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What is your mood today? Are all good?
I am very happy to receive your letter. My head is starting to be filled with thoughts of you. My heart beats harder and harder when I see your letter. You and your Letters became dear to me. I understand that maybe I'm making hasty conclusions. After all, we've only known each other for a couple of weeks. I hope this is not a problem that we quickly get used to each other? Do not you think that it's bad? do not want to make any mistakes, which were made earlier, and so I'm afraid Little bit and a little confused. But I am fully confident that like you. All my thoughts took you, a man with whom I can write anything you like, to discuss various topics, a person whom I can reveal myself, his thoughts and his Soul. Before going to sleep think of you when wake up and go to work in my mind only you. I'm at work all Day looking for the time to see, And there is a letter from the best man in the world.
My dear (can i call you dear???) Do you like to read books? Love novels and fiction bestsellers. I to read works Aleksandr Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Chekhov,Turgenev... Are you familiar with the writings of these writers? The last book I'm reading right now is "The Picture of Dorian Gray". this novel was written by Oscar Wilde. surely you heard about it? Now the world has changed with the emergence of transferred technologies. Books began to produce less, because you can see the film. Of films love thriller, comedy, mystery, romance. The last movie watched was called "Me before You" Have you seen this movie? Really liked this movie, like these "heavy" films. Maybe in the future, can we go to the cinema together? What do you think? :)
I also want to ask you. How do you feel about body massage? One of my friends together with her asked me to enroll in the training courses for massage. I'm not sure that I will have the time to go to courses, but I wanted to know your opinion first. How do you feel about this?
Now I finish my letter. I hope that you will read my letter with interest.
I wish you all best and a kiss on cheek.
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How are you? All good?
In it letter, I am writing about my love for you. All my thoughts are only of you, every part of my body. My feelings are huge, strong, and every day more and more of her.
My mom asked me about you. She asked you to transfer big hello and a friendly kiss on the cheek, she would be happy to meet you in the future. But my mother said one major thing. She is happy for you and me, but feared for our future, what will happen if we never will meet each other.
I also am afraid, but believe in you and is willing to fight for our happiness!
My Dear Billy, you know my feelings for you. You know that I love you with all my heart, want to be with you, want to kiss your lips.
I represent, as embrace you. You're driving me crazy.
I've already told you a lot about yourself. And also want to say that sometimes, when very happy, then I try to write a little poetry. My hobby is a small secret. Wrote to you at work today at lunchtime this verse. It represents my feelings for you.
That's how I look at the world, after my acquaintance with you. I write this verse in Russian, and that I did not get a perfect translated, so forgive me for it. OK? I'm not sure that the talent, but I tried very hard. All words come from my heart.

My dear Billy!
Feeling your love, I will refuse now from paradise!
I can not find such happiness again.
And I will strive to enjoy,
Let me enjoy your love!
After all, I do not need anything more from life!
I write with hope, if you become sad,
My letter will come to the rescue!

What do you think? Like?
Do not need anyone but you. I Love You, Billy! I Want to wake up next to you in the morning, feel your breath, gently kiss you on the neck, ears, lips and then to wake you up every morning sweet words in your ear. I Want to be only with you. I want to kiss you a billion times and everywhere.

With impatience I will wait for your answer.
Always your love, Elena.
Kisses and Hot Hugs!