Scammer Veroniya Victorovna, Zlatova

Veroniya Victorovna,
Sergeevka Republic of Udmurtia,
street molodejnay 23, house 1.

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Comment #150824
Hi my love xxxl! I am glad to inform you that I am in Moscow!
Sorry for not writing for a long time. I was traveling in a train and could not do it.
I completely forgot to warn you about it, my love. How are you? I am well settled in a hotel. I liked everything. Service and care. All is well.
Early this morning, I immediately went to organize a trip to you. I was in the service and visa center and in the air ticket office.
I booked tickets to fly to you. Departure will be in three days.
I learned that before applying for a visa is better to book or buy tickets, so I did it.
In the air ticket office they said that I can change the date of departure for another day, warning them about this in 24 hours before.
Also, I was on a visa interview. And there were difficulties. It turned out that due to the fact that I was fired recently, I am a risky visitor for your state.
They are afraid that I can break the law and get a job illegally. They said that the state should be protected from this.
Accordingly, I must document my financial ability to live in your country for the entire duration of the visa in full, no matter how long I will be in your state.
For this, I must show them the availability of the amount of money in my banking account or in cash. The term of my visa is 3 months.
I must have 3,600 euro for the entire duration of my visa. This is called the cost of living. This is a strict law that cannot be circumvented.
They also said that in my case your personal invitation to me will not work, because I am not your relative and our connection is not officially confirmed.
Most importantly, this money will not be spent, I just need to show them that I have it. That is, I will give them that amount.
It is only necessary to show the availability of this money from me, so that they give me a visa. This is a nightmare.
I have come this way here to get such terrible news. I probably took a rash step, but I think this is my destiny, and we should be together! I love you dearly!
A burning desire settled in my body, and I want you to share it with me. I hope you will not leave me in this situation and can help to come to you.
I will not spend a cent of your money! They only need to show! If you want and can help me, then we must not waste a minute!
I really want to be with you now, caress your body, kiss your neck, breathe the smell of your hair.
Only in this way I will be able to relax and feel safe next to my man.
Waiting for your letter.. Really looking forward to.
Comment #150837 There are several names for the scammer here at this site ive listed.
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Comment #150902
no women ever turned up at the airport as its all lies to get your money ,thats all