Scammer Nade Nadezhda

Zheleznovodsk Russia

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Comment #2932
Here is one of many letters she sent me.

I am glad to receive your new letter!
I waited your letter and on my person the smile has appeared when I have seen your letter.
I like to read your letters and to answer them.

I want to have with you real dialogue. I want to hear your voice.
I want to speak with you. Real dialogue is necessary for us.
My home telephone number 78362795946.
But I think that you can not phone up to me because my phone does not accept bells from other country.
My phone may accept a bell from Russia, but he can not accept a bell from your country.
Please all the same try to do it.
I have written to you my number and a code. Simply it is necessary to dial this number.
I found out that it is a correct code.
Try to call to me some times if at you will fail from the first. OK!
I shall wait for your bell. I hope at you it will turn out call to me.

To you can seem ridiculous but in the last some days I start to think of you frequently.
When I wake up in the morning that I think you have woken up or still sleep.
I am not sure because I do not know distinction of time between us.
When I am on work that to me becomes interesting than you are engaged at present.
To me interesting as your mood and state of health.
Going to sleep I mentally wish you pleasant dreams.
You become not indifferent for me. To me all is interestingly as to you.
I understand that you the man with which I can share that many things.
We with you could find many the general themes for conversations.

I present as we walk together and talk.
We talk on many themes and we do not notice as there comes evening.
We go by the river and we are stopped observing a decline.
The sun sits also horizon is lit up by orange light.
It so is beautiful what for not transferring words.
We stand, look and we are silent.
My soul is overflown feelings which difficultly to describe.
But the most important that I see all this beauty together with you.
I am very glad to be during this moment near to you.
Such my dreams. I hope that you share my dreams.

I want that near to me was man.
He should be in earnest to me and make all for the sake of me.
He should surround me with love and care.
During long time I was lonely.
Now I want to find my second half.
I really hope that my dreams will be carried out.

Have fine day.
Remember that your letters make me happy.
Write to me as soon as possible.