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I met this lady call Liliya Bikmuhametowa on a Dating Site call Zoosk. She lives in Ufa City in Russia as a Topless Waitress/Pole Dancer at Strip Club Zazhigalka
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Hello ______! It is very pleasant to me to see your letter. I didn't expect that you will really answer me. I could contact you by means of the agency of acquaintances. I sent the questionnaire to this agency for a long time. And I have already forgotten about it. But on my surprise I have received the answer. And now I have an opportunity to get acquainted with you. I don't know what this correspondence will lead us to. I want to find the man for the serious relations in reality. And I hope that you are interested in it too. It's so? But I think that we shouldn't hurry with it. And I want that for a start we considered each other friends. Do you agree with me? I want to tell you a little about myself. My name – Lilia. But my friends call me by Lilia. And I want that you called me by Lilia! I live alone in the small apartment. I don't have many friends. From relatives I have only my mother and the grandmother. I work as the secretary in firm on production of interroom doors. I spend almost all day at the computer, I make documents on sales and purchases of materials. It is not complex work. I can't tell that I derive from it pleasure. But it suits me. Besides, I have an Internet connection only at my work. I essentially have no house computer. I also rather seldom watch TV. I know how to cook very well food, I like to spend time on the street. I love picnics and trips by bicycle. I don't have addictions. I don't smoke and very seldom I take alcohol. I am able to afford a glass of wine for a holiday. Unfortunately, my organism badly perceives alcohol. Therefore I am not able to afford more. I hope that it was interesting to you to learn a little about me. And I want that you have told a little about yourself too. What's your occupation? Do you live one? What hobbies at you? Do you like to go to trips by bicycle? Do you like to spend time in nature? On it I will finish the letter. And I will look forward to your answer. I hope that you will surely answer my questions and you will tell me more about yourself. I consider you very interesting person. Your new friend Lilia!

Hi my love _____!!! Here also one more new day has come and I have a great mood again!!! Today I have woken up from the fact that the sun shone! One beam of the sun shone me in eyes and didn't allow me to sleep! At this time I dreamed a dream about you my darling again! You began to dream me very often! It very much is pleasant to me! Because in this dream you did me very gentle massage, and after massage you have turned me from a stomach on a back and have begun to kiss gently and passionately! But this beam of the sun hasn't allowed up to the end me to enjoy your kiss! In a dream your kiss was fine, very gentle, tender and passionate! Your lips were such gentle and sweet! I very much had liked a kiss with you! It is rather to feel him in reality! Do you wait for our first meeting? Our first kiss? I hope that our desires coincide! Still I wanted to tell you that I will be given a holiday at work soon and I would like to spend this vacation near you! So far I am not sure that it is possible, but I very much would like that there was everything exactly as I want! But of course all this will depend on your desire! Do you want to meet me? To feel my touches and kisses? Do you want that I have spent the vacation with you my darling? I want to tell you that approximately in a week I will be able to know date of my holiday already precisely! I will report about it to you then! I will look forward answers to my questions! Because the fact that you think means to me much, and feel! Everything will be as you will want, darling! Your love Lilia!

Hi my darling _____! How are you? How do you feel? Tell me what has changed in your life from that day as we have begun to communicate with you! At you something has exchanged inside? Your heart began a thicket to fight when you see my letters? Or maybe, you test nothing? I would like to tell you many thanks that you have appeared in my life! You began to mean to me much in my life! Thanks to you I become happy and cheerful! I want to tell you that I never before had such feelings that I feel to you! As I never thought that it is possible to have in general feelings to the person on it distance! I hope that you understand me! But with the advent of you my life has changed! I am very grateful to you for it! I am grateful to destiny for the fact that we have found each other! As I believe that in the world each person has couple! As each person always looks for the second half with which he will be happy forever! How do you think of it? I begin to think that I have found the second half! I think that it you! I want to tell you that I called you yesterday! But your phone was inaccessible! I am sorry what we couldn't tell with you by phone! My mother and my friend say hello to you, and express gratitude for that, what are you doing me happy! I constantly represent our meeting with you! I think, she will be unforgettable! I will try to present you a set of positive emotions, to give you heat, love, care and caress! Well and, of course, I will show you the culinary abilities! How do you imagine our first meeting? As you think how everything will pass? What would you like to be engaged in? I very much love you my darling and I send you the photos and many the gentle kisses! I will wait for the answer from you tomorrow! With love, your Lilia!

