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Very famous scammer... pre written long letters, scam scenario: send money for travel agency, visa... But some parts seem more personal and sometimes she/he answers the questions. But it's an obvious scammer. All usual signs of scammer letters are present. And of course ask of money!

Olga Belyh Cheboksary 25 years old (February, 27th, 1984)


Hello **** !!!

How are you doing?As you have already understood it - Olga.At last at me the free time has appeared, and I at once have decided towrite to you.I am very glad, that you have answered my letter.But I would like to apologize for a delay of my answer to you.I have been occupied on work.I work as the bookkeeper in small Cheboksary firm " Doors+ " onmanufacture wooden doors.I like my work, but the free time happens very little.First of all, I would like to write why, I have dared to begincorrespondence with the man from other country.Somehow I have read article under the name " Love on far distance " in marriage for theforeigner in one newspaper.In this article the history of one Russian girl has been written.She has got acquainted with the man from other country through agency ofacquaintances and has married him.They are now happy also she does not want to come back to Russia,behind exception only on a visit to native and close which have remainedin Russia.Taking into account my unsuccessful experience with Russian men, I havedecided to begin acquaintance to the man from theEnglish-speaking because I studied theEnglish language at school, and then and in institute.And I still rather well understand the English language. And I write toyou letters itself and I do not use the translator.I beforehand ask you an apology if some words, phrases or offers willnot be clear to you.I think, that each second or third person on our planet should know theEnglish language.Besides I help with the English language to my younger brother.He to study at university.Probably you probably ask me why I have written to you?I shall sincerely answer, to me have very much liked your originalprofile and your photo.He is not similar to other, others pofiles.Now, I would like to drop you a line about myself.As I already wrote earlier, me 24 year. My growth of 5,6 foots, weight -50 kg.On a sign to the zodiac I - Fish, but I do not believe in a horoscope.I when was not married and I have no children.I very much love children, instead of I have only because yet have notfound such person from whom would like my children.As to family, she small: the daddy, mum, I and my younger brother.At me very good and amicable family.I was born On February, 27th, 1984 in the beautiful city of Cheboksary.When you were born and where?My city is very expensive to me, because I have lived in him all life.You sometime heard about Cheboksary or the republic Chuvashiya?Cheboksary is located to a southwest from Moscow "capital Russia".Time zone at us +3, and time Moscow.Cheboksary is located on coast of the river Volga and consequently in thewinter at us not so coldly.The most favourite season for me is spring.It is pleasant to me, as after winter dream our city again comes to lifeand blossoms variety of paints.What season is loved by you?My favourite color green, is color of the nature and spring.I very much love the nature and whenever possible on the days off we allfamily or with friends we leave for city.I very sensitive, thoughtful and romantic.In opinion of my native and close friends, I cheerful, sociable,sympathetic and vigorous.But I little bit sentimental and sometimes am easily vulnerable.First of all in people I appreciate senses of humour, kindness andsincerity.What you most of all appreciate in people?By the way I have overlooked to tell to you, that I have access to theInternet on work, but only after the working day.Our boss does not allow to use the Internet within the working day.He speaks, that it distracts from work.Therefore do not take offence at me if I shall answer not at once yourletters.On it I shall finish the electronic letter.To the letter I put the photo, and I very much hope, that she ispleasant to you.I with impatience shall wait your answer to my letter.Olga.

Letter 2:

