simply lost. I could not understand why suchhave taken place. I thought that I shall have the finest future. Aboutmy God as I was mistaken!!! You imagine except for me at him appearedto eat some more girls which he as spoke one and too. he spoke that Ilike and that unique for him. I understand that people study onmistakes, there was my mistake in that that I trusted him, and trustedin that that he speaks me, I thought that I have met the person withwhich I shall be the happiest in this life!!! But I was mistaken. Andany more I do not want that in my life there were problems inrelations, it was very difficult for me to experience it. I hope thatI shall make now a correct choice and I shall devote all life to thefavourite person. I have been simply used, I gave all love to him, buthe did not appreciate it and did not understand. To him was all thesame. I hope that you John, not such person. The most important inrelations for me, is the truth!!! Only on trust all relations areunder construction. I hope that you understand me?Under your letters I see, that you are a beautiful person. I amconfident, that you are a happy person. But anyway, I created mystructure only to find the friend to a life, the favourite person.I want to tell to you that I love all flowers and what most of alllike you? But my favourite flowers - lilies. You know such flowers?They - very beautiful flowers. But my favourite aroma - aroma of ajasmin. I adore a jasmin more than all. I love aroma of a jasmin morethan lilies, and it is more than all flowers taken together. It - themost delightful aroma. Though a jasmin - a factory of a bush and toname a jasmin colors hardly possible. But for me it - flowers, themost beautiful and most delightful flowers of sense of smell on theEarth. Anybody and never allowed to me a jasmin. If it will takeplace, I shall go mad for happiness. You do saw a jasmin? You know ajasmin? My favourite color is is pink though in general I love allcolors, each shade is fine. Hundreds shades, tones. I love all colorsof a rainbow. But you ask to name one, and it is pink. It - the mostgentle and beautiful color.Since the early childhood I am capable to prepare, sew, knit and doany heavy physical work. Now I absolutely agree, that is correctlyspoken that: " The thing which does not kill us, does us by stronger". Unless you do not coordinate John? I have left to study at goodmedical university in our city. At university for the first time in mylife I have found the true friend (it is Svetlana, my girlfriend), who- my best and reliable friend till now. We have together passedthrough a hard time, when have been compelled to study and work in theevening and at night, - only to support myself. After the terminationof university I should receive a management for the young expert. It -my life, and it - a part of me. And how you would study me more if Ishall not speak you it, really? And I also would be pleased to studymore about you. Your life is very interesting to me. Whether it isvalid you are grateful to destiny for something in your life John?How frequently you get tired on your work? You love character, therivers and lakes, a wood and mountains? You the religious personJohn? I shall wait for your letter so please write to me soon!Sincerely and with the best regards.Your friend (I hope) Aniya.

hi, John! Yes I work by the trade.Thanks for the fine message, our letters is more and more and pulltogether us more, and open much about our life.Today I had so a lot of work, that I was afraid, that I shall not havetime to receive your letter. And I should tell, that it is concernedme. But now I have found a free time and very pleased. Thanks for yourkind letter. My last letter was sad. For this reason today I shall tryto not write about sad things. How your day was? Now I smile and Ihave good mood because today we have learned, that in two days in ourcity there will arrive the big exhibition of rare breeds of cats anddogs. It - the big news because at this exhibition there will be thebest representatives of the rare breeds collected from all Russia.Everyone wants to visit this exhibition because it will last onlywithin several days. I love animals very much. You can imagine, what Inever was in a zoo? It - my dream. But the last summer I have visitedan exhibition of fishes. This exhibition is in our city and there manyvarious fishes. All fishes such beautiful. You ever were in a zoo? Wehave here some small menageries, but I dream to see giraffes andrhinoceroses, hippopotamus and bears. I never saw tigers and elephantsin a real life. You ever saw a tiger or a bear? The biggest animalwhom I saw in my life - a horse. I like horses very much and I think,that they - the most beautiful animals in a planet. As the question ofthe fact I always dreamed to have some domestic animals.Unfortunately, the horse would be hardly placed in my apartment(smile). I dreamed to have a cat or a dog. But when I think, that thesmall puppy will wait for me home, one, I feel pity. For this reason Ihave no pets.I notice, that you closely read and study my letters, it is verypleasant for me to speak with you. You know that the most important inrelations is honesty. Because I think that