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Hello dear
It is my pleasure to communicate with you with the hope that I will see you in good
Health soon, I also want you to know that I work with the United States
The countries here in Syria, but my contract with them is what I offer
To finish within weeks and to go directly to your country
Business investment because the risk here is a lot, will be
A great opportunity because I have been working for many years under
Military Section

My job really denies me a lot of time because I'm still one young man and I
We will be happy to be in your country soon, respectively I am happy
For this great opportunity they know each other because they are too
Necessary in life to have a trusted and honest friend at the time like
This is because this through your words will prompt me to update
You are on my next arrangement plans

At the same time, there is no need to rent or get an ideal apartment before
Next, please again, do not declare my trust on you. Nice to have
I will meet you again, please tell me about your real personality and your life
Experience at least to build more confidence together in knowing each other
Some, take care of yourself and always write me mostly here in my email
In order to respond quickly,
Take care of yourself and have a nice day,
You in the heart
Comment #151800
Claiming to be working in the US military stationed in Syria
Comment #151804
Mr. Roger Scott Your words are true but these Scammer sends messages in Arabic and French as well. Google translate is used
Comment #151816
always nigerians fraudsters