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Hello! My name is Katya. I am very serious in my intentions to find
serious long attitudes a marriage of term based on love, full
equality, mutual understanding and respect to each other. I wish to
find fair, reliable, kind, the care, the devoted, intellectual person
only with serious intentions. I want, that it was very much the best
friend, the husband and my beloved. I want to be for us together as
family for ever I admire with the men having a healthy way of life who
considers women yours faithfully and loves children. Love it is fine.
I with impatience shall wait your letter. My e-mail:
[email protected]

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From: Katya
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Hello xxx!!! I am very glad that you have answered me. Now I shall
tell about myself better. My name is Katya to me of 26 years. I live
In Russia. I do not have daddy it has left our family when I was very
small. It has left to other girl and has left us with the sister and
with mum. When I was small I of it not understood but a code I have
grown to me mum all have told why we do not have daddy. I live one in
a small apartment not far from mum. I work in flower shop. I sell many
different colors. I need work to be liked very much. And where you
work? I work already there 2 years!! I do not have children. I should
when is married. I do not smoke and I do not use alcohol. Why you
search acquaintances on the Internet? I shall tell why I have chosen
this way. At me one such person here In Russia was. We have got
acquainted when I still studied at school. Then we have charged extra
to meet and liked each other. We always walked together. Then we have
stopped school also have gone to school. It considered on automobile
mechanics and I on seller. Has passed some time we were already adult.
I have learned after a while that it walks with other girl. To me was
be very hurt when I saw it. And we have sworn and any more when did
not meet. That is why I do not want to have with the Russian person of
the attitude. I have told to you about the life as I have lost the
person. I any more do not want to admit it. I would want that that
person which will be with me always and not when me will not deceive.
It will be very pleasant for me if you tell about the life. Whether
there is at you a girl? I with impatience shall wait your letter.
Yours Katya.


Hello xxx!!! I am glad to receive from you the answer. If you have
written to me the answer you interest to me means have. I am glad that
began to get acquainted with you. It will be very pleasant for me to
learn you better. In this letter I want to tell more about myself. And
as I want that you have written to me about yourself more. I very much
like to read books. Especially the newspaper of news. I like to read
about adventures and novels. I prefer Russian music but also I listen
foreign. I also look various films and transfers on the TV. I love
interesting transfers from which it is possible to learn that that
new. I look news and I love transfers about tourism where show the
different countries. In films I prefer comedies and vital films. I
like to look Russian and as foreign films. I think that it is
necessary to tell to you more about my family. As I already spoke you
that I live together with my mother and the sister. My mum very old.
And how at you? I would like to learn more about your family and as
about you. How felt by your relatives? I think if we want to learn
each other better that we should tell about myself more. If you have
any questions to me I with pleasure shall answer you them. I think
that in this letter I have written to you much about me, but in the
following letter I shall write to you even more about me. I shall
finish this letter and I shall look forward to hearing. Katya.


Hello xxx. I was glad to receive your letter. I am happy that we

continue our acquaintance. I would like to learn all more and more

about you. I as shall tell about myself that you knew about me as much

as possible. In general I would like that our acquaintance proceeded

until then while we shall not accept any common decision. And now I

very much like that that we want to learn about each other more. And

now I want to tell to you more about my city. I live in Cheboksary

since the birth. And I did not go anywhere far from my city. This city

stores many historical values. In general this city is pleasant to me.

I have already got used to it and I know very much much about it.

Sometimes I like to take a walk on this city with my girlfriends. We

cheerfully spend time. My girlfriends always help me in difficult

situations. And in general I as help them because they my girlfriends.

And how you concern to the friends and much at you friends? At me it

is not a lot of friends, but these friends always will help me and

never will throw me in a difficult situation. This most important that

should be in friends as I think. And what you think? It is interesting

to me to continue with you our acquaintance. I would like that our

further dialogue began relatives. What impressions at you to me? What

would you want in dialogue? I think that if we want to find our love

that we should know much about myself to be confident in each other.

Still I would like to learn about your meal. What do you prefer in

meal? I like to eat many different dishes. Especially Russian dishes.

Them my mum has learned to prepare for me. You tried any Russian I

peep? If yes what impressions you have that about it? I like to

prepare many different dishes. Especially those which will consist of

vegetables. Because in them it is a lot of vitamins and as they tasty.

And how at you? And now I shall finish this letter and I shall wait

for yours following the letter. As I shall wait for your questions.


