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I am very glad that you answered me. I assume that first of all you wanted to see my new photos and only then you read my letter. Yes? It’s understand. I hope to you my photos are pleasant?
But I hope that you are interested to receive not only my photos, but to get acquainted with my personality, my outlooks on life.

Thank you for answering my question. I'm glad to know what you like to do in your spare time. I think that we will find understanding and common interests.

I'll tell you a little about myself. My age 32 years. Date of my birth September 9, 1985. Sign of the zodiac - Virgo. As you already understood from my first letter, I live in Russia. I indicated another country on my profile, because I could not register by specifying the country Russia. I hope this will not be a problem for you?
I was born in small and old city Malmyzh. But now I live and work in the city of Arsk. I work in a beauty salon.
I was not married. Likely because yet I didn't meet mine the man. But I sincerely believe that somewhere there is a man who looks for such woman as I. And we will approach each other.
I do not smoke. I do not hide that I can drink a glass of red semidry wine for the holiday. But I do not drink much alcohol.
The age difference is not a problem for me. The main thing its a state of mind. And in the choice of the partner I don't pay attention to age. A man must be older and wiser than a woman. What do you think about it?
Probably you want to know why I decided to look for the man on the Internet and why I write you? I want think about this. I'll talk about this in the next letter.

I must finish this letter. I do not want to bore you with my letter. I'll try to write you a letter again later.
Your new friend, Nataly
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Hello Miguel.
Sorry, I could not answer you on the weekend. I did not have internet. I read your letters several times to better understand your suggestions.
Frankly, I am pleased to read your words. I sincerely hope that you will not miss the last chance and that we will be able to be together soon.
Everything went according to your plans. You wanted to postpone the meeting until spring. Here it is time. I will be very disappointed if you decide to postpone the meeting again.
I think that you are a wise man and you will not make mistakes. I sincerely hope that you will keep your words. I appreciate when a man keeps his promises.

1. As for the fair on April 8th. Of course, it would be interesting for me to attend this event, but I don’t like the idea that I have to communicate to third parties my personal data, including my passport, telephone number and address of my residence. These are weird conditions.
I am a simple visitor to this fair, like a tourist. I am not participant fair. Why should a simple visitor provide their personal data?
Sorry, but in that case I do not want to attend this fair. It would be better if we spend time elsewhere. What do you think about it?

2. Regarding travel. My vacation is scheduled from March 25th. I can officially get full 4 weeks vacation. We had already planned a meeting earlier and I found out information about obtaining a visa and the cost of travel.
It's spring now and travel prices are increasing. According to my calculations, I need at least 700-750 euros for a visa and the purchase of a ticket.
Are you ready to meet me on March 25th? If I come to Spain earlier, then in that case I am ready to go to the fair and personally provide them with my personal data and so that they can see me personally.
Which airport should I fly to? Madrid or Alicante?

3. If you are ready to schedule a meeting during my vacation, now I need to apply for a visa. Do you understand this? This is the most important document on which my trip depends.

4. I appreciate your words that I can not worry about travel expenses. These are noble words. In this case, I see no problems to meet during my vacation. When are you ready to help me with money so that I can apply for a visa?

Dear Miguel, I will be waiting for your reply. I really hope for good news from you. I hope you have no other problems.
Let's not complicate the situation. Now it is important for us to just meet. I need to apply for a visa, book a ticket and fly to you.
I am sure that we will be able to spend an unforgettable time together.
Kisses to you Regina