Scammer Mishina Angela

Ukraine; Luhansk [email protected]

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Classic scamming scenario : prewritten letters, will ask for visa and travelling money as she always does to her targets...



Would not you mind to tellme your real name?I really don't know what i should speak about in my first letters toyou. if only i could know you at least a little!:)Will you tell me something interesting and special about you?Maybe some day in the future! I hope that our correspondence willbring us closer to each other and we will have the possibility one dayto sit together somewhere in nice place and plan our future!I am looking here just for a simple,easy-going man with suchbasic features,like responsibility,care and respect for people!Here in my town there are a lot of men who probably think that Icould be the right woman for them,but unfortunately,the Ukrainian menbecame rude and don't respect human being's values. Of course not allof them,some are just already married!:)Anyway I am open to the new experience of life! I am ready to move itwait would be necessary,as i have nothing to loose in my life! Lifewithout real feelings is nothing!I have a job,i like,some friends,and relatives,but they all have theirown families and i don't expect a lot of attention for me from them.It is enough just to be friendly and support each other if there anyneed. But each person has his own way of life and we should choose itourselves.....some people need just a lot of friend to fell happiness,some-a lot of money,some-a career,but i am sure that I need just aright man beside,the man who would be special person in my lifeforever. All another things will come if we would just want and dosomething together for it! Do you agree!?I am sorry,i should stop my letter now,as I should go to theUniversity!I forgot to mention that I study at the University. It is the lastyear and I will have the diploma of Bachelor of management andeconomy this year!:)Well,i have to run! I wish you a nice day! Hope my letter is not boredfor you!Write me when you can! I wish you a lovely day! Kindly,Anzhela

Letter 2:

Hi,****! Nice to see your letter today!

Mmm..i don't know where should i start. i don't use to write letters like this!

But i will try! As you know,i am Anzhela. 29 years old.

Single.Looking for the serious honest man who wants to create a family!

I prefer to be with older man beside! With the man who knows exactly what

he wants from life and from woman beside! who has life experience and could be

not only my husband and lover but my best friend.

i work in the photo saloon where people order photo albums from their weeding.

I am manager there. it is not my dream,but for now this is the job that brings me some money

and good emotions about people's happiness:)

Generally i always dream to have my own kindergarten,but it is not so easy to organize it here.

i will get soon the bachelor degree in management and economy from the University i study in.

should pass last exams....

i hope till 30 i will find that special man i want to be with and will have my own family which

will based on trust ,respect and real feelings! why i am in the Internet,****?

actually i am not so fond of Internet and have no time to waste it here,but one of my friend found a nice man here

and now they are married and have 3 kids:) In our country a lot of men forgot that they should be men...:(

no respect for the family is a pity but it is so...i am in such kind of age when it is not easy

just fall in love only by appearance and get married! I wish to love the personality!

i am not looking for the Prince or rich old man who forgets each minute my name and who i am actually:)

I am looking just for simple man who appreciate life,family like it is with all its happiness and tears...

who is realist,hard-working,caring....who will be the wall for his family!

I think for the first time it is enough...if you see at least some of the features i am talking about in yourself,so

write me back!:)

I wish you a love day! Anzhela

Letter 3:


How are you today? here we have very nice sunny day!

i wish you could be with me

we still have Easter! it lasts for 3 days from yesterday!

Today we have short day here in the Internet cafe!

But i am happy i am able to write you at least some words!

yesterday i spent nice day, you know

saw my relatives! spent nice time at the family dinner!

were in church the early morning to holly some food!

than i visited some of my friends! and everywhere there were a lot of food:)

and you can't refuse as it is the tradition to eat at least something!

so today i feel myself like elephant:) joking

well,today nothing work...there are just few people on the street...

will be great just to feel the town like it is...without any crowd!

Sometimes just the noise of the car can disturb the silence of the road and people....

where are they going...just wonder!

I like walking along the streets you know...

i have one friend here she can't stand just walking...she understands walking

as to walk to some cafe or is funny when sometimes i suggest here to walk and

she always asks where will we go! what kind of cafe!:) and when i tell her

that it is just for waling a little,she tells it is not interesting!

why? i don't know... i prefer to walk a lot....watching passing by,feel the air,enjoy the sun...

do you like it,****?

oh,i am sorry the manager shows me that the time is off,they are going to be closed!

I wish you a nice day! Kindly Anzhela

To be continued...