Hi my darling _____! I so miss you and your letters! Every day I go to the bed and I think of you! I dream of that this night has as soon as possible ended and rather to appear at work and to see your letter! It is a pity that you is so far from me, but say that the distance pulls together and does feelings even stronger! I hope, you agree with it? Now I am completely sure that all life I looked for such man as you! You the best that was in my life! You are very kind, tender, sociable, attentive and understanding! I always dreamed of such man that in him there were all such qualities, as in you! Yesterday after work we with the girlfriend went to the cinema on the romantic comedy! We very much had liked the movie! He about the true sincere love! It is the Russian comedy! I dream with you my darling of such love! Now I believe that miracles happen and dreams come true! Because I have met you my dear, and you have changed my life and have forced my heart to fight even more often! Tell me how you have spent time in the evening yesterday? What did you do? Did you think of me and of our meeting? I am so glad that we became so close each other! Do you, probably, think what I tell much and I ask? But it only because I want to know about you everything and to be confident in you for all 100 percent! Because I love you very strongly my sweet and I don't represent life without you any more! I don't understand why I couldn't decide on acquaintance on the Internet earlier? But probably God has decided that he everything is good in its season and has pushed me on this step right now!!! I am grateful to God and destiny for the fact that they have sent me you!!! Favourite I will wait for tomorrow again to see your letter! I will miss very much you! Come, please, to me in a dream! I will be very glad to see you in the dreams! I very strongly love you! With love your only and favourite Lilia!

Hi my love _____! I waited for your letter with great anticipation! I read each your message with great attention! Now I won't be able to present any day without your fine letter! I store each your message in my heart! Darling, I very much want that we at last have met you! I can't live more far from you! I want to feel your presence at reality! I was tired of loneliness! I very much want to be near you! Darling, today my boss reported to me that my holiday begins with 14 May and it to last 6 weeks! Darling, I want you to warn at once that this year it is my one and only holiday, I will have no other holiday! Now I can't cancel this holiday or postpone to other time! As all holidays at my work have been distributed between colleagues at the beginning of this year! My holiday this year is appointed to 14 May! It is the only chance for our meeting! If you refuse to meet me during my holiday now, then we will have no other chance! We are obliged to use this chance! Darling, I ask you to give me the concrete answer! Will you be able to accept me during my holiday at home? Do you want that our meeting has taken place? You are ready to make everything that I was near you? Answers to these questions are very important for me! Darling, before answering these questions, I ask you to think well! I don't want that at the last minute when I have to take off to you, you will refuse our meeting! I want to be sure for 100 that you won't tell me that I can't accept you at the last minute!!! Can you promise me that if you have agreed to meet me, then it precisely will occur? I ask you not to give me false hopes and not to deceive me! I very much hope that I will be able to spend near you my vacation! I know that together we will spend unforgettable time! Darling, I can't live without you, without your fine words, without your embrace and kisses! I think that you are that man of whom I dreamed all my life! Therefore I want that we have met and have checked our feelings to each other! Darling, every day I dream only of you! I want that every day we were near with each other! I want to spend near you much time! I want to feel your love and tenderness every day! I am grateful to destiny for the fact that it has helped us to meet each other! Thanks to you my life has changed in the good party! Darling, I know that together we will be the finest couple! I am sure that we will perfectly spend time together! Darling, I love you and you are necessary to me! I don't want, to lose you! You became sense of my life! Without you I don't represent my life! I always dreamed of such person as you! I want that we were with each other! On it I will finish my letter! I will wait for your answer! I kiss you! Yours and only your Lilia!

Hi my love ______! I am glad to your letter! I wait for each your message with great anticipation! Now I won't be able any day without your letter! Each your message does my day much better! I am grateful to you for each fine word which you write me! Now I dream of you 24 hours a day! Every day I thank the lucky stars for the fact that it has helped us to meet each other! I think that you that man of whom I looked for all my life! I want that we were together as soon as possible! I was tired of loneliness! I want to feel your presence every day! Darling, it is very pleasant to me that you are ready to accept me during my holiday! Darling, I hope that you correctly have considered everything and you will be able really to receive me! I am afraid that suddenly you will decide not to meet me during my holiday! Can you promise me that our meeting will precisely take place during my holiday? I want to be sure that then you won't tell that we can't meet now! I am sure that we will perfectly spend time together! I know that these will be 6 weeks the best in our life! Every day I will give you my love and caress! I know that we will be the finest couple on this earth! Darling, I am very sorry, but I don't know what needs to be done for a travel to you! I never left Russia and therefore I know nothing about travel to other countries! I think that I will need to consult about it in embassy of your country! I can call there and concretely to learn everything! I need also to know your airport that I could learn the exact cost of tickets to you! I hope that in the following letter you will tell me the airport! Darling, at night I have looked out in a window, in the sky there were many bright stars! I want to give you as much kisses how many is available in the night sky of stars! I want that you rejoiced to each my kiss! I am very sorry that I can't transmit through letters to you all my love to you! In reality you will feel, how strongly I love you! I hope that we will have this reality with you soon! I can't live far from you any more! Every day and every minute my heart pulls me to you! I want to have now absolutely new life which I never had! I want to begin new life with you my darling! Thanks to you I have already sighed freshness of new life! My heart and my consciousness always is near you! On it I will finish my letter! I will wait for your answer with great anticipation! Your love Lilia!

