Scammer Iana KOTUKHA Yana Baburina, Yana Kotyxa, Jana Kotyxa

Yana Baburina, Yana Kotyxa, Jana Kotyxa
March 18 1982
Kiev Ukraine

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Comment #150332
Met Iana on a reputable site and shortly after her profile was removed and I was sent a note that said: "due to policy violations this account has been deleted and it is strongly recommended that you discontinue and conversation with this person." I keep writing and found the person very interesting. I was led down the path to the trap and I didn't even see it coming. I am very aware of those who try to scam and I rarely get taken but she is good. Very good. She will have nice meaningful conversations with you and slowly some little issue will come up and you will decide to help out because they are nice and you want to be a good person. For me, I sent a little money for a cake a present for her son's birthday. It wasn't much and I felt good, but it was just a way to lead you into believing it was your idea and not her planting the thought. Slowly it increases and then when you start to put pressure on about things like passports and visas, things start to fall apart. As long as money is flowing, all is well but as soon as it is time to do paperwork for travel, it will never happen. I have a lot of respect in her abilities as a salesperson. She would be great at selling used cars. She would sell you a piece of crap and make you believe it was your fault and that you don't want to get her in trouble with her boss so you just put up with the problems.
Comment #150381
I cannot believe that guys get caught up in these scams,
it's marvellous what a beautiful woman can do to a man's mind and his penis.
Guys, theses girls on EVERY site are scammers so don't get caught. I have fun stringing them along. and get some very interesting photos which are in most cases not even the person you are corresponding with, in fact many times they are MEN from Russian mafia.