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1) Hi xxx!
I am sincerely glad that I can get acquainted with such a good person as you. It seems to me that you are an intelligent person. Simply I did not think that I could find such a man here as I thought it is site only for fun. But now I speak with you and as it seems to me that you have serious relations.

It is difficult to say, but I should tell you .. I made my profile on Usa, but really I am from Russia and I write to you from there. I understand that it can plunge you into a shock, but I feel I should tell you this in the first letter. Because I am a fair and real girl.

In this letter I want tell you about me. My name is Olga. I was born in Russia where there are a lot of bears and Russian vodka. My age is 27 years, my sign on the zodiac is Leo. I am a woman who is tired od being lonely. I want family happiness with my beloved man. My height is 5 ' 7 (171cm) My weight is 128 (60,5kg). The color of my eyes and hair you can see in the pictures. I work as the manager on sales of home appliances (DVD's, LCD-tv, teapots, microwaves, washing machines, etc.) I fill many papers, I advise buyers, and I make out orders. It is a lot of papers concerning purchases on credit and the installments. I get tired on work as daddy Karlo. This work is paid not very well, the money I get I spend only for the basic expenses. I learned English at school. I had lessons of English for 5 years. Then also during 3-4 years I had lessons of English at the university, and also I was engaged at specialized school a little.
I am a young woman now, and I have much potential of power and energy whichnexists in me and my body, and I want and I dream of meeting my true love and to give my beloved this energy. I love children, different animals, music and dances. I appreciate true nobleness and kindness in men. I am a romantic and fairly clever woman who does not like to play different games with feelings of other people. I am a woman who appreciates gravity highly, confidence and purposefulness of men. I wish to see the good and interesting guy beside me which can subdue and fascinate me for ever. The guy who will appreciate me and true warm feelings. I wish to have long and serious relations, therefore I wish to correspond and develop relations only with serious men who are interested by search of true love.
I want to tell you, that I do not smoke, I do not drink (only socially), I do not accept drugs. I support a healthy way of life. I hate lie, treachery, terrorism, silly people, mosquitoes, cockroaches, illness. I hope, that you are not bored with my story)). If you wish to know about something else about me please feel free to ask anything you want to know about me. Do not hesitate!
My friend, it would be very pleasant for me if you could answer some of my questions. Ok? I want to ask you. Would you not be against if your other half in life was the woman from Russia? What should be your happy family?
I hope, that my questions do not seem to you uninteresting and you will answer them. I hope, that our acquaintance will be more cognitive in the following letters. It is better give to learn each other. Probably it is destiny, that I have got acquainted with you. Now I should close this letter, but I shall expect very much your following letter as it is possible soon. I shall wait for your letter andpictures!
Please take care!
With the best regards
Yours Olga.

2) Hello xxx. I have received your letter and I am very glad to read it! I was afraid sincerely, that you would not answer my letter, but you have written a letter to me, and I am going to write to you back now)) I like your attention very much! I am glad also, that you are not afraid, that I from Russia. My family is a unique happiness in my life now for which I continue to live and I aspire to something in this life. My family is my mom and my younger sister. My mom’s name is Marina, she is 53 years young)), and she is retired. She is very good mother, and I love her very much. The name of my sister is Natalya, Natalya's age is 21 , and she studies final year at university on a speciality the economist. My sister is my best girlfriend who always understands me . My father left us many years ago when I was 18. He lives far from us now, he visits me and my sister sometimes. Mom and dad are divorced, I guess because of many disputes and misunderstanding. I think that was correct, rather than torture each other and spoil nerves. I have serious intentions to find my happiness. I hope, that you understand me, xxx, don't you?
I already told to you, that I am a very romantic woman, therefore I like to dream very much. My imaginations about the future that waits for me and my relatives in the future. My daydream is to meet my prince who has pure soul and the big knightly nobleness who will love and respect me with whom I can create happy family. My ideas on true love are a little bit childish, probably, but that is the way I think and feel. I am a sincere woman, therefore my imaginations about love seem naive, probably. But I want you know it, xxx because you are very interesting to me really. You are sincere and kind man (at least I see you this way now), therefore I wish to see your letters in my mailbox pretty often)). I am a lonely woman now, therefore I try to find my love in Internet because to write and wait for the warm letter.. it is very interesting and romantic, especially if feelings start to develop between you through these letters (probably, love)... Dos it make any sense to you xxx? I am a romantic woman, therefore I like to read love novels, both modern, and classics. I like to listen to classical music, sometimes POP and Rock-n-Roll. I like to dance under good slow music, and I like to go to cinema very much….especially melodramas (I the sentimental woman). My most favorite film is "Ghost", with Patric Sweizi and Demi Moor. You know this film huh?
With this I would like to end my letter and I ask to answer you my new questions: do you have a girlfriend? What is the woman of your dream? xxx, please, answer my questions because it is very important for me. Tell me please about you and your life a bit more. I send you my new photo, and I hope to see your new photos in your following letter. I wait for your reply with impatience...

