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It's so pleasant to read some news from you :) I hope you had great
time at the holidays and Santa Claus brought something magic to your
life:) And by the way, I like your photo, you are attractive man :)
How are you today? Any special plans for tonight? And how do you
prefer to spend your free time?

I think that I should tell you something about me:) So as you know I'm
from Krasnodon, it's not big town in the east of Ukraine, it's not
luxury place but I like it for its warmness and coziness and sure good
kind people, I think that it's the main sight of my town :)I'm single
and I don't have kids and yes, I'm 33 old :) Just cool age when you
realize that life is so cool thing and you should admire it and be
happy :) My work now, I think it's my childhood dream because I work
in sweet shop as a sailor:) And you cannot even imagine how hard to
stay in good shape when you see and smell all this sweets...real
torture :)) And what about like sweets?

Sure sometimes I have some free time :) I try to spend it with my
family and friends. I adore to be at the nature, it's something magic
when you breath fresh air and drink tea - my way to relax:) I like to
go to the cinema, theatre and bowling. i like to cook and it's my
second way to relax:) And sometimes I like just take a warm bubble
bath and forget about everything for this 30 minutes while its bubble
bliss lasts :)

What else...hmm...I try to learn English...I started it at the
school...sure I don't use my knowledge for some time and now I try to
refresh my memory because it will be necessary for our further
communication :0 so don't be too strict for my mistakes :)

So it's time to tell you bye bye because my coffee break is over and I
hope to see you SOON :)

Take care...Ludmila.