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Hi Honey , thanks for your message. it always supports me and your warm words are
very nice to read.
Today I spoke with my boss, and reminded me that I worked without a vacation, I figured - it
turned out that I have been working for a year and a half without a vacation. I think I
deserved a rest. =) boss said this is my desire and I can take a vacation when it will be
convenient. I take a vacation not only because I'm tired, but also because of our meeting. I
can combine two events at once, our meeting and rest. The boss will need a few days to
prepare documents about my vacation. I also have to finish my job. Usually I have two
holidays for 14 days. But now I have combined them and will have 28 days of vacation. I'll
keep you posted. Honey, how many days can you spend with me? and when will it be convenient?
can we have a meeting in the near future? maybe this or next month?
I want to share my thoughts about dinner with my parents. dinner was great. all
were satisfied. =) I'll start with the fact that my mother's name is Svetlana, father of Yura.
I told my parents about you, that we met on the Internet and have fellowship. I said that I
want to have a meeting with you and plan a trip to you. parents trust my choice. And asked to
be careful. they passed greetings to you. It's important for me to warn my parents about what
I'm doing, that they would not worry. I hope one day I will be able to introduce you to them.
More and more often I treat you like my other half. I have feelings for you and you have become
a very important person for me. I do not know how to explain my feelings. I want to have a
meeting and see what it will lead to. I have a spirit of romance, and I feel excitement every
time I read your words. I want to go out on a date with you. Do you agree? =) I invite you. I
have not had a romantic date for a long time. We can have a walk in the park, holding hands.
What could be better !? one date can say more than a thousand words. I have so many thoughts
connected with you. when I drink coffee, I think it will be good to drink coffee together. or
when I return from work, or go for food. and I always think about you. you are a frequent
visitor in my thoughts. And I like it. Can we think about each other at the same time !?
I found a recent photo during a meeting with friends. Now I need to return to work, today I
still have a lot of work to do. I hope your working day is going well. have a good day. Yours