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Classic scammer scenario: pre written letters (quite short), after a few letters asks for money to meet through travel agency which is obviously fake, visa...


HI Dear ****

So pleasure to write you, I hope that my letter

will be a good beginning in our relations.

I am very interested in your profile, and although I just recently

looking for a friend on the Internet, I hope that you had to write it

the correct decision ...

I really want to find anyone capable of becoming me this building.

I must say to you that is not interested in a long correspondence,

because I believe that the letter can not substitute for real communication.

Now I want to talk a little about myself personally.

I was born in the town of Voronezh, which was still alive.

My parents are divorced have a very long time. Father, I almost did not know he died

When I was still quite small. Mom a few years ago she married and left.

Now I live alone.

I'm working on a specialty from the University, a manager in

construction firm.

I know the English language, thanks to special courses, so easy to support the dialogue)

I very much hope that dialogue did take place ...

I certainly await your response, I hope to learn more about you, your city,

your interests and thoughts.

Also, I am very interested to know how long you are looking for a

women on the Internet and why.

I will wait for you to answer in the near future,

Your Alisa

Letter 2:

Oh ****! so nice to see response from you

I hope that we truly become interested in each other,

While I recognize that we have already taken the first steps to know each other better

I hope that everything that I wrote to you also interested

was pleased to see letter from you that I am increasingly able to understand your personality

Maybe soon we can have good imagine about us, as you know, this is very important

for serious relations. You probably already knew that age and other is not so important.

Just want to say about the questions and to you and me from you. My letter will always contain the answers

But not too formal. That is really my letters you have to completely read

and I also hope that you are well aware of this and I think as well.

Perhaps time has come to tell you a little bit that I might want to

serious relations. I would like to ask you about children, whether you want it.

I hope it does because the children are fine. Honey, I really want to start new and hopefully wonderful life

And perhaps, if we can close in the letters that will help us build

relationships serious

I hope to hear from you as soon as possible and understand you

And i Kiss you!

Your Alisa

Letter 3:

Dearest ****

It is very good that you write to me again. I am just very pleased

that you are really interested in me as a person and understand my words correctly.

And I think I am just as well understand you. This is a very pleasant feeling.

I just want to tell you that mean to me a serious relationship.

I had a lot of romantic relationships, but ignorance of them, I can claim true

serious, but none of them did not give me love and understanding. Always all ports

mistrust and meanness.

I want to tell you about it, only it for you better understand how much I can

to feel love, and how badly did not want me offened

I am very capable of love, but someone simply can not understand.

Several years ago, when I left for vacation at sea, I met with

a young man from Moscow. This novel was beautiful, and I thought that I found rights

which I need. I went with him to Moscow. We lived together and he gave me to work

in your company, office manager for a good manager.

Over time, I became increasingly noticing that he had something concealed from me. Each trifle

has been talking to me about this. i did not want him to check, because I think

We do not have to check the honesty of people who love. Love as I thought.

He was tender and always talked to me about love, then I discovered that he had changed me.

I am now very painful to remember it. He deceived me, and destroyed the real strengths

feelings. I had to go home, in Samara. I do not know anyone in Moscow

but I could not have located him nearby.

And now, years later, I was very scared to submit

that this could happen again.

And I really want to ask you to never make me hurt. I do not want to relive

this again. I hope you understand how much this means to me. But I believe

that we understand each other.

I am forced to conclude this letter, the memories are very strong.

I will wait for your answer, and think of you.

Your Alisa

Letter 4:

Hello darling ****

Very pleased to again receive your letter.

I want to say thank you for what you think about me seriously.

I just think that you understand my words, everything that I say to you.

This is a very pleasant and very important for us to you.

The desire to see each other growing very rapidly, it gives me great

pleased to think that I found someone who could understand me.

For me it is very important, because most men

only want sex or just play with me.

I'm looking for a warm and friendly relations.

