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It's me, Anna! Today I had so much work that I was afraid that I wouldn't have timeto get your letter. And I have to say that this frightened me. But now Ihave found free time and very glad. Thank you for your letter and photos.Today I am smiling and have a good mood. As a matter of facttoday all the colleagues have a good mood because today we found out thaton Monday The Moscow Zoo would come to Nizhniy Novgorod for touring. This is great news because The Moscow Zoo Is the biggest zoo in the country. Soeverybody discuss only this news. Everybody wants to visit the Zoobecause the tour will last only for several days. I like animals verymuch and I have never seen Moscow Zoo. I have never seen alive tigers andbears. Have you ever seen a tiger or a bear? The biggest animal I saw inmy life is a horse. I like horses very much and think that these are themost beautiful animals in the planet. As matter of fact I have alwaysdreamt to have some pets - a cat or a dog. But when I think that a littlepuppy will wait for me at home alone I feel pity. That's why I don't havepets. I always wait for weekends with impatience, because I get tiredmentally and physically at the work. That's why weekends are the onlypossibility for me to rest and to get new forces. Weekends I spenddifferently. Sometimes I want simply to rest in my apartment. I like myapartment - little and cosy. On weekends I always clean the apartmentproperly. I like purity. And though I always try to keep my apartmentclean, there is always something to do about the house on weekends. Butwhen I want really to relax I listen to music or read books. I like toread books especially historical novels about ancient Russia or othercountries. I don't like to read western or detectives, though lately Iread stories about Sherlock Holmes with pleasure. Also I like to spend time with my girl-friends. I have two bestgirl-friends. We are friends for 20 years. When we meet with girl-friendsthe air is filling with laughter. We like to walk and communicate, we goto movie and to the park. If you want I can tell you about mygirl-friends. I like to spend time in nature in the open air very much. In Russiacamping is very popular. I adore to go to the forest and to live in atent though now I have seldom such an opportunity. I like to look atnight fire. I like to look at the stars very much. In August the sky isstrewed with stars. It is incredible beautiful. I like to cook on thefire. There is no more wonderful when in the air the fragrances offorest, river and smoke mix together. I am romantic undoubtedly. I reallylike cooking. I know that I do it well, because I started cooking fromchildhood. My mother taught me many things including cooking. She said:"Lady who can cook well don't have disadvantages and demerits, becausetasty food is a way to the man's heart". May be she is right. I likeRussian dishes and my favourite dish is hodgepodge (in Russian we callit okroshka). I am not sure if you know such dish. This is a Russiannational dish. Also I like dishes of Caucasus. And what dishes doyou prefer Mario?I have a question for you. If you do not want can not answer. Lookingback at your life would you like to change something? I have to finish. Ihope my letter was not stodgy and uninteresting. I will wait for yourletter with impatience. I wish you peace and kindness. Anna.