Hello xxx! I am glad to receive again your letter to me so pleasantly
that we continue our dialogue as I have already drawn a conclusion for
myself that you very good person. I want to tell to you that you for
me any more the friend and something the big I any more do not want to
lose you and I do not want to stop our correspondence. It is very
difficult for me to write as I never in letters spoke men that they
very much like me I do not know as it to make and that I was necessary
to write therefore shall tell simply that you like me also I want to
learn as better you. In you all is pleasant to me I see in you fine
the man which approaches to that all as in my opinion to opinion
should look and behave present the man and my future husband. I
understand that I hurry with that a little that I name you the future
husband simply so speaks me my heart and I cannot hide it in fact as
speak heart will not order. And I do not want it to make. In you there
is all that that I need caress care kindness and honesty I shall be
glad as if I to you as I like as well as you to me I hope that my
feelings to you are mutual to me. I could not find the man in my city
where I live I do not know why can be simple here there are no such
men which to me are necessary therefore I has decided to find the half
through the Internet on a site of acquaintances and it seems that it
was possible to me as with you to me very well to have correspondence.
I search only for serious attitudes and the man with which I can lead
all life to me all the same where we shall live I want to be only near
to it. I would want that I the man loved me always trusted me and with
me was always fair as I promise it too I always I shall love it to it
I shall trust and I shall never lie to it and how you think I
correctly I speak that you think in this occasion? For me very
important your opinion in this occasion because I think that our
attitudes will proceed further if certainly you will not want I shall
not interrupt our acquaintance against because I do not want to force
someone to love me if it does not love me that let simply and will
tell to me about it and as I speak if to me is not pleasant the man or
we do not approach each other that I simply so to it and I shall tell
as I never deceive and speak directly all at once and you I speak
directly that you to me very much like also I want to continue our
correspondence further I hope that you me understand and that you to
me in the following letter as will write the opinion concerning your
attitude to me. As I want to remind you what you have not overlooked
to send the photo to me in following your letter. On it I shall well
close the letter and with impatience I shall wait from you for the
answer!!! Katya.


Hello my dear xxx!!!!!!!! How are you doing? I am again glad to see
your letter. It is very pleasant, that our acquaintance is advanced. I
like to read your letters. They bring to me great pleasure. I am
pleased, that you continue with me to communicate and I see that you
want me to learn more. My dear do not hesitate to ask to me questions.
I want to tell to you about me directly maximal, I do not search
loving for the man which will respect me and to like. The majority of
men of Russia does not come nearer for a marriage because they do not
respect the wives and do not like. I only want to find loving the man.
I search for serious attitudes with the man which can understand me a
difficult minute. The man should address with The woman well, with
love and respect. The man should remain with the woman in good and bad
times. It should do so that his woman was the happiest on the Earth.
Also the woman should make the same for the man. I want to know that
you think of it? Also write to me what attitude should be between the
man and the woman? I with impatience shall wait your letter. Yours


Hello my dear xxx! I very much pleased to receive your warm close
letter. How are you doing? How do you feel? I'm fine. My dear now I
think of you everyone blow also minute. Many thanks for your attention
to me. I very much would like to have With you serious attitudes and
to be the sensitive partner in Life with you. In our letters we should
continue to study each other Better. With each your new letter I shall
study, that you very much Interesting the man. I think, it We should
write each other as it is possible more frequently. As far as The
opportunity allows us. Nothing does the man and the woman is closer,
than To carry out it is a lot of time together and to communicate
more. I very much like to dream and think of my future. I very much
frequently present you as my husband. It would be very interesting to
know to me your dream. I shall feel very happy woman if my husband
will be my friend Reliable, silent cautious and strong, generous and
clever. You like to visit friends? Or to enter good noisy and The
cheerful company? You love free days? You like to have rest? I very
much love free days. In free days I very much like to carry out Time
for kitchen. I very much like to be prepared. I would like to be
prepared For you something unusual. I want to know, in which you like
to use The foodstuffs. You love a sweet? I very much love a sweet, but
I observe a figure And I limit me in use of the sweet foodstuffs. You
care about health? I want to execute further time together and to
study each other Better. Each yours after the letter I expect
impatiently. Do not leave me during long time. I shall wait your
answer tomorrow. Sincerely Yours Katya.