Hi **** !!!How your mood? At me very good because you have answered myletter again.For me it is very interesting to correspond with you through theInternet because I never did it earlier.Probably, I do many mistakes?But I hope, what you understand my English? Please, write tome about it in the following letter! Ok?And it seems to me, that you very vigorous and cheerful person.I am right?As I know, the majority of the foreign men are very good, and they itis much better to concern to women, than Russian men.At us in Russia it is difficult for women to keep in relations theindependenceand individuality as the Russian men frequently put forward variousrequirements: sit at home, to leave the favourite trade, etc.As it is done by husbands of my girlfriends. Our men prefer to see thewoman who costs at a step below them.Therefore the majority of Russian men do not appreciate and do notrespect women. Besides they drink alcohol much.Last my guy did it. We met him about one and a half years.And during first time of our acquaintance he almost saws and if alsothat is not a lot of saws.But in due course he started to drink more.I very much loved him and hoped, that he will throw this harmful habit,to drink alcohol.Because of it he had problems on work, and he frequently changed placesof work.In a result I have understood, that with him at me not that to fail, andhe not when will not stop to drink.And I for myself have decided, that we should leave.It was very hard for me. But in due course, I have understood, that itis better to be one,than with such myself not respecting, weak spirit the person.Therefore I do not like, when men drink alcohol much and cannot throwthis harmful habit.Means, they are not valid will and they are very weak spirit.I like strong and self-assured men who achieve the planned purpose in alife.But, unfortunately, such men at us in Russia remained very little.To me 24 years, and I yet have not met the the man with which I wouldlike to live all my life.Also can be it the man appear you, I would not like to run. Butforward. Time will show. Whether not so, my friend?I want to tell to you, that for me the nationality and religion has novalue.I think, that the main thing in the person not his appearance, and hissincere qualities.And I hope, what you with me agree?As to my religion, I the Christian. And I believe in God Jesus.So I was brought up by my parents. And I am very glad and proud, thatwas born and have grown in such good family.My family small. She is the daddy, mum, I and my younger brother. I livewith my family in one apartment.To mine to the daddy - 54 years. He works as the driver a lorry in firmon transportation ofcargoes across the Russian Federation. He transports various cargoes ondifferent cities of Russia.To my mum - 55 years. She the mathematics teacher also works in one ofschools of city of Cheboksary.To my younger brother Sergey of 18 years. He to study as the architectat university.Our family lives very amicably. We always try to help each other in all.Also we very much like to gather on our family holidays - the Birthday,New year, Christmas. It so is healthy!I think, that due to my parents I have received good education andeducation. And I am very grateful to them for it.I have ended the Cheboksary institute of economy and culture with goodestimations in 2007 on a speciality " economy and the finance ".In Russia, in Cheboksary this speciality is considered very prestigious.But, unfortunately, in Cheboksary "in Russia, it isvery difficult to find highly paid work on a good speciality.Therefore after the ending of institute I very for a long time could notfind good work on my speciality.But now I work in small Cheboksary firm on manufacture of wooden doors. Iwrote to you about it in the last letter.The firm in which I work small, she was formed more recently. Thereforeto me to have it is a lot of to work, sometimes I work on the days off.But I love the work. And it for me the most important. My friend, also itwill be interesting to me find out about your work?Whether to like your trade to you?I the bookkeeper on wages. Also I work basically on a computer.Therefore I have access to the Internet, but only after the working day.Our boss does not allow to use to us the Internet within the workingday.He considers, that it distracts from work. Our boss the quite goodperson, but he is very exacting to us.Therefore, do not take offence at me if I shall not answer atonce your letters. Ok?Especially I have no computer in my house. My parents not so rich andthey do not presume to buyto themselves to us with the brother a computer though they understandthat is very good and convenient thing in the house.But I hope, that in due course we shall buy a computer home.On it I shall finish the letter to you.And I hope, that we shall continue find out about each other further.It will be very interesting to me, if you will write about your family,your country and city, where do you live,about your hobbies and as you spend free time from work.Write to me as soon as possible! Ok? I would not like find outabout you even more!Good luck!!!!
Yours faithfully

Letter 3:

