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20th feb 1990

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Hello , my new friend ****!!! Thank you for not disregarding my letter.
Frankly, I was a little worried and thought you would not answer. But
now I see your answer and a smile on my face. Unfortunately, I do not
have my own personal computer and I have to use the services of an
internet cafe which is located not far from my house. You ask where
did I get your e - mail ??? I received a love internet newsletter from
an unknown recipient. In this letter, talked about the love
relationships between people. In the list of e - mail recipients, I
saw your address. I thought for a long time before writing to you. My
heart prompted to write to you, and I do not regret it. I am writing
to you with serious intentions. I'm looking for a serious
relationship. I do not play games and do not send photos without
clothes as I am a decent and well-educated girl. I want to get to know
you better and try to build relationships with you if you don't mind.
I am very happy to talk to you and get to know you. My name is Olga.
The most common Russian name. I will not tell a lot about myself. I
was born in Russia . In the city of Bryansk . Now I live in the city of
Bryansk. My birthday is February 20, 1990. My height is 1.80 cm, my
weight is 55 kg. I am 28 years old . I like my city, it is very
beautiful old architecture, even have a reserve nearby. Never married,
no children. That I am all about myself and about myself! please tell
me everything you think is necessary: what is your name? what
country do you live in ? What is the name of your city in which you
live? what do you do ? what is your hobby? I’m happy to send you my
photo! Hope you like it. And looking forward to your photos! I really
want to look at them! In the next letter I will tell you more. I will
be waiting for your reply. I hope that you will be interested in
talking with me. have a nice day. Your new girlfriend from Russia Olga

Hello my friend ****!!! like you ??? how are you ??? are you okay ???
I hope that you are doing well. Now I went to an internet cafe to
write you a letter. I was looking forward to your letter. I'm glad
that you write to me.

I work at the grocery store. my work schedule is standard 5 days a
week for 8 hours a day. I accept the goods that enter our store,
monitor the quality of products that are delivered to the counter of
the store and remove not fresh goods from the counter after the expiry
date. I like my job very much . I try to do my best. When I was at the
institute, I studied various foreign languages. I can speak freely in
several foreign languages. but I prefer English. I can safely write
and speak in English without any translator.

I really like to go in for sports. I believe that movement is life! I
like running around in the morning, before work. I try to attend the
gym, because every girl must maintain a good figure. In the summer, I
like to ride a bike, swim, play volleyball and sunbathe in the sun.

I have no bad habits, I do not smoke or drink alcohol and drugs, I
just do not need it. Sometimes it happens that during a vacation in
the company of girlfriends I allow myself a few light cocktails, and
even more likely to support the company.

I spend my free time mostly at home, reading books. I love novels and
adventures. I watch all sorts of serials. From music I like to listen
to Russian songs as I can listen to foreign songs in foreign
languages. With pleasure I go to the cinema or I drink cafes with
friends, I love communication.

J**** And how do you spend your leisure time? do you work ? if so
what position do you occupy ?? Do you have any bad habits ? what
qualities do you like in people? What is important to you in a woman
in the first place? For me, the main thing is for a person to be kind.
One that could take care of others. Do you like cats? Or dogs?

I'm glad that we continue to communicate, I will look forward to your
letter! I'll be coming to the internet cafe tomorrow. I hope that you
will answer me as soon as possible. Your new girlfriend from Russia

After checking the images this person sent I was able to easily identify them as being of a russian model by the name of KAPITOLIN, AKA KRYSTAL BOYD, a well known porn model.
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He have another email [email protected] a stolen photos
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Yuliya Boyareva, Russia, born in Bryansk 1989. Money is her middle name.
Sometime porno star. Soft talk about love is her image
[email protected]