Very loving dreams Olga

3) Hello xxx. I am very glad to receive your letter! Your attention for the lonely woman is a gift. I thank you for this gift. I have understood from your letter, that you are a romantic man because only romantic people can speak about the romantic dreams using such beautiful gentle words as you do. Therefore I am sure, that you can appreciate a woman’s beauty, the beauty of tender feelings and surprising beauty of love. It is not bad, that your search of love was not successful in the past because it means, that the destiny will present to you the best in love in the future, the main thing is to trust your fate and to aspire to it, xxx. I thank you for your sincere letters. I appreciate it very much. I hope also, that you do not say lies in your letters and it is pleasant to me what I learn more about you with every letter of yours. Please, xxx, do not say lies to me…I am interested in you seriously. I have understood you and your thoughts. You are a gentle and kind man really with who I would be glad to communicate more and get to know each other better. Therefore I ask you, xxx, to write your letters to me often because I am always very glad to receive them! Please, do it for me!!! I think, that we are similar very much and it would be interesting for us to find out more things in which we are common, or maybe something on what we could argue))... What you think about it, xxx? I wish to know about you more and I wish to continue our conversations through our letters. I ask you not to stop writing me if you are interested in me really because the destiny has given us this chance, and we should use it, do you agree xxx?
I would like to tell to you, xxx, about me something else. It will sound for you surprisingly, but I have no close relations with men in a current of 1 year. I think, that the reason of my failure with men is that I am afraid to be hurt badly again. It wasvery insulting when the BELOVED left me. Have you ever been so insulted to understand my feelings? Sex was the only thing necessary and important to all my last boyfriends from me, and feelings were not important for them. I am very tired of such relations and attitude, that is why I have no close relations with men for 1 year and I reject all men. It seems bad (probably), but I am afraid to be deceived again. I wish to love and be the BELOVED hope you understand it xxx! I have told to you it that you could understand my fear to make the wrong choice again. It painful to have your soul tortured really! It is the following reason on which I have chosen Internet to find the good man because I can learn and understand the man better in the beginning, having not met with him in a reality and not spending my free time on meetings with improper men. I hope you understand me, xxx? Therefore know, xxx, that the main thing now is that I wish to find my TRUE LOVE in the future. The TRUE LOVE who will not cheat on me, who can support me and protect me, be a strong shoulder I could lean…. during any difficult moment for me. I have understood still, that if I meet TRUE LOVE really then I will entrust to make a choice about my future only to my BELOVED (if I is assured, that my BELOVED loves and appreciates me really)!!! It may sound strange for you, probably, but understand, xxx, Russia - the conservative country in the belief about the FAMILY. Therefore the main person in a family in Russia is a man. I am conservative and naive in my belief in LOVE and the FAMILY and I should change my belief about the FAMILY and LOVE, but I am who I am, and my father has given such education to me. Forgive me for my openness in this letter please, but I wish to tell this to you, and I wish to be fair with you that you have understood me better (I hope, that you are fair in your letters too). Therefore it is your turn now! I ask to tell you in your following letter on your plans for the future. What is your belief about TRUE LOVE and the FAMILY? Answer these questions please because I will understand you better as the man if I know it.
I send you my new photo (I hope, that you like it). I wait for your new photos and your new letter with impatience.
pussycat Olga
P.S.: the words written with capitals, are important for me very much.

4) Hello xxx. Thank you for your new letter. xxx, you are a responsible man, and I like it in you. I can honestly tell you that I understand you better with your every letter , that you are a romantic and gentle man. I like it so much because my desire is to find such a man who will be romantic and tender very much (as you, xxx), and I wish to be a happy woman. I think, that the main thing for our relations now is a constant development. We should try to learn and understand each other better in each other?s new letter, we will may understand that we are necessary each other, and that we should meet in reality and see if something will work. Am i right, xxx? Probably we will fall in love with each other. I like our correspondence because I feel with my heart, that our lonely souls are similar very much. What you think about it, xxx? I thank you, that you have opened secrets of your personal opinion and character to me. I like it because it is the truth (I feel it). I think sometimes as though you did not write it, and your tired heart and a lonely soul have written it with your hands because these romantic thoughts can belong only to a tired soul from the big loneliness which wants happiness really. I am sure, that single women from your city are blind because they do not see the good man living near to them. Therefore I will catch this chance to learn you better my dear xxx)because I like you very much. I hope, that the happiness star will ascend in our sky soon in the future ,I believe in it ! Remember also, that I trust you now very much. And the best your qualities for which I respect and I appreciate you is your being romantic and sincere. Please, do not lose these qualities and do not spend these qualities for bad women.
I am a romantic woman and I believe in true relations and feelings, therefore I like to dream very much. I dream often of the such things as the sea, a wild beach, the sun comes for horizon, I lay with my beloved on this beach, we drink dry red wine, and we look at this beautiful sunset. We understand, that it is true happiness, and we wish to be only together now, and we fall asleep with this pleasant feeling embracing each other. You like my imagination? I think, that you will like my imagination because you are romantic?. By the way, I like the nature very much. I like to spend my free time, simply enjoying the nature. I like to float on the river on a canoe or to go to wood for picnics or make BBQ. You like it, xxx?
I finish my letter on it, and I thank you once again, that you have told about you much in your letter. Answer my new questions please. Do you like to dream? Why do you try to find your beloved through Internet? Tell me please about your parents in your following letter. I hope, that you will answer these questions soon. I wait for your reply and I miss you already... sweetcandy Olga