Good afternoon, **** !!! How you? How do you feel? At me all is fine!I am very pleased, that we write, each other, because through letters wefind out about each other more and more!And the more I about you find out, the it is more you to me like! And Ihope, that this sympathy is mutual! ?I think, that it will be interesting to you to find out about myhobbies, tastes and preferences, how I spend a free time.And now I would like to tell to you about it.As I wrote to you earlier, I have not enough free time, therefore I tryto carry out the leisure as it is possible better,more interestingly and more variously.To me to like spend the days off with my girlfriends. We like, to go totheatre, on exhibitions, presentations or is simple at cinema.Also we like, to sit in cafe at a cup of coffee and to talk about all.To me has very much carried with girlfriends.They are always ready to help a difficult minute. I very much love them!But most of all on the days off I like to leave for city with my nativeor girlfriends. I wrote to you already about it.I love rest on the nature, walks on a wood, to listen to singing birdsand to inhale aroma of colors.It helps me to relax, forget about all problems and to have a rest fromcity vanity.Still to me very much to like to look at a sunset. It so is beautifuland romantic!Also I very much love sports, is especial on fresh air. It charges meenergy, removes a voltage and weariness!In a youth I was fond of ball dances, therefore sports take not lastplace in my life.I very active and vigorous girl, therefore from sports occupations at meam always cheered up.In the summer I like to run, go for a drive on a bicycle, rollers or tofloat.In the winter I frequently skate also a ski. These are the most popularkinds of sports at us in Cheboksary.Whether you are engaged in sports? If yes what? And what kindsof sports are most popular in your country?But when in the street bad, it is raining, a snow, I prefer to makesomething houses: to tidy up an apartment,to prepare for a supper for my family, to esteem books or magazines, tolisten to music.As to music I like to listen both Russian, and foreign executors.My favourite Russian executors - Valery, Zemfira, " the Machine of time", "DDT", DJ Groove and many others.It is interesting to me, you heard about these Russian musicalgroups?From foreign executors, me Selin Dion, the Madonna and many many otherslike to E.Dzhon, A-Ha.In general I love good and modern music.But sometimes, on mood, I listen to classical music. Very much to likeme Vivaldi and him " 4 seasons ". This music cheers me up.What music is preferred by you? It would be very interestingto me to find out about it.Also I very much like to read books, especially Russian authors, such asPushkin, Chehov, Sorokin.Still very much to like me poetry. My favourite Russian poets: Ahmatova,Yesenin, Cvetaeva.From foreign poets it is pleasant to me R.Burns. In my opinion, hisverses are very beautiful and melodious. You love poetry?But sometimes I like to esteem and love novels, detectives or simplycognitive books. It depends on my mood.What you like to read most of all?As to cinema I very much like to look comedies, fantastic and historicalfilms.Very big impression on me was made with films "Troy", "Alexander", " theLord of Rings ". I think, you looked these films.But most of all I liked film " Babby on one million " In my opinion, itis very strong film. I think, that he has deserved Oscar.As Stephen Spielberg, in my opinion, one of the most talented directorsin Hollywood. You with me agree?As to my hobby me very much to like to raise indoor plants because Ivery much love flowers.I have in my apartment about 25 kinds of indoor plants. Therefore ourapartment is similar to a small greenhouse.One of my loved is a tea rose and an azalea.Still I very much like to prepare. In opinion of my native and friends,I was very good and is tasty I prepare.And it due to my mum. She has learned me to all. And you, areable to prepare?My most dishes pel'menis, borshch and pancakes are loved is. Whether you sometime tried these Russian dishes? It is very tasty!Still I very much love a fish, fresh vegetables and fruit. I like tastyand healthy food.However I very much like sweet. Also it is my weakness. Fortunately, myfigure allows to not refuse to me this pleasure.By the way, how to you my last photo? I very much hope, thatshe has liked you.And to this electronic letter I put one more photo. In hope, that youestimate her very well! ?Probably, on it I would like to finish my electronic letter to you.Please, write to me about itself as much as possible. Well?All will be interesting to me.For example, you prefer what music? What your favourite films? Than youare fond? What you most of all like and do not like to make?I hope, that you will understand my questions and will answer me them.I shall look forward to your answer!Good to you of day and success!

Your friend, Olga!

Letter 4:

Hello **** !!!