all relations are underconstruction on trust to each other. I learn about you more and moreand more and I understand that I was not mistaken in you, and I hopethat between us in the future something will take place. I see thatour relations more and more and grow with each letter more and it isnot surprising because we with you want to learn more about eachother, and we should speak more and more and more.What to tell about me it is direct? I am always very much tired onwork. And though my work - not heavy physical work, but similarly toany doctor, I am in constant concentration and internal moralintensity because psychological health of people depends on myattention. I always wait week-end with impatience. Week-end - theunique opportunity for me to receive rest and to receive new forces.Week-end I spend differently. Sometimes I want to have a rest simplyin my apartment. On week-end I always clean an apartment properly. Ilove cleanliness. And I think that any Russian woman because allRussian women take completely all care on the house should do it. TheRussian woman when will not make so that her beloved was hungry afterheavy day. You probably know that all women of Russia care of thefamily. And though I always try to hold pure my apartment, all thesame, always in week-end I find what work to do in an apartment. Butwhen I want to relax really, I listen to music or I read books. I liketo read books especially historical novels about ancient Russia orother countries. I like to waste time with my friends. I have two bestgirlfriends. When we meet, air is filled by laughter. We like to goand speak; we go to cinema and walk in park. If you want, I can tellto you about my friends. I like to waste time very much in the natureopen-air. I adore to go in a wood and to live in tent though now Ihave such opportunity seldom. I like to look at evening illuminationand headlights of automobiles. I like to look at stars very much. InAugust our sky abounds stars. It is incredibly beautiful. I like toprepare on fire. There is nothing more remarkable than when aromas ofa wood, the rivers and a smoke mix up together in air. I am romanticundoubtedly. I really like to prepare. I know, that I do it wellbecause I started to prepare from the childhood. My mother taught memany things, including cookery. She has told: " Lady who can preparewell, has no inconveniences and lacks, because the tasty foodstuffs -a way to heart of the person (smile). There can be she there wererights. We have In Russia many national dishes, such as okroshka, uha,a borshch, golubtsy. I am not confident, whether you know such dishes.They - the Russian national dishes. Examining back in your life youwould like to change something? I should finish. I hope, that myletter was not hard and not interesting. I shall wait for your letterwith impatience. I wish you the world and kindness. Aniya

Hello, the my dear friend John! I hope, that you do not objectto it, I speak so.Thanks for your letter. Day after day I feel more needs for receptionof your letter. Your mail is very important for me. My mood becamebetter again when I have your letter. I should tell, that when I havegood mood, I hear gratitude from my patients much more more frequently(smile). Therefore, now health of Russian children depends on yourletters (a smile again).As I already spoke you I love your photos.I have no certain novel of loved which I read, but I love themnevertheless because in everyone them them there is something suchinteresting.There is no it not strange that the man prepares, but it is tasty.Speak that men always it is tasty prepare.Yes I like to prepare for various dishes, and I have no one especial,I always prepare for all with love.I not so like when at home an aquarium.In the letters we it is more and we learn about each other more. Ourletters develop our relations and our friendship. But I understandJohn, that it is not enough. And we should learn about each othermore.To my regret I could not visit an exhibition about which I to youspoke. The last days were a plenty of work, and I could not go. But itnot death (smile). By the way, when I have arrived to work today, mymood was bad, because my friend Svetlana was ill, and now she is inhospital. The most sad thing - that she has birthday today. To her of28 years today. Unfortunately she will spend her birthday in hospital.But I already spoke with the doctor, and to me will allow to spendevening in her chamber. In the evening I shall bakee a pie, I shallbuy balloons and to go to hospital. I hope very much, that she willhave good mood on her birthday. She - my best friend. By the wayJohn, she works with me in clinic.Svetlana the doctor otolaryngologist in our clinic. Actually I haveonly two real friends - Svetlana and Irina. Svetlana - lady who is inhospital. Irina - our friend within several years. Svetlana and I -similarly to sisters. We like to take walk. Usually we go in park. Butalso and we like to waste time in a garden of a vegetable of Svetlana.She lives in the old wooden house. I do not know, whether you saw suchbuildings. It - buildings which have been constructed before theSecond World war, in the fortieth years. They - very old buildingswhich have no