Scammer Elena Shustova Lena, Len Len, Selena, Elen, Desbonbon_

Lena, Len Len, Selena, Elen, Desbonbon_
Age 30 04/14/1988
Kharkov, Ukraine
Kharkov, Ukraine
Anastasiadate-ID#1737451, Russianbrides- ID#1737451Facebook id#100010042487375, elen.shustova.9, VK-id63797190 Agent

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Comment #150779
Elena Shustova is a scammer employed by her local agency. She is on Anastasiadate every day from 8PM until 1 -2 AM Kharkov time. She will promise you the world when in reality she is in a long time relationship with her boyfriend Artem Isaev.
Comment #154020
I can confirm everything in last October comment. I supposedly was in a 2 year exclusive relationship, chatting every day on Anastasia. Artem has been the boyfriend at least since 2011. I easily spent at least 10,000$.Supposedly we were engaged and making plans for wedding this fall. I can see in Facebook where much of the money went. I stumbled across this site just today, and particularly the Instagram photos and timing of posting confirmed the massive fraud. It is her. I have done lots of videochat. I wish to God I had seen this site anytime the last 2 years.
Comment #154337
Well Jack, I had the same experience except it was 4 years and probably close to the amount that you spent excluding the Anastasia Date expenses. Amazingly I reported this to them and they totally ignored all the proofs. Said photos of her and her boyfriend Artem "were like a brother and sister". She is such a scammer and liar. When I found her on Facebook and Instagram, she will block you and change to different names. Claims to be "looking or true love". Ever notice any video chats you have with her are in the dark? That is because she tries to disguise where she is at because she actually lives with Artem who is a Manager at Danstar near the Barabashova Shopping Bazaar. If anyone looks close they can see the wallpaper behind her is decorated with stars. Yea, she uses the money to finances their vacations. Never ever dates at night and will take phone calls and walk away from you because they are from Artem who is checking on how her progress is as he is totally in on this scam also. Claims to be a "designer" but actually is nothing but a full time scammer and con artist whose real job is at night on Anastasia Date and also the VK site. Suspected of advertising herself as a high class call girl but not confirmed. Do not feel bad at being screwed, she is one heartless cold bitch out only for her materialistic gains and MONEY!
Comment #154445
This "woman" (I use this term very lightly) is one of the big money makers for Anastasia Date and her local agency. She wil never be removed from the site as they ignore all reports that she is a scammer. But what do you expect from an agency specializiing in advertising scammers. Can definitely agree with all three reports here. NEVER ever correspond with this woman. $10,000 lost by the one guy, wonder how much by the other. She is by all other reasonable definitions a Money "W***E! Designer? Hah! Told me she was a Manager of Design Studio. Have checked her Facebook and Instagram and obvious her long time "fat" boyfriend and also her mother are in on her scamming schemes. Took me for a little over $5,000 . Told me the same con story, looking and open for love and Ukrainian men are not for her. Would not doubt she is a "call girl" also. Listed on a number of other scam sites and this is the same girl and the photos are of her and her boyfriend. Stay away from this low life con-artist. Never send her money, never buy her presents and definitely never visit her in Kharkov as she will take you to the cleaners going to eat and shopping. She is what the local GOOD HONEST Ukrainian women call a "Black One", who gives them all a bad name. But what does she care, she just wants your chat time to earn money, video chats for more money for her vacations with the "fat guy". I really hope anyone who contact her on any site she may be on, checks her out first on sites such this one that does so much good and tries to prevent harm from low-life scums like this "thing" and her boyriend. i
Comment #154952
Update: As of June 9, 2019 she is now married to Artem Isaev. She is still on Anastasiadate doing the exact same thing as she always has. You can report her to Anastasiadate but it will do no good. The "verification team", what a joke, will say they checked her passport and she is not married. The main purpose of this is so they will not have to abide by there own anti-scam policies and issue refunds