Hello xxx! As always it is pleasant for me to see your letter. I feel
That we learn each other every day more and more and more. My friends
Speak It I is very warm and gentle, I very madly loving and as soon as
I fall in love, I shall give everything, that I should cause to go
another The person top of the world. I are very romantic, I love
dinners Light of a candle, embrace and care about each other. A unique
thing, which I I hate about people When they lie, games of game are
not fair also. I It is very simple in me of idea, love to meet people,
I very much It is trustful, I had some people poorly experiences, but
the majority of time, I stop to meet people which are good. I I want
only one that whom I love all were happy. And I like Dogs, the fine
house and fine care. I want to find the man with Which I can divide
all that I have, grief and pleasure. To which I I can trust. I can
trust, and also it can do the same Most. I want to build attitudes
where we there can be heart-felt Friends, and a life - one continuos a
holiday where every day will bring Pleasure our lives where we can
lift good family, Children who loved all their time, with hope I can
build so Fine attitudes with such good person it is similar To you. I
want, I have children and is convinced of their future. I am valid I
am interested in you, and I want, I know you better. You know, that I
wait yours Further mails. I always dreamed to see this country. It
should To be something various and interesting. You are a gentleman, I
feeling it. But I think, which everyone will not be it, is accepted as
the obligation. We would have big time together! I the promise you
shall be do not regret for It! I am valid similarly to to your letters
and feeling, this you Can do the woman of your happy dreams. I shall
be happy Receive news from you again. I hope, that we - a part of the
whole and ours Attitudes can turn in something special and serious.
Sincerely yours Katya.


hello my love xxx!!!!!! I am very glad to see your letter. To me that
is very pleasantly that you feel too most to me as I. You know to me
it seems that this best feeling which the person can test love. When
you love that you see in the favourite person only good and even when
it does something not so that seems to you that it not and bad as
there can be actually I hope that you understand me. When the person
is loved by it constantly it thinks only of this person every morning
wakes up with a smile on the person as knows that there is a person in
which this world it likes and that loves you as also I wake up with a
smile and I know that let even somewhere away there is which man I
like also which loves me this very good feeling. At me always now good
mood as my heart is filled with love it has found rest and has found
favourite second half to me it would be desirable to shout for
pleasure when I receive your letters and when I read that you love me
as strongly as I you. My lovely prince I want to receive from you
still some photos in the following letter in this letter I as I shall
attach the photo I hope that you will love this photo. The spring has
come in Russia but it not so it is strongly visible as the snow till
now at us still is not present in the street constantly there are
colds but it does not tire me the last year was too most and what
weather at you now??? I have found true love and romanticism in
attitudes with you. I think, that you which that person I searched.
Which that person I searched in a life. I think, that we - is very
close to our happiness. You think also? I know you not long time, but
you seem to me the most fair, to the kind and sincere person. My mum
always speaks me, that I should be fair with people, and I never
deceive anybody. I always inform my mum concerning our successful
attitudes. She is very grateful for us. She is pleased, that I shall
not be any, and I shall have family. I want to divide with you our
happiness. I want, know, what can to make you happy? Please give me
chance to like and love. I never trusted, that I can find the love in
the Internet, but now I feel to you unusual tenderness, sympathy and
attachment. And I am frightened a little by that I frequently think of
you. And you know why? Because we are divided with huge distance... I
am not sure, whether I meet you sometime personally... But I am sure
in one on 100 %... It that I wish it all heart... And at me in heart
coal of hope is stored, that once our meeting will take place. To me
pleasantly your attention. You are very beautiful, this my opinion.
You are beautiful and fine also the person and, that the main thing,
at you kind hot heart. I feel, that you in anything you do not lie to
me, you are open and unchained. At you a lot of good and I hope that
still more many about you learn . My love on it I shall well close the
letter and with impatience I shall wait from you for the answer do not
keep me waiting for a long time for this purpose. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
With love yours Katya.

#9 - Disappears for 10 days like nothing happened

Hello my love xxx!!! I am glad to receive your letter. I want to tell
thanks for that that you are in my life you prince during my life
pleasure happiness and love. How at you an affair??? I'm fine today I
went to walk with the girlfriends. The sun very fine day in the street
shines. At us already on the sly there comes spring. After that we
want to come with girlfriends to me home and there to sit and look
films as at my place there are Karaoke we like frequently when at me
we are going to sing different songs. As we talk much. Tomorrow the
girlfriend of us invites to descend in pool. Then I to you shall tell
as we descended there. In the childhood I dreamed to become the
singer. I very much Liked to sing to sing. And you are able to sing
songs? But I have chosen another trade. But this trade to me too like
. I hope I of you I do not tire with these stories!!! That that we
have found the main thing each other with you we like and we want to
be agree together you with me? It is very pleasant for me to read your
letters. I want that we with you continued to correspond. As I have
very much got used to you. And I have very much fallen in love with
you. I want you to name tenderly. I hope you not against? On it I
shall well close the letter and with impatience I shall wait from you
for the answer. Remember that I love you and I shall always love
you!!!!! With love your gentle loved Katya.


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From: Katya
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