5) Hello my dear xxx. I am glad to see your new letter because it is interesting for me to read your letters and to learn more about you and besides, I miss a man's attention very much. You know xxx, I like you very much as well, and I would like to tell you all about me and about my life in my letter. I believe, that my loneliness will end soon if we continue to develop our relations. xxx, you are as lonely, as I am, and I am sure you also want to feel the only woman’s big and sincere love (not as the friend). When you look into her eyes you see the whole universe in them and only two of you exist in the world at this moment..It is so romantic and wonderful! Don’t you agree, xxx? I thank you, that you give hope and chance for me to find my true love. And I promise you, that I will catch this chance which you gave me. I hope very much, that you will not forget me, that you will write to me and will also try to develop our relations. You are a very romantic man really, and I like it sooo much!! Therefore I ask you to remain so lovely and romantic.... And I know, that when love has lit up between two people, interest should exist between them anyway as well. Also I want you to know, my darling xxx, that I have such interest in you in my soul, and I believe, that this fire can sparkle between us once. I can honestly tell you that I have become interested in you seriously. I value our relations very much because I believe in our possible future together. What do you think about it? Many men wanted reciprocity from me, but I have excluded these men from my life now because these men searched only for sex in our relations. These men did not understand, that I wish to find the man for life in general, including soul and spiritual closeness, not just for bed. I am telling you this as I want you to know me and my life better. I didn’twork long today. I called to my girlfriend Anna after my work, and we met. We visited a cinema today and watched the film ""Mamma MIA!" " - very fascinating and interesting film, we liked it very much. We have visited a small cafe after the film and had a cup of coffee there and, by the way, were talking long (we spoke about men much). I have told Anna about you and about our relations. She was glad sincerely, but she asked me to be careful and not be in a hurry with that. Therefore I think, that time is necessary for us so that we could understand and learn each other better. Ok? I finish my letter on it and I ask to answer my new questions to you: Do you feel lonely? Do you trust in love at first sight? Do you think of a marriage in the future? Forgive me for such personal questions, but I wish to know it. I send you my new photos which you hopefully like)). And I wait for your new photos and your sweet letter!

Yours Olga

6) Hello my dear and the only one xxx! I am so happy to see a letter from you! You always flatter me in your letters though it is very pleasant…and I am grateful to you for being so sweet) You have told much in this letter about you and your life, thank you! I am sure, that we will certainly go forward to learn each other better and to see where these relations will result us. And, probably, I will become the woman who you want to connect your life with. And you will become that man with whom I will want to spend my whole life with. Thanks also that you have answered my questions. I understand you quite well, because I am also very lonely. I have no man in my life who would tell to me in the morning: "Wake up darling, I love you…." When I think about it my soul hurts and I become very sad. I do not understand why I cannot find my beloved? I am 27 years old already, and I have no unique and important man for me who can always support and embrace me a difficult minute. I hope what you understand me, xxx? I think very often the destiny has forces lonely souls to meet on purpose. We can’t say for sure yet, maybe in the future we will love each other. Really nobody knows his future, but I know for sure that my melancholy always leaves me when I receive your new letter because I start to believe that there is a man in this huge world to whom I am very interesting and important. Can I think this way, my dear xxx? I am very grateful to you for your letters and for your attention to me. I really hope and I believe that you can force my loneliness to leave me...
On it I finish my letter to you, xxx, and I ask to write me your new letter soon. And I set to you my new questions again: What qualities of character do you appreciate in women? what can you do for the woman so that she could tell you " Wow, It was really cool! "? Or something that can surprise her much. Also tell me please in your following letter something about your country, culture, about your city. I look forward to your following letter and your new photos. And I send you my new photo. I am very much interested in you!



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