It is very difficult to describe the feelings are beginning to test people at the very beginning

communication with the person who pleasant to me.) I just want to say that you were

sincere and honest with me. I am capable of great feeling when people close to me loves.

I am afraid only one mistake in a new man, and once again feel the pain, I am very

I hope that your honesty and sincerity will not let you do so with me.

I very much hope that you also start to experience warm feelings to me, and I

said a growing desire to meet. This is very good.

We will be even nicer to communicate, I think, when we will be able to see each other's eyes.

I very much forward to you a letter again, as it has always warm me)

I'll be wait your answer

Kiss you tender

Your Alisa

Letter 5:

Hello darling ****

I am very pleased to receive your letter again.

I read your words and feel the tenderness and caring person who understands me.

Perhaps that is why I was so frank with you in his letters.

I always try to show the real you. Of course it means a lot of experience, and I think

You always understand me.

I think your inner world like me, maybe that is why I am pleased to think of you.

I must tell you, I think we can write each other indefinitely, but it would be a pleasure to meet.

I was know that should be to leave for a working trip in May. And

i a lot of time will be away from home.

I would be happy to meet with you before working trip in Aprel it would be

just great.

Tell me what you think about it.

I look forward to your reply.

Kiss you tender

Your Alisa.

Letter 6:

Hello, my dear ****

Now I have enough free time.

This is very good because I can come to you.

And it is very important for me. We will be able to see each other, and

This is very important for our relations in the future.

In order to come to you, I will need a visa.

I think that I can in the coming days to visit the tourist agency that would know more about it.

I will learn necessary information.

hope that soon we will be together.

Wait your answer

I dream about us.

kiss you ****

Your Alice.

Letter 7:

Hello, my dear ****

I am very pleased that you write to me again.

It is nice that we can feel each other at a distance, simply by reading the letter.

I am very glad that you did not forget about me, and everyone is very pleased to your letter.

I'm just like you, it would be next to you.

I think that very soon our dreams become reality.

Dear, today I went to a travel agency and learned that

to get a visa is not so difficult. But unfortunately, I will be quite difficult

to pay for it yourself.

I think and hope that your invitation remains valid.

I very much hope that you will help me to pay, and very soon we will be able to meet each other.

Wait your answer

kiss you tender

Your Alisa.

Letter 8:

Dear, I am very glad that you write to me again.

I am very pleased to receive your letter.

I am glad that you support my idea to meet.

But dear, I would still like to first come to you.

If it would be nice of course. Honey, what details do you need?

I can see in the agency estimated cost of travel to you.

I can learn everything that you are interested.

Or I can ask the agency to contact if you can make contact with them.

Write to me as you will be comfortable.

I will wait for your answer.

Kisses you.

Your Alisa.

Letter 9:

Well, my dear. I will try to call the agency now.

If I am lucky to know all the information now I will write to you immediately.

Kisses you.

Your Alisa


Dear, I managed to learn some details about the trip.

I have little understanding how and what is happening,

but I think together we can understand how to implement my trip to you.

All travel will cost slightly more than 1000 usd, possibly 1200 usd.

This amount includes payment for a visa, international passport and the purchase of tickets.

I was first brought to Moscow, where I lie down in Paris.

And I do not have to worry about the documents, the agency assumes responsibility

for processing all the necessary travel documents. But, my dear, I am afraid that

this sum would be for you too much. I really want to see you.

I hope that everything will turn out. But I also said that the documents will be made only

after receipt of payment for all travel.

Dear, please write me what you think about this?

I will wait for your response.

Kisses you.

Your Alisa.


You contact the agency by e-mail. I will give you the address.

and email

[email protected]


[email protected]

Email me if you contact the agency.

But dear, please write me what you think about all this?

I very much worry, because I would like to know what you feel and what you want to do.

Honey, you are so terse. Please write me any more.

I will wait your new letter.

Kisses you.

Your Alisa.


So she is supposed to live in Voronezh. Really? The IP adress does not say that and shows Luxembourg.

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