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A scammer who does not insist when he has understood that his "corripondent" knows that it's a scam.


Hello, ****!

I Have great interest and pleasure to write this letter,

I am very pleased to get acquainted with a new man!

So much just want to write and ask that do not even know where to start, and

I do not like to write letters to platitudes, and I would be happy if the letter you like.

I always hope that the people with whom I talk, I could understand if he was open.

It is like when people are open to each other.

I think it is very important to ensure that would create a serious relationship.

Conversation, allows to get acquainted with the people in ordinary life,

we probably would not have any where met! If between us will be warm relations,

we want to learn about each other more and more! Now I want to tell a little about yourself.

I live in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, and love this city, but I like to visit other cities,

I think this is very interesting! I now live temporarily with his mother, because in my apartment repairs.

Dad left my mother a long time ago and we very rarely see each. Still, I have a sister she was married and went to Australia,

home of her husband. I am very glad that it all good and it gives me hope that not looking at any distance, you can find his man and create with him family.

I like to live with my mother now - it reminds me when we were little girls sister and lived together. I recently graduated from the Institute and started her first job!

I work as a manager. I really like my job, but nevertheless, I still have not quite decided what I want to work and what to do in the future.

I thought about a career model, but it seems to me that this is only possible in Europe. In Russia, this business is only growing ...

Just stop me, then my girlfriend, who tried to become models, are now in a difficult situation and may even be spared, that deal with this.

Not to say, the girl in Russia difficult to break. Very often in an casting at the girls watched as the beautiful dolls.

Start a search for his half through the Internet led me to my previous bad relationship. Men can be very rude, suspicious and very jealous.

And I do not do that! I wish that people would be open to each other, only then can you be happy.

Are you interested in a long and serious relationship? As for you the most significant in the family?

I am also interested to know about your relatives. Another very interesting to me than you are interested in me?

To look forward to your reply.

Your Alice.

Letter 2:

Hello my ****!

With each letter, my pleasure of reading it becomes more and more. And

I was starting to think that you can take a serious person. I still

hope that our hearts are open to each other and with each letter

become closer and closer!

I am very concerned about the people who write me. In reading their

letters to me became very unpleasant - just shows that they want or

sex, or just play with me. They remind me of my previous male and

I am even sad .. I do not know what to do. Mom said that I just do not

care, and ignored. Nevertheless, your letter and the marriage of my

sister with me every minute it seems that if I am mistaken in you, it

is not experiencing this. The letters are well and I was very happy

that I was able to meet you. But, unfortunately, no letter and hardly

anything else will be able to convey our feelings are true. Sorry if

the letter is a bit sad - I have

trouble at work. I am very ashamed to talk about it. In My Head

harassing up to me and I do not know what to do and what to do - this

is my first job. I heard that for the subsequent working career is

very important characteristic of the first work ... And I think that

would be hard to get a testimonial if he did not get that he wants ..

Mom may not know what - I do not want what she would worry. Soon I

will leave. I hope and rest of all!

once dreamed that we met it was a most pleasant dream for the last

time. After him I am more and more I think about you and these

thoughts give me warmth and happiness. Maybe you feel the same?

Waiting for your reply eagerly!

Your Alice from Nizhny

Letter 3 is the same of letter 2 but i had sent a different answer.


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