a bath and a waterpipe. So people should take wateroutside in well. In the modern world such conditions seem very awful,but it - is valid so. We like to waste time in a garden of a vegetableof Svetlana. There she raises a potato, tomatoes and cucumbers to notbuy them in the market. Every winter Svetlana, Irina and I together webuild the big Yeti in her vegetative garden, using the big spheres ofa snow. We place carrots instead of a nose, and a potato instead ofeyes. It is very amusing John. Children of all neighbour of theprofit to see it. By the way, if we want to play the fool, we placecarrots not only instead of a nose but also and is lower..... (a hint,and a smile) For the first time we have made such Yeti 10 years ago.From now on we do it every year. It - tradition for us. We poured itwith water to close ice. So it could stand within the whole winter. Wehave many small and big lakes and the rivers. Places are verybeautiful. If there was no criminality, it would be paradise. But alasJohn, the criminal in cities, just as in the big cities - anintegral part our life. Unfortunately the crime in Russia is at veryhigh level. But I do not want to tell about sad things. Some times,Svetlana, Irina and I there were to festival songs of the bard. It - aplace at coast of the river where many people arrive from all country.At night the coast is closed by one thousand fires. The stage - alsohas established the huge raft having the form of a guitar directly onwater and everyone who wants to sing together with known singers ofthe bard, goes on it to a raft and starts to sing. And all thousandpeople become silent and listen to this singer even if he isabsolutely unknown. It - unique festival.At the end of the letter I want to ask to you a question on religion.Because I the religious girl, whether also me very much would bedesirable to ask you trust in the god. Because I believe in the godand I even think that our meeting not casual?! I last night spoke withthe parents and have told about that that have got acquainted withyou. My parents of me understand why I have decided to search for thelove in other country. And all is good, they have approved my act.I should finish my letter. I do not want, but I should make it. Today,when I shall arrive to Svetlana, we shall speak about you. She likesto ask about you, and I like to tell to her. I wanted to ask you, whatdoes you happy John? What was the best gift from the woman whomyou have received? Sincerely yours, and with the best regards.Aniya

hello John!Thanks for your anxiety on Svetlana. her illness, It is not dangerous,but has demanded to place her in hospital, to take the small review.Now doctors have learned all and it is probable tomorrow, or the dayafter tomorrow she already will leave from hospital, but will becompelled to spend still some days home to provide rest.I hope that with Melissa, now all is good?I have prepared for an apple pie.My favourite music is quieter under which I can have a rest and relaxin the best way. After the heavy working day.On photo Irina is on the middle, and Svetlana at the left.At once I want to tell John, that Svetlana sends you hercongratulations. I was in hospital, and we carried out her birthdayvery well. I wanted to bakee a small pie, but it appeared opposite.The pie was huge. It weighed two kg when I have brought it inhospital, we have divided it into a set of parts; both all doctors andsome patients who were in this small branch - saws tea and eat a pietogether with us, and everyone was pleased and happy. I have broughtmany balloons. She was very pleased and grateful to me. Day isremarkable today, and weather is good. The sun shines all the daylong. To add to all it, I have your letter, and my happiness has nolimits. So concerning your weather? There can be today after work Ishall take walk. I like to go along the street and to inhale freshair, is especial when weather of heat, even in the winter. Actually Ido not want to go home. At home - it is very boring and lonely.Sometimes I do not notice it, but sometimes when I come home with goodmood, I want to speak very much, to divide ideas with anyone, to havean entertainment. But my apartment is empty, and I should be in fullloneliness. And my good mood disappears. I simply sit in an armchairand I look at a window. And when the silence deafens me when I hearmovement of my eyelashes, during that moment the hoop of lonelinesscompresses my heart. I can listen to music or read the book. I can goto my friends. But through some moment I understand, that I onlydeceive me. Actually I want, that the beloved person was about me withwhom I could spend evenings, meet morning, speak about yesterday anddream of tomorrow day. I want to go and feel, that the strong hand ofthe person holds me. I do not want to prepare I peep only for medirectly. I want, that someone has estimated it John. But I thinkenough of it. Hello John, again. I started to write the letter inthe morning. The heavy working day today was. My working day arrivesto the end soon. But, one employee has brought here to her small son,and she has asked me to care of him because she should leave urgentlywithin several hours. The boy knows me very well. he already