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It is very joyful to me to receive your letter today.
How was your day today? It will be interesting to me to know what you did today?

Probably for you it is surprising how much I began to look for the serious relations so far.
I intend created a profile in New Zealand. last week I watched television. there showed about New Zealand. I learned that in New Zealand speak English.
it was very interesting to me to try to get acquainted with the man from New Zealand.
For me happiness that I got acquainted with you!

if I am sure that you are a serious man, I will be surely agrees to meet you!

Today I want to tell you about my favourite hobby. I very much like to spend time in kitchen to cook tasty food. Also I very much like to read, I very much love the Russian literature.
I can infinitely list my favourite books. I would like to select several books: Dostoyevsky "Crime and Punishment", "The Idiot"; Leo Tolstoy "War and Peace".
I can list many famous works. Did you read these books? Do you like to read books?

Did you have a dream in the childhood? Tell me about your hobby? It will be interesting to me to learn about it.

In free time after work I like to walk in the park of my city. I have a girlfriend of Ekaterina. We often spend free time together. This is my best friend with whom I am familiar all my life. I will have still an opportunity to tell Ekaterina about my friend. In several days I will try to send you a photo together with my friend Ekaterina.

Also in free time I like to listen to music and to watch movies. I very much like to watch dramas, comedies, feature films. My favourite movie "One Day". One Day is a 2011 romance drama film directed by Lone Scherfig. It was adapted by David Nicholls from his 2009 novel of the same name. It stars Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. Focus Features released the film theatrically in August 2011.
Did you watch this movie? What your favourite movie? What you love movies?

I very much like to listen to classical music. Often after work I listen to classical music it helps me will relax and to restore forces. I like to listen to composers: Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Morricone. Do you like to listen to classical music? What music is preferred by you?

I try to watch over the health. I visit gym several times a week. I very much love sport. It is useful for my figure!
What sport do you prefer?

Our acquaintance becomes interesting, we can speak with you by phone. What do you think of it?
There is my phone number: +79873701545.
On my phone there is no international line. I will not be able to use phone to call to you.
I am not sure that you will be able to call on my phone number.
Can you write me your phone number? I will go to post office to call you.
I will use services of phone in post office to call to you.
It will be interesting to me to hear your voice.

I hope that you will be glad to look at a photo and video which I send you.
I recorded video this morning when visited fitness the center!
I like to go to fitness the center in the morning because it is very free in fitness the center in the morning!
I hope to read your letter tomorrow morning!
Comment #151240
Hello [person's name]!
now evening in my city and now I have an opportunity to write to you!
today in my city approximately: 0 °C. on the street there is snow, the first this year. I will fill at once to think about Christmas.
when snow drops out, I begin to think about Christmas and New year... did you already plan as you will celebrate Christmas?

Today I want to tell you about my childhood and parents. My parents are divorced and live separately.
My mother lives on other end of the city of Sarapul! I need about one hour to reach my mother on public transport.
My mother is called Anastasiya. Age of my mother of 67 years. My mother worked as the teacher of English. Now my mother - the pensioner. This is my mother taught me to speak English.
My father is called Vladimir. Age of my father of 71 years. My father lives far in other city! I already a lot of time did not see my father. My father has other family.

I am the only child in family. I have no brothers and sisters.
It will be interesting to me to learn about your family? Do you have brothers and sisters?

I forgot to tell about my pet. I have a cat of Musya. After work she always meets me at doors. Tomorrow I will try to send a photo of my cat of Musya.
Do you love pets? Do you have a pet?

I send you a photo of my mother. I hope that you will be glad to look at a photo of my mother. I have no photo of my father.

I plan to meet Ekatrin at the end of this week and then I will be to send you a photo!

you will not be able to call on my phone number. I have no international line on mine phone.
the only opportunity to speak to us by phone, it to me to use services of phone in post office.
I well considered your phone number!
Tomorrow evening I will go to post office to call to you. I will be glad to hear your voice. Will you be able to speak with me by phone tomorrow?

I will wait for your letter.

Comment #151241
Hello [person's name]!
now I at work. I use the computer at work to write you this letter!
did you receive my letter yesterday?

I live in own apartment one. Sometimes in the evening to me it becomes sad from loneliness.
In December to me to be executed 42 years! I want true love and the serious relations. I want to be near the man who will love me. I do not want to be lonely.

