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Hello, very pleasant for me to receive such a letter from you, you describe a lot about myself, it very well now, I can submit your character.
And I, in turn, too, to tell you about myself, and then we can take a closer look.
You are very interesting for me.
I want to know more about you. I want to see many photos.
I live in urban villages, the name Sernur.
This village is situated at a distance of 800 kilometers from the city of Moscow. And if
You do not know, Moscow is the capital of Russia. My growth is 173 centimeters.
My weight is 52 kg. My birthday 18.12.1981. My hair is dark in color. I work as a office worker, to be more precise, I support the dentist. I am a secretary. I like this work.
Then, this is my hobby, listening to music and reading books.
I like to read novels of love and fantasy. And what about music, I prefer
a lot of different music. Well, what about my city, there are many trees
here. In our country is very beautiful nature, and in my city, too. Be a way
Sernur have more than a thousand people, I know that for you is not big
quantity, but also for Russia is very big. We have only a few cities, where they live so
many people. Then, I like to walk on the park in summer. I like to see
at sunrise. I want to find something for serious relationships.
I have never married and I have no children. I had
The experience of contacts with men in Russia, but they were not seriously.
I do not smoke and drink very rarely, but sometimes
I like to drink in good company does not have a lot of grapes, although it might be much rare.
And now about you, tell me, please, about themselves. What do you like or not? Say
me about your character? The reason I want to know more about you. So I will wait for your
reply, Ekaterina get it soon ...

I have questions to you.
I did not hesitate. I should be open before you.
My first question. I never ask men, because they are not me talking about myself. And all the people who want to be with me always try to make a mystery. And they do not want that, I would ask. But you are special, you're ready to answer my questions. And I am glad that you have such a special person.
I think you that in the future, a better dad. From most of you will be a good husband.
I ask you to start. And I want you to answer my questions.
1. How do you interest to children.
2. For, as you do your work.
3. When and where you want to engage in love?
4. You want to get family and live in happiness?
5. You can make a confession of love to a woman?
6. You are a courageous people?
7. You think that everything achieved in life?
8. In what season you like?
9. What do you like to eat?
10. What you think Russia from the people?
11. What kind of sex, how to you?
12. What do you prefer on vehicles?

I like everything that you want to ask, and I tell all of you.
I will await your answers to these questions.
I think that you are accurate and truthful answer my questions. And when I see new issues, I will again set to you because it is very interesting to me to know you.
I ask you still lose.
Yes, you also asked me to write you a letter, I think I can do it for you, but I know that I am not sure that my letter will be with you, but I will do, however, is for you.
He was pleasant for me will receive your full address.

My address these:
424037 Russia
Town Sernur
Mari-El republic
Jacob Eshpaja's street the house 112 apartment 23

Wow, I wrote to you so much, I will wait for a response from you.
And I look forward with great desire to want to see your message.
Your Ekaterina