sometimes remained with me and wasted time. As our works of clinic till22.00, we can be here up to the end of the working day. His mum worksin our clinic only a few months, and she has no any friends orrelatives here. For this reason I already have some times helped her.her son - the amusing boy. he has told to me, that tomorrow he withmum should go to the dentist to consider his bad tooth. I have askedhim: Of what you dream? he has answered, that he dreams to beginadults because adults have no problems with a teeth. It was soamusing. I frequently recollect the childhood. I always dreamed tobegin adults as soon as possible. As each child I completely believed,that adults have no problems in general. I dreamed in the childhood,and I dream now. Certainly, the world of dreams - the illusory world.We live in a real life so we should not decrease in the world ofdreams and imaginations during long time. When the dream becomesobsession, it can bring only a pain and disappointment. Our dreams arecarried out not always. It happens, that you use all energy, allaspiration to force dream to be carried out. But irrespective of thefact how tensely you try, not, all in this life depends on us. Whenthe dream during long time is failed, the dream stops to be a starwhich was for you a beacon at ocean of a life. But anyhow, I think,that is impossible to live without dreams and hopes. When there is adream, the life is filled with sense. Our dreams compel us to think,analyze, choose and come to a conclusion. Belief and Hope - eternalsatellites of our lives. And regardless of the fact that waits you inthe end, we remember pleasure of victories better, than disappointmentand a pain of defeats. Unless you do not agree? I am surprised, that Iwrite all this to you John. I never had the person with whom Ifelt conveniently in division of my ideas. But now I have found you,and I am very pleased. Forgive to me for my frankness. If I have told,that something superfluous forgives me please. I can ask some smallquestions? You like to sleep, or to rise early in the morning? Youlike to kiss? (Smile) you - good the one who kisses? (Smile) Does youlike, when your friends arrive to your house, or you prefer to go tofriends. I adore, when Svetlana or Irina arrive to my apartment. Youlike to see what clothes in lady? I shall wait for your letter withimpatience.your Aniya

Hello the my dear friend, John!!!!Thanks for your fine message.There are no unfortunately we have no in apartments fireplaces.Today I have gone to the Internet of the cafe, being absolutelyconfident, that your letter waits for me. Earlier I have always gonewith an idea, that you probably nevertheless have not written, buttoday as well as always I have gone with an idea, that your letteralready waits for me. I moved ahead street with a smile on my person.I could not hide my smile. People which have gone by me, looked backback and looked at me. Here already a lot of serving know, that I havefound such remarkable friend, and nobody is surprised, that my friendlives in other country. Everyone only is pleased. Anybody here is notsurprised, if the woman searches not the Russian person. I think, thatcultural distinction - a remarkable thing. I do not understand theRussian men and their culture of dialogue with the woman. They are notcapable to estimate feeling of the woman, her fidelity, love.They do not estimate sincerity and aspiration of the woman to make forthe person absolutely all. A unique thing which she requires -heat and tenderness which she wants to receive from the person. It- a problem of the Russian men. The Russian lady does all forthe person, but does not receive anything from him. Everythingwhat she requires - at least some sensitive words and a gentlecontact of his hands. Really it is so difficult John? It isreally difficult to present for your lady romantic evening and asupper with candles? In Russia as a rule such gift gives lady to theperson, but not to the person of lady. You speak, that I am beautiful,it is very pleasant for me to hear from you such fine words John.I - the usual and simple woman with usual occurrence. The Russian men,actually all from them, usually show disrespect to lady. They believe,that the woman only should work, prepare, wash up fabrics andentertain the person when it wants. For the Russian person tooffend the woman - a usual thing. I like to prepare and wash upfabrics, but sometimes I would like to receive simple tenderness, loveand attention. I do not want to offend all men. Certainly, there aregood men in Russia, but there are few from them. Men very muchfrequently speak dirty words (not the normative dictionary) when theyspeak from lady and believe, that there is nothing poorly in it.I do not trust the Russian men. I am afraid to give my love, but backto receive roughness instead of love. I have told to you about itJohn because I want that you knew, that I open to you my soul.If you have disagreements from lady, you can apply roughness?Whether it is valid you are capable to transform quarrel to the world,pleasure and a smile John?I hope, that my letter has not offended you by any way.I should finish. With all my kindness and tenderness.Your Aniya

