Scammer Oksana Oksana

33. 20/01
Molodohvardiisk, Ukraine
Ukraine Google images,

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Comment #151846
I had this scammer contact me via ukrainedate. Using the name Oksana. The email that was sent to me ive checked with this site. There have been 16 checks made of it. So that is at least 16 people have queried the email. They have also sent me pictures, which again ive checked with google and tineye. There was nothing recorded against any of them. I have not been able to identify who this woman is.
Comment #152356
This scammer now operates with this email
[email protected]
She claimes her name is Yuliya and lives in the city of Rovinki in the Luhansk region in eastern Ukraine. She was operating under this email at the dating site
Her phone number is +380997519585 she speaks good English. So there you go. You can’t be too careful.
Below is first letter to me with her pictures.

Warm New Year feelings, light kisses, cheerful smiles to you, my dear
Moe. It's wonderful we can continue our communication via our letters
and make it bright and clear! I admit that you know yourself well and
I know myself well, but we don't know each other, yet! We should do
something with it. :) May I know your biography and everything about
you? Have you always lived in your city? What was your childhood like?
I bet, you were the nicest little boy in your class? :) What did you
enjoy in your teenage? And what is your favorite color? I could go on
and on like this with a million questions! Do you realize how strong
my interest in you is?

I believe the inner beauty is the most important thing. At the same
time, I assume that you, as a real man, are a visual creature. :) So
you might feel interest in my measure, sizes etc. I'm 1.72 m tall. My
weight is 55 kg. I have grey eyes and the blond hair. You can see me
in the pictures, by the way. :)
Please, please, write me soon! Very soon! It's Monday now! Hope to get
your reply on Tuesday! Sincerely, warmly, HOPEFULLY!! Yuliya.
Sorry could not attach photos. But will do a separate report with her new address and photos

Comment #152496
this is a scammer who uses pictures from Ksenia Shuhinova, russian ex Miss World.
Comment #153092
Diese hat mich auch um Geld gebeten