Hi my love ______! I hope that you read my letters! I also hope that you need our meeting! As I don't understand why you don't answer my questions? Explain me everything concretely and honestly! I asked you to write me the name of the international airport in which you will be able to meet me! I have to learn about everything to arrive to you! But for this purpose I need to know the name of the airport in which I will have to come to you! So write to me at what airport you will be able to meet me? I hope that you will read my letters attentively and to answer my questions! Your love Lilia!

Hi my love! It is very pleasant to me to receive your new letter! I read each your message with great attention! I am grateful to you for each fine word which you write me! Now I won't be able to present the day without your letter! Thanks to you my life has changed very strongly in the good party! Now mine begins every day with dreams of you! I very much want to meet you! I want to feel your love and tenderness in reality! I am sure that you are the best man on all this light! Every day my feelings to you become more and more! I am sure that in this world there is no man who would be better than you! I am glad that on this earth you have chosen me from all women! My heart belongs only to you! Only you have a key from my heart! Darling, I am very sorry, that now between us very long distance! But I am sure that the distance won't be a barrier to us! When two persons love each other, they are ready for everything to be together! I am ready to follow you on the world's end! For me the most important that you were near me! My heart has chosen only you! You are my beloved and I very much want to be near you! Darling, it is very pleasant to me that you have told the airport! I am very sorry, but today I have a lot of work and therefore, I have no time to consult about trips to you! Therefore tomorrow I will contact embassy to consult with them about a travel to you! In the following letter I will report what I need to do for a travel to you! I am very glad that I will be able to come to you during my holiday! I know that in day of our meeting all our dreams will become real! I am sure that we will be the finest couple on this earth! Darling, I am convinced that you that man of whom I looked for all the life! Every day which we recognized each other my feelings to you became more and more! You are the first and only man to whom I have such strong loving feelings! Now I think of you 24 hours a day! Every day our love overcomes thousands of kilometers to give to us warm feelings! But I am very sorry that through letters we can't give all feelings which we have to each other! But in reality you will feel how strongly I love you! Now I want to send you one million gentle kisses! Darling, on it I will finish the letter! I will wait for your following letter with great anticipation! Your love Lilia!