I had serious relations with the man. We lived together within 7 years. Then he began to drink a lot of alcohol.
It began to meet other women. He betrayed me and destroyed our love. It was the worst moment in my life. It was difficult for me to continue to live.
I will not be able to endure such treachery again.
I want to forget all bad in the past. I want to think about fine future.
I do not want to remember more my past. I am a woman who looks for the serious relations.
I very much hope that you are a man who wants the serious relations.

Today I could find a photo of my cat of Musya. It is interesting to you to watch a photo of my cat?

It will be very interesting to me to learn about your first love? Do you remember the first kiss?

Tonight I will go to post office to call to you.
I ask you to be attentive to do not pass my telephone call.

I need to continue to work!
I will call to you after work today!
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Comment #151765
moi recevoir très joyeusement ta lettre aujourd'hui.
Comment ton jour aujourd'hui ? Il me sera intéressant de connaître que tu faisais aujourd'hui ?

Tu vis à Suisse Neuchâtel. Raconte me sur ta ville. Ce me sera intéressant!

Tu m'écrivais que ton travail est lié au tourisme. Tu peux aussi m'écrire sur cela plus en détail. Ce sera intéressant pour moi.

Aujourd'hui je veux te raconter sur mon centre d'intérêt aimé. J'aime passer beaucoup le temps dans la cuisine pour préparer la nourriture bonne. Aussi j'aime lire beaucoup, j'aime beaucoup la littérature russe.
Je peux infiniment énumérer mes livres préférés. Je voudrais mettre en relief quelques livres : Dostoyevsky "Crime et Chatiment", "L'Idiot"; Leo Tolstoy "Guerre et Paix".
Je peux énumérer beaucoup d'oeuvres connues. Tu lisais ces livres ? Tu aimes lire les livres ?

Tu avais un rêve dans l'enfance ? Raconte me de ton centre d'intérêt ? Il me sera intéressant d'apprendre cela.

Au loisir après le travail j'aime me promener dans le parc de ma ville. J'ai une amie Ekaterina. Nous passons souvent le loisir ensemble. C'est ma meilleure amie, avec qui je suis familière toute ma vie. J'aurai encore une possibilité de raconter de mon amie Olga. Dans quelques jours je tâcherai de t'envoyer la photo avec mon amie Ekaterina.

Aussi au loisir j'aime écouter la musique et regarder les films. J'aime regarder beaucoup les drames, les comédies, les films de mise en scène. Mon film aimé "Un jour" (One Day) est un drame americain realise par Lone Scherfig, sorti en 2011. Il est adapte du roman Un jour de David Nicholls.
Emma et Dexter passent la nuit ensemble apres leur soiree de fin d’etude et decident … de rester amis. Lui est insouciant et frivole, elle est bourree de complexes. Pendant 20 ans, Dexter et Emma vont s’adorer, se separer, se detester, se manquer … finiront-ils par comprendre qu’ils ne sont jamais aussi heureux que lorsqu’ils sont ensemble ?
Tu regardais ce film ? Quel ton film aimé ? Quel tu aimes les films ?

J'aime écouter beaucoup la musique classique. Souvent après le travail j'écoute la musique classique cela m'aide se détendra et restaurer les forces. J'aime écouter les compositeurs : Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Morricone. Tu aimes écouter la musique classique ? Quelle musique préfères tu ?

Je tâche de soigner la santé. Je visite le Centre de fitness 2 fois par semaine. J'aime beaucoup le sport.
Quel sport tu préfères ?

Notre connaissance devient intéressante, nous pouvons dire avec toi par téléphone. Que tu penses de cela ?
Voici mon numéro de téléphone : +79873701545.
La ligne internationale manque mon téléphone. Je ne pourrai pas utiliser le téléphone pour téléphoner chez toi.
Je ne suis pas assurée que tu pourras téléphoner sur mon numéro de téléphone.
Tu peux m'écrire ton numéro de téléphone ? J'irai au bureau des postes pour te téléphoner.
Je jouirai des services du téléphone dans le bureau des postes pour téléphoner chez toi.
Il me sera intéressant d'entendre ta voix.

J'espère que tu seras content de regarder la photo et vidéo, que je t'envoie.
J'ai inscrit vidéo ce matin, quand a visité le fitnes le centre!
J'aime marcher au fitnes le centre durant le matin, parce que le matin est très libre au fitnes le centre!
Je te souhaite le beau jour!