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Novocheboksarsk Russia

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Hi !

I am very happy to get a new letter from you! I am glad that I have the opportunity to write to you!

I'm looking for true love. I want rights for which is to live.

I request that you were candid with me, I think these feelings may occur only if we are frank with each other.

You - people who I drew attention. I ask you to write more about themselves, their lives, how you spend your day? It will be very interesting for me to know. I will also try to write to you about me so extensively as possible. I want you to understand me as much as possible and make the right choice. I would very much like this.

I am very happy to talk with you. E-mail - a very good way of communication, it is very reminds me of the old days when people sent letters through the pigeons. This is so romantic ... Do you agree?

I would like to see your photos, read your letter as often as possible!

I told you that I write from Internet cafes located near my house. Before I came here not too often, because I had no reason to do so, but now that we are familiar with you, I will do it every day. I think that if we want to take a closer look at each other, we must write to each other as often as possible. Do you agree with me?

I tell you about my life. I was born and grew up in the town of Novocheboksarsk. This beautiful small town in central Russia. If you want to know more about my city ask me about it and I will write to you in the next letter.

I now turn to a story about me. I graduated from high school and college economy, so I have higher education. I speak French well enough language and understand English.

I work in the beauty salon - is-saloon barber, hairdresser, manicure, pedicure and a solarium in one place.

My work gives me pleasure and positive, because I like to help people. I am very happy when I see their happy faces.

I have already told you that my hobby - it is cooking. I am very fond of gastronomy. Also, my hobby - skating. I love winter sports skiing, skating, sleigh and much more. How do you treat them??

I have never traveled outside of my country, but I went to several neighboring towns, along with my friends. I love to travel especially at sea, it is so interesting for me to learn new places and get acquainted with new people. That is why I chose this job. Every day I read with a lot of new people and I like it. I think if someone does not like his own work, he must find another. Do you agree with me?

Now I live in one-room apartment, one of their parents. My parents now live apart from each other. So happens that they are divorced. Their life was accompanied by constant scandals, so they could not live together. We will not talk about bad things. Okay?

Now my life is not very diverse, my day is a morning scamper, then I'm going to work, after work I go to Internet cafes or spend time with friends, sometimes on weekends, we ezdim on nature.

I hope my long history of not you tired? I am very pleased our dialogue. Anxiously, I will await your response!