Scammer Anastasiia Shukyna Nastya

01 March 1990
Kodra or Makarov or Kiev

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Comment #147874
She is clever, drags you along for a number of emails, will say she works in social service with her mother in Kord. Will tell you she lives with her parents in the town of Makarov. Her mother is a supposed accountant. The emails go on for awhile and finally she asks for money. She refuses to accept your idea of visiting Ukraine to meet. She then spins a story of wanting to meet you in your country. Later she will tell you she has no passport and no money to get a passport and asks for money to do this. When you say that you will visit her and then arrange a passport and tickets she gets gets upset and a bit rude. When you insist you visit her she stops sending messages.
Comment #147952
They all do this..... I just respond to them and string them along, it's fun and sometimes get some unbelievable photos, then when they ask for money, I tell them I am with Interpol and we have her details and will find her, never hear from them again and my emails bounce.
Comment #148141
I do the same as Moi. Finding out when they ask for money, how much and why.
Comment #152357
I agree with Stopem. She exactly did the same thing with me. When at the end I insisted to come to Ukraine she agreed. She asked me to come to Kodra. She said she will find a place for us to stay in for a week. She sent me some dodgy rent agent name who I am sure was her friend. Her
friend asked for the whole rent to be paid in full and sent via Western Union to her name and not the agency. Of course I did not and I said I found a nice hotel for us to stay. She went mad. She will not accept. It either the flat and I send money for rent or no deal. So she is a scammer alright. Ah is now on WhatsApp.