As I am happy to receive from you the letter again. I am givenwith huge pleasure to read your electronic letters.I for a long time made search of a structure of the man on Internet.When I have seen your photo and your structureI have decided to write to you the letter at once. I never write to many men.I have decided to write only to you. Let's find out each other better.Time will show to what our correspondence will result. But you very much like me.I have felt the big inclination to you. And I very much want to be your friend.And further probably we shall more than friends. You agree with me?When I read them I mentally I present your image and I hearyour fine man's voice. I very much want to hear your voice.I think, as you want to hear my voice also.If you write to me the phone number in the following electronicletter whenever possible I can call you in the near future?And then we can, hear each other. Under your letters it seems to me,that you have very pleasant voice.But, there is one small problem. Unfortunately, I have no phone in myapartment.You, probably, will not believe me, but it is the truth.At us in Russia it is possible. What to install a telephone houses itwould be necessary to rise in turn behind him.As many want to have phone, but the telephone company one and she doesnot cope with such amount of works.And to have for a long time to wait for the turn. This turn moves aheadvery slowly.But I want you to please, approximately in some months our turnapproaches on installation of a telephony and we shall have phone of ahouse.The cellular telephone at same me is not present as he costs even moreexpensively and many money is necessary to pay for his use.I cannot afford such luxury, in Russia solvent and rich people usecellular telephones only.As to phone on work this variant also is unacceptable. Because our bossdoes not allow to use to us phone for the personal purposes.It is more than all from seasons to me the spring is pleasant. I wroteto you it in the last letters then summer autumn and winter.And at you what most favourite season?What holidays celebrate in your country?It would be very interesting to me to find out.Spring for me the most favorable season because blossom not onlyflowers, but also my soul!In the spring my soul sings with happiness, and heart would like love!As well as each woman, it would be desirable love in the spring. Now Ifeel, that there is one person who can take a place in my heart.How you think who it? :)The majority of my girlfriends is already married and have children.I already for a long time am ready to beginning the wife and mother, tofamily life. In my opinion, I have enough lived for myself.I very much like the big families, feasts, the common family holidays.I too dream of the big family. In my opinion, it is dream of each woman.Also I want to tell to you, that my girlfriends tried to acquaint mewith friends to the husbands or with fellow workers.But they did not like me. I have told to girlfriends about you. And theyare very glad for me because they want to see me happy.Also I consulted to my parents about my acquaintance to you through theInternet.They estimate it positively because they care of my future life. Andthey want, that I was happy.I have told him, that you are the good and decent person. Therefore theyare pleased with our correspondence through the Internet.But I do not want to hurry event. First we should find out well eachother. Whether not so? It is very important for me.Therefore through our electronic letters we should find out about eachother more to not make a mistake at once.I hope, you will understand me correctly?On it I finish the letter and I speak you.

Sincerely yours the Russian friend, Olga!

Letter 5:

Good afternoon the my dear friend, **** !!! I was so happy from your words again! And I want to tell to you, that Ido not doubt of your sincerity.I would like to ask you your full name and your home addresson any emergency.Please, write to me him in following e-mail it. Well?The matter is that our boss is dissatisfied, that there come the bigaccounts for the Internet.He can forbid to use to us the Internet.We certainly in city have Internet of cafe, but it is necessary to payfor him of money.I not so earn also I much cannot allow to use to myself the Internet ofcafe. I hope, you understand me?It will be so is sad, if we cannot write each other our electronicletters. Because your letters became a part of my life.They are very important and necessary for me.As to me I can send you letters or cards usual mail.But I would like to warn you that you not in what case did not send meanything by means of our city mail.At us in the country of a sending reach the addressee very seldom,especially if it is sendings from other countries.And to prove whose - or fault very difficultly. It already happened withmy friends.Many Russian organizations of mail and their workers love theft ofsendings of other peoples.And it is very bad and shameful for our country.I think, that only in Russia it is possible. As our country poor.And dishonourable people never will miss an opportunity to appropriateanother's.Even it is a shame to me to write to you about it. But itexists also will make nothing with it.I think, that in your country similar does not occur. Whether not so?I know that you in the country have mail under name Fed Ex and she safe,it is very a pity to me that in our city there is no her branch.Therefore I ask you to not send me sendings our city post office. Ok? Ido not want, that she has been stolen by dishonourable people.Especially the most expensive and desired gift from you for me are youand your letters!I am always happy, to receive from you messages and always I wait forthem with impatience!

But I all the same shall write to you the full name and my home addressjust in case:

My home address: code -428067CHEBOKSARY Street - PAVLOVA. house - 43. apartment - 21

My full name: OLGA BELYH.

Perhaps, on it I shall finish the electronic letter to you!In hope for fast your answer!Your dear friend, Olga!

Letter 6:

Hello, the my dear friend, **** !!!