Hi my love _____! How's your mood today? I hope that you are ok. My mood good today. I feel happy. I have news. Today I have called embassy of your country. I learned that it is necessary for me for a travel to your country. I have to process some documents. In the beginning I wanted to make all documents independently. The embassy has explained to me that if I process all documents for a trip itself abroad, then it will take about one month and I can process not correctly documents, and then to me it can be refused receipt of a visa. If I independently begin to process documents, then I should begin paperwork here in my city. Then I will need to go to Moscow for confirmation, and then to come back to my city again to continue paperwork and then to receive them. It is too difficult and takes a lot of time. To me have suggested to address to travel agency. The travel agency will help me to obtain all information and to process travel documents much quicker and correctly. I was very glad to it. I was told that the travel agency can prepare all documents approximately in 10 days. I have found good travel agency which is in my city. Today I went to this travel agency. I want to tell in detail you that it is necessary for me to come to you. First of all, I have to receive the visa. Now I will tell you what documents need to be collected for successful receipt of a visa. At first I have to issue the international passport. It costs 110 USD. Execution of the international passport takes about 3-4 days. After that I need to have medical examination and to receive medical certificates. These medical certificates will claim that I am healthy and I can leave Russia. I will have to bring medical certificates in travel agency. Full medical examination and obtaining medical certificates costs 80 USD. Also I have to provide to travel agency information on my work and on my residence. I will be able to make it quickly and I won't have any problems. Also I will have to take my 4 pictures. These photos for the visa have to be special and are made according to visa standards. If pictures are taken incorrectly, then they won't be accepted in embassy. I will be able to take these pictures in travel agency free of charge. When these documents are ready, all will double-check them and then will send to Moscow in embassy of your country. The cost of the visa and consular fees are generally 160 USD. Then I will be told date and time when I have to go to embassy of USA to an interview for receipt of a visa. I can receive the visa only in embassy in Moscow. The train ticket to Moscow costs 80 USD. I should be in Moscow approximately within 2-3 days. As during these days I will have to have an interview in embassy, to receive the visa and then to take off to you. Cost accommodation at hotel is 90 USD. Also I need to buy the plane ticket. The plane ticket from Moscow to Lexington costs 400 USD. It is the cost of the one way ticket. By rules of receipt of a visa it is enough to provide the paid one way ticket. And the return ticket I can book and provide data of this booking only. This mandatory requirement of embassy according to information on tickets. It is necessary for the successful approval of the visa in embassy. Generally, execution of all necessary documents for a trip to your country will take about 10 days. After that I will be completely ready to a trip to your country. Also I have to pay travel agency for their services 100 USD. I hope, you understand me. In my today's letter I have tried to tell you everything about my travel in detail. I hope that you have understood everything. Overall cost of a travel is 1020 USD. Today I have concluded the contract with travel agency and have made the first contribution of 400 USD. I have signed all necessary documents. Now the travel agency will care completely for my trip. In travel agency professional lawyers work. They will take care of preparation of all travel documents. I needed to pay 620 more USD. Only after full payment of cost of a travel to me will begin to process documents. This obligatory rule of travel agency. It is big money for me. But I really want to organize our meeting. Money comes and leaves. I consider that in life there are things much more important, than money. I appreciate our relations, and I would like to develop them. It will be the happiest holiday in my life because I will see you. Tomorrow I will meet my boss. He has to issue to me advance payment and bonus. Also I am going to borrow a little money at my friend. After that I will be able to pay my trip completely. I hope that it won't take a lot of time. I thought that my travel will be much more difficult. But the travel agency will help me. It won't be so difficult. I look forward to our meeting. I am very interested in you. I hope to receive your letter soon. I will keep you informed all events. Embraces and kisses. Your Lilia!

Hi my love _____! How are you doing? How do you feel? I hope that you are ok! This morning I have woken up with good mood! My heart was overflowed by joy because our meeting will be embodied in reality soon! When I left travel agency, I had a smile on my face! It was very fine to realize that I have taken a big step to our meeting and has visited travel agency! There I was assured that I won't have any problems with obtaining all necessary documents for a travel! In the morning I have gone for work, with the purpose to speak with my chief about money to receive advance and an award! I sincerely expected that I will receive money today, and I will at once go to travel agency to pay all expenses of a travel! But I was waited by bad news! When I have arrived to work, my chief sat at office and filled out some papers! I have greeted him and have asked to issue to me advance payment and bonus that I could pay completely a travel to you! He has unexpectedly kept silent and has answered nothing! It has very much guarded me! I have asked him again! He unexpectedly for me has apologized and has told that he can't give advance payment for the next month now and he has no bonus money! I have been shocked with his answer! I didn't know what to tell, and I have asked the chief to explain to me, what happened and why he doesn't keep the duties and promises! My chief has been very upset and has explained to me that he has received papers for payment of taxes of the company and other expenses! He just doesn't have money to issue to me advance payment for next month and the more so bonus money! He has great financial difficulties and serious problems this month! I tried to explain long time to it that he can't act this way with me! But my chief has told me that he can make nothing! On my eyes there were tears because it meant that our meeting is questionable! The chief tried to calm me, and has asked to wait a little! He has promised me that as soon as he has an opportunity, he will surely execute the duties and will give to me money! I have been very strongly upset after our conversation! Because I don't believe that my chief will be able to make something in the nearest future! But I want to tell you that I will do everything possible to arrive to you and to spend my vacation with you! I think that today after work I will try to meet all my friends! I will try to borrow the money necessary to me for a travel! I hope that they will help me! I think that I cope with it, and we will surely meet! Now, when we have a real opportunity to meet, I can't just throw everything! I am very upset because my chief has disappointed me! But I won't give up! I will do everything possible to find money and to arrive to you! I hope that I haven't disappointed you with my today's letter! You shouldn't be upset! Tonight I will try to borrow this money at my friends! I will look forward to your new letter! I send you the embraces and kisses! Your love Lilia!