hi dear, John!How - your mood? I hope, that up to my letter your mood was fine, butafter my letter, your mood became high-quality (smile), I was probableis too self-assured. But I am happy again because I have againreceived your letter. I so waited within this minute, - when I canwrite to you John. Our friendship became the important part of mylife, and I hope it in your life also. Sometimes I understand, that astring which connects me to you now, is not strongest. But I do notwant, that this string has been torn. Right now I sit, and I smilesimply because I am pleased, that again I can to divide with you myideas John. Sometimes I so want, that you saw my smile during thesimilar moment because I think, that it - the most sincere smile! Butsometimes my smile leaves me because I know, that now a unique thingwhich connects us - our ideas which we send each other, - the ideastransformed into the letters which are not capable to show all depthof ideas. But at the same time I understand, that nobody knows thatwaits for us in the future. I hope, that my words do not offend you,and it is possible you even think also, as I... I want to admit to youJohn, that after all your fine letters, and your fine words, Iwant to admit really to you, that I you love John, YES IT SO!!! Ivery much thought of that as to you to tell these words, but I thesimple person and would be desirable to speak me with you simply, Iknow that all relations are under construction on trust to each other,and I trust you John.My love, if you will be capable to call in - Tuesday or on Thursday tome, I should wait for your bell at 21.00 and till 22.00 during Moscowtime. By phone +79278842686. I I hope to hear your voice today. I wantit, we with you were together as soon as possible. As only with you Ishall be the happiest in this life!!!My addressRussia 603000City Nizhniy Novgorodlenina street 10, apartment 33The Internet for acquaintances I approximately use month.And I am happy that have met you in this world!!! For such short time.I use only one address through which I speak with you!I do not understand but you again ask me about names my parents andfriends. Really you do not remember it????Thanks for all your words. I am very pleased, that you have expressedme your opinion. It is pleasant for me for understanding, that I havethe friend - the true person. I really do not understand, how peoplecan be very malicious if they like each other. I do not remember, whenlast time I have become angry. I do not like to be malicious, and I donot like to quarrel. I know absolutely precisely, that anydisagreements can be solved with a smile on the person. I try never tolift a voice. To compel me to shout easier than to do me mad. I liketo measure people and when my friends in quarrel, I always operate asthe peacemaker. When I am upset, it can be understood on my eyes.Svetlana speaks, that when I am upset, I have such sad eyes, that theambassador seeing on me she wants to shout. Probably it - the truthbecause when I am upset, everyone notices it. I become silent andimperceptible. I as always conversation with people, I smile, but allthe same everyone sees something not so with me. To bear quarrel in abed or to leave a problem tomorrow day it is wrong. I never would doit. I never can be in a disagreement more than several minutes. I feelvery much not conveniently if I am in a disagreement. Therefore Ialways try to settle at once. If people like each other and respectfeelings and interests each other, I am confident John, thatserious disagreements cannot take place. I always accept in attentionopinion concerning other people; therefore I very seldom havedisagreements with someone. I respect any opinion. And I am confident,that any quarrel can be discussed simply in silent conversation. It isenough to express your opinion and closely and yours faithfully tolisten to opinion concerning your beloved. And the decision willarrive. Also what can be more pleasant, than a soft kiss after a shortdisagreement? Really John?Tomorrow difficult day waits for me. Probably tomorrow and the dayafter tomorrow I shall work outside of clinic. We name it - " theworking day of trip ". It - difficult day. This day some doctors andexperts of our clinic go by the special medical bus in the variousremote small settlements, small villages in a thicket of a wood. They- poor villages which are located far from the big cities andsettlements. In these villages there are no doctors and clinics, andpeople cannot visit clinic at any moment. In such villages there arealways many people which require the doctor, but clinic itself cannotreach. Frequently it are people which are not capable to live withoutthe help of other people, - basically - small children or old and weakweak people. We enter into these villages by the bus with allnecessary equipment. People in these villages love us and wait morethan something. But it - really firm work if to take into account,that we go there at 6:00, and we come back sometimes even after 22:00!But I shall wait your letter because our friendship and our relationsgives force to me, and our dialogue - rest for my soul!The my dear friend John! I should go! Sincerely and with ideas on you.Your Aniya