I want to tell to you, that I am glad to each your electronic letter!I did not think earlier, that I shall get used to your letters so soon.Now I feel, that they are necessary for me as air.In your letters I have felt something unusual and attractivefor me.And I never assumed, that I can tell about myself so interestingly anddirectly also.In my opinion, we know, about each other already it is a lotof,but with each your new letter, I all time admire and to be surprisedwith you.From your messages I have understood, that you the good, clever,sincere, decent, very interesting and inquisitive person. It very muchto like me!It was always interesting to me find out, how people in your country carry spend the holidays.You, where and how like to carry spend your holiday? How many thecountries you have already visited?Write to me, please! Ok? It will be very interesting to me.Unfortunately, I cannot allow myself holiday in other country.But if I had such opportunity first of all I would visit Italy, namelyRome and Venice.It is my old dream. I think, that Venice is the most romantic city of aplanet! You agree with me?You love a camping, rest on the nature or you prefer to travelin more civilized way?I very much like spend the holiday outside of city, in a camping,travelling on hiking, floating on canoeing to ski or skate.It so is healthy and is extreme!At us very beautiful landscapes, it is especial in a pine forest. In awood, located near to the city of Cheboksary, thereare many various trees such as a pine, oaks, birches, rare and beautifulcolors.I hope, you know, that our Russian woods are extraordinary beautiful. Ithink, that you in your country too have remarkable places on beauty.Also on the middle of a wood the small river "Pine grove" proceeds.It is a surprising corner of our nature, therefore we with my familyvery much like, to go there to a camping.We pack, backpacks, we take the big tent, necessary products, my brothertakes the guitar, and we are sent in a camping.There we bathe, we sunbathe, play a ball, we go for a drive on canoeing,we fish, that is we enjoy the nature.You like to fishing? Mine the daddy and the brother very muchlike to fish, and we with mum like to prepare an ear.It is such soup from a fish. I hope, what you tried this soup? It isvery tasty!In the evening I very much like to sit with my family at a fire,to listen to songs of the brother under a guitar and to look at ardentdeclines above the river.It so excitingly and romantically! Such minutes I feel absolutely happyand carefree +When I read your letters I feel happy also. I feel, that ourrelations it is more, than friendship!???You feel the same??? Because I cannot without your letters now. Iconstantly think of you.By the way, my parents ask about you all time. They are very glad ourcorrespondence through the Internet and to our relations.They transfer you greetings!On it I shall finish my electronic letter to you.I as shall usually look forward to your letters, the my dear friend!

Sincerely yours, Olga!

Letter 7:

Good afternoon, the my dear friend, **** !!!

I yesterday all the day long to think of you.How are you doing? I was simply fine! Your messages cheer meup and force to beat my heart even faster!Now my ideas only about you and about our relations! I think of youalways and everywhere: on work, houses, at theatre, on a visit +I sincerely want to tell to you, that you to me are not becomeindifferent.You have changed my lonely life, have made her fine. - myparents, girlfriends,fellow workers - have noticed all, that I began very thoughtful, myperson to shine happiness,the smile does not descend from my person, and cheerful fire burns in myopinion!Probably, it is the most wonderful it is time in my life because thedestiny has reduced me with you! I cannot believe, that it occurs to me!Recently I have found out, that my former schoolmate has married theforeigner.She also has got acquainted with him through the Internet.Now they live in his country, at them the child was born.She is very happy with him, despite of the big difference in the age of"it - 24, him - 52".And I am very glad for her! And for all women who have marriedforeigner.Because our Russian men are not able to love, respect and appreciate thewoman as it is done by men of other country! I am right?And I very much hope, that our relations will not end only withelectronic letters, that sometime we shall be together.In fact we should not miss such opportunity. Whether not so?I feel, that, at last I have met the man of my dream: strong,courageous, self-assured, decent and understanding!And it the man are YOU, the my dear friend! You, probably, are surprisedwith my words? But it is the truth, trust me!I speak these words with special care and respect for you.Due to you I again have felt happy and carefree! Your letters give methe big pleasure and pleasure in my lonely life!I want to tell to you, that is very difficult to be lonely, especially,when all my girlfriends already have family, the husband, children.Everyone ask me, why I one why I can not find to myself the man. Thepublic opinion in our country is still formulated on old stereotypes.And if to the twenty years' girl her loneliness at the thirty-year womanlook compassionately still says goodbye.But the opinion of others is not important for me.Simply I did not dare to begin close relations with the man because itis too much a pain to me my last fight - friend has brought.I wrote to you a little about it in the last letters, and I would notlike to come back to this theme.But you, my dear, have helped me to forget the past, due to you and yourletters I have felt happy.I am ready to repeat these words constantly! Because your letters havedemented me. I think of you day and night.You became a part of me and my life, your letters help me to live.And I devote these lines to you, my dear!I understand with special an acutenessIn long and painful separation,As your voice is necessary for me,Your strong embraces.And heart is beaten, time hurrying.And meetings the instant of imagination is bright...Really I have not invented you?For what to me from destiny such gift!? On it I shall finish my love letter to you, my dear! I shall wait foryour warm mutual letters!With reflections about you!

Sincere yours, Olga!

Letter 8:

Greetings my unique love **** !!!

How today your affairs? I'm fine, and the mood is simple Charm. I love you, mylove and I do not present a life without you, And only with you on alife together. You began for me a part of a life On how many you knowas I strongly I love you and I can not live without you. Every day andevery second I think only of you, is simple at me In a head one ideasabout us with you. Dear mine, I would like that all over the world atall was same Love as at us with you and everyone were happy, you soconsider? My girlfriends are simply happy for us with you andexperience for our Attitudes also wish us only good luck and love. Iam confident that you want to be with me as well as I with you andwhen To leave each other up to the end of a life. And I want to devoteto you a fine verse and I think it to you it is pleasant. I LOVE YOU... I love you in the distant car,In a yellow room nimbus of fire.As if dance and as if a pursuit,You to fly at night through me. I love you - black from light,Directly beating in cheekbones and in a forehead.Not in Moscow - so once and somewhereAll the same it could come true. I love you in hot bed,During that devoted seized instant,When hands were plaited and have decayedIn adoration of my embraces. I of you shall not forget thatThere are on light theatres, rains,Memory, music, distant mail...And for all. That else. Ahead. I think that it is a verse to you very much it is pleasant as well asto me. It is devoted to two loving which when will not be thawn, andOnly together in before and in before. My love, on it I shall finishthe letter and with impatience I shall be To wait from you the answer.I shall go to travel agency and to find out about the visa. I shall write to you later, that to me have told in travel agency. ok?I dream of our fast meeting.

Your love for a century Olga.

Letter 9:

Hello my most dear ****!!!I have no on a computer msn or skype. Excuse, but I do not have own computer. I write to you from a working computer. Therefore I can write only on e-mail. okI so am happy to receive your letters that I live only one hopes onOur a meeting and I whom I do not notice except for you.I never say quickly: I love you! Why?I think,people can fall quickly in love and sometime come qu ickly theend.Love is a deep and serious feeling,i dont play with him.I think, its good to develop this feeling of sympathy and friendship tolove and i like,that it is forever.I really speak you with all my heart, I speak that I like and I want tobe only with you.I love you and is ready to speak these words again and again, becauseexcept for you to me who is not necessary.Dear mine, today I went to agency and all have learned in detail, whatdocuments and what visaI need to arrive to you.When I have come to agency I was very well accepted also by all have indetail explained.My love, to me have told that visa is necessary for me, it is the visaof the tourist and she is valid inCurrent of 30-60 days, we with you shall be together all this time andonly you and I.Tourist visa very convenient for us and her will let out in two or threedays a maximum, herDo very quickly. Then I have asked how many she will cost also to mehave told that the visa costs 360 Euros.From such words I very much was upset and have told that I have no thismoney.Also has explained that I go to the favourite person and except for himto me who is not necessary.I have asked why the visa costs so dearly and to me have told that thevisa costs 215 Euros, 55 EurosMedical insurance and 90 Euros the tax and completely all leaves 360Euros.After all I began to cry that I have no such money and the agent whichhas explained all to me has told thatI have asked this the sum of money you and it has told if you reallylove me, will beNecessarily to me to help to arrive to you.My love, I love you and except for you to me who is not necessary also Ivery much I suffer for us, I all think as youThere without me and you too so think of me. I want to be near to youand only with you.Please help me to arrive to you. To me have told in agency as you canhelp me. There is a systemRemittances worldwide, Western Union and you likely already heard itabout it.You should go in branch of bank Western Union and make to me translationinto the visa, there to you will give ten-place code ( MTCN ) which you should send me and I shall go at once in bank toreceive your translation.

Dear mine, the address where you should make to me translation into thevisa:

first name - OLGA.last name - BELYH.

My love, is the information where you should make to me translation andas soon as I shall receive your translationWe with you shall be together in some days.Please forgive me, but except for you to me any more to whom to help andwhen I shall arrive to you I shall beTo do you by the happiest person on the ground and a forage of you to meit is more who is not necessary.My prince, please make to me translation today and in some days we withyou shall be togetherAnd I of you when I shall not leave.I send you the love and a gentle kiss!!!!I very much wait for your letter and I hope for a fast meeting.

Your loved Olga.


Cheboksary? Really? The IP adress does not say that...

Adresse IP :
Pays : Russian Federation (RU)
Région : Mariy-El
Ville : Yoshkar-ola
Latitude : 56